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    Hi ladies and gents i need some help sorting out which mp3 adapter for my car 05accord ,the problem i have is i still want to be able to use my built in cd unit as well,any one can help ,thank you for your kind attention.

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    Hi Andy, it will help if you add your car to the garage and post pics of the entertainment system so members can point out the correct kit for your headunit. XCarLink seems to be a fav among Accord owners and adds bluetooth aswell while retaining steering wheel controls. I believe it will act as a cd changer so your cd player will work too..

    More knowledgeable members will surely confirm this in a short while. In the meanwhile you can post photos of the unit as thats the thing everyone will ask you to provide :Smile:
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    here are some photos of my unit any help will be very welcome.

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    Grom Audio units are the best (the sound quality is amassing and are the only ones who supports Android devices beside iPhone ones), much better than xcarlink, if you are interested in the best options and not in the cheapest ones :Smile:
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    Rather than use a dedicated hard connection, I just use a wireless FM adaptor that also holds my aging iPod Mini at a convenient height for me to tap the controls. I can then simply transfer it between whatever car I'm driving. Not this one, but something almost identical...
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    Thanks for all your replays guys