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    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield
    Hi all,

    Had a mainly brilliant almost 2 years in the Accord.

    Love driving it but as some of you may have seen, I've recently had an issue with it cutting out.

    Since a software update, shes been fine. However I've decided to change it for a brand new Civic 1.6 I-DTEC Sport. So its my 4th Honda, Prelude 2.3, FN2 Type-R, Accord dtec and very soon, Civic.

    Got a great deal at Honda including absorbing the negative equity in the Accord into the new deal. Also, negotiated to swap the daft standard black wheels for the ones on the EX+, supaguard, 5 years servicing, mats, 1/2 tank fuel, and free paint upgrade (you have to pay for white!!!!)

    Its white, manual and has a reversing camera, front and rear sensors and large touch screen thing for audio and telephone. I didn't pay the £600 for the additional Garmin Navigation app as I can get a TomTom for £100 or just use my phone.

    Test drove one last week and I was very impressed by the engine and overall car, for a 1.6 with about 120 BHP, it has some shove. Not as good below 2k and up in high revs as the 2.2 in the Accord, but keep it in the power band and it goes well, its also meant to achieve some very impressive MPG figures and no tax!. It also felt plenty big enough and didn't seam like a downgrade. Only slightly negative thing to report is that the seat height is rather high, whereas in the Accord we sit quite low. But I will get used to that.

    Im looking forward to having a hatch again, the saloon is so restrictive in terms of getting large stuff in, I even had to borrow a friends 3 door golf last weekend to pickup some stuff. I think if i'd bought the estate, I would probably be staying put now.

    I pick it up next weekend so a little wait, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Very excited, never owned a new car! :Smile:

    All in all very pleased to make the change, Ill miss the slightly softer ride of the Accord and the part leather seats, but Im really excited to move to a Civic.

    Oh yes, and thanks for all the input and guidance on here, you've been amazing as I've come to expect with Honda owners forums over the years!!!!!!
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    @Nelf this is great news. The latest Civic is quite under rated, so it will be good to have another owner on here to (hopefully!) spread the good news about it.

    Looking forward to photos. And white orchid pearl is the way forward, trust me...:Wink:
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    Scotland Dave glasgow
    Sounds like you negotiated a great deal @Nelf.

    I know what you mean about saloons being restrictive. In hindsight I should've bought an estate.

    Hope you enjoy your new Civic.
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  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    :congratulations:Neil - Another Honda is the only way :sparta:
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    If I can't get another Accord (when I come to change) I might go for a CR-V. Even after dieting, the Civic might be a bit too small, although I will definitely take a look, it will probably be cheaper, to buy and to run.
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    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield

    I love the new car, I've had it 3 months and its fantastic.

    Things I've noticed:

    • The Civic is much more economical, getting around 55mpg over the same journeys I got 36mpg in the accord
    • The Civic doesn't feel slower - Yes the accord has longer gears and will be swifter, but I don't feel any lack of power
    • The accord handles better - the multi-link suspension means you can just change direction smoother, although the Civic isn't bad, just a bit choppy-er
    • The interior quality is about the same - materials feel good quality and nothing feels cheap at all
    • Civic is larger (in the rear) - rear seats have more leg room and doors are larger and open wider, meaning its all round better for rear passengers, plus the magic seats are very useful
    • Civic has more practical boot - maybe not as much space as the accord, but simply better access means its a better bet for fitting stuff in
    • Civic doesn't brake as well - The accord would be a very reassured stopper, the Civic seams a little under-braked - maybe just more progressive
    • The Civic is a looker - I have it in white and people are always taking a double look, it does really stand out, helped by the DRL's
    • The rear view is poor, but i know this from owning a FN2 Type-R, but the rear camera is better than the mirrors for reversing
    • The seats (in the front) are better in the Accord, they were the best seats I've sat in. The Civic ones are more than good, just not as good.
    • The Honda Connect screen thing is poor, it looks great but the idea of a touch screen in a car is just not practical, you have to look at it whilst using it, the central joystick/:tut: in the Accord was much better

    Also, here are a few pictures of the 2 cars, plus a couple of my old Prelude and Type-R:

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    I thought that you'd posted a picture of my Accord for a second or two, then I noticed that there was no scuff mark behind the back door.

    From your list, I could probably live with a Civic. When I suggested it my wife asked me what we would do when we went on holiday. My answer "Take less luggage".
  8. Nelf Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield
    I think you'll be surprised by the amount you can fit it the Civic, the hidden storage beneath the boot is large enough for a flat-ish suitcase as well as a rucksack and a coat or 2.

    We recently did a long weekend trip to Cornwall with 3 adults and our 9 month old, it was pretty full but we managed easily without having to put stuff in the back seat area.

    If its just you and the missus (no kids), you'd have more than enough for any holiday, especially if your accord copes currently.

    I was very impressed, and a bit shocked at how much stuff it can swallow.
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    Sounds worth a look. Cheaper to run than a CR-V too, plus petrol is a better bet in the Civic.
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    United Kingdom Neil Sheffield

    If cost of running is important to you, I would urge you to look at the 1.6 diesel I have. I pay no tax, it gets over 40mpg in crawling traffic, 55 average (through a rush hour commute both ways in Sheffield) and when I'm stuck in the 50mph roadworks on the M1 it gets 100mpg.
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  11. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Great news @Nelf

    All you need to do now is add the Civic to the garage...:Wink:

  12. Snapper69 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I only do about 12k per year, mainly to and from work, by the time I come to change again (short of a lottery win) I'll be approaching retirement, so it will drop even more.