Official Honda MotoGP Track Report Round 16

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    Honda has added the MotoGP Track Report featuring analyses by Livio Suppo, HRC Team Principal, for Round 16, Australia.

    Source: Honda World News
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Double DNF , forgot the last time both HRC works bikes did that, Move on guys Sepnag next one it will be hot and the Tyre issue will not be there.

    Marc will be more determined to win now. hopefully Dani will wake up and smell the coffee too.
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    England Dave Birmingham
    Yup, not very often that happens for them. All good for experience, I did think at the time he was pushing on when it probably wasn't necessary and could have maintained the gap, as it I believe it went up .5 of a second every lap before he gobbed it, which is a lot really. easy said from the sofa though :Whistle: