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    After 3 great years with my 05 F-RV Sport, I'm going for a younger, more economical (I hope !) car - a 60 reg Insight ... F-RV served me very well, a first rate car. Showing wheel arch rust as on this Forum, that and some bills, but that's car ownership, would recommend an F-RV to anyone. Now I'm going from one quirky discontinued Honda to another. Also, being of pensionable age, isn't it time I had an automatic Honda ?? - now where did I put my flat cap ..
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    Good luck with that, I'm sure we'll see you back here very soon.

    Kidding aside, good luck with your new purchase
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    .. Ha ha - thanks - PS correction - INSIGHT !
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    Will do.
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    Add your FR-V as well (you can set it to "previously owned").
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    Automatic Hondas are the only solution...:Wink:

    Good choice, the second new Insight owner in a few days :Smile:
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