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    I've recently purchased a 2007 FR-V - I am looking for to upgrade the car stereo to accomodate hands free, bluetooth, MP3 and music streaming. Is there an aftermarket or OEM car stereo that adds these features. If not what sort of solutions have you gone for?
    I've seen various adapters on eBay, but ideally want to be able to play music either from my phone or a USB drive as well as take calls hands free whilst driving.

    Any recommendations/suggestions appreciated. Cheers!
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    Truthfully, I wouldn't use a bluetooth interface to stream my music through, bluetooth is not the best when it comes to file compression and tends to lose alot of decent quality.

    I would plug it in wired - this is what I have - works perfectly. Music onto an SD card, keep the card plugged in all the time and its done.

    It plugs into the back of your headunit through the AUX port.

    Honda USB/SD MP3 Interface Model VÂ ::Â HONDAÂ ::Â XCarLink
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    I had an Alpine BT unit professionally fitted to my MX5 along with some very decent focal speakers. I was concerned by the quality until the guy that was fitting it let me hear music streamed by BT in his car. Honestly it was outstanding and the slight imperceptible drop in quality (to my ears at least) is more than made up for with the ability to stream your music/playlists (I use spotify) and forget about cd's or cables or the latest connections.

    Alpine UTE-72BT Media Receiver | Car Audio Direct

    image. image.
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    ok, I guess times and technology have moved on faster than I have

    I obviously stand corrected then if technology has now caught up to such a decent state.
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    Thanks folks yeah Bluetooth has been fine for me in the past. Only issue you can get with Bluetooth is older versions of the firmware can cause unstable connectivity between newer handsets which obviously use a newer version of the Bluetooth software
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    No and it isn't possible.

    If the source is via the head unit.... all works as normal..... but if you are streaming or using the bluetooth telephone or the iPod hard line the head unit can be switched off as all the amping comes from the control box. So basically all control is from the circular :tut: on the unit itself. The head unit can also be left on but all controls on it do not do anything if the io play2 is broadcasting.

    Hope that makes sense!

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    Thanks... that sorta makes sense.. so to clarify - does the IO Play2 not compatible with the FR-V steering controls? Is there anything that is?
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    No. It is not possible at all with the io play 2, or any other add in system, as they literally bypass the head unit all together. The sound from the play2 does not come through the head unit at all. This is the same with the parrot and motorola systems.

    Why do you want steering volume control? You have to select tracks, change source & answer calls by touching the control unit so your hand is on it anyway!
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    Hi there, sorry for late response. I've fitted the hands free Xcarlink and it works great, works with steering wheel controls as well. Works fine over the bluetooth and you have the option of Aux input and USB. I have my box in the clover box but you could fit where ever is convenient to you.

    Heres a link to my fit

    General - XCarLink Bluetooth Wireless Streaming
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    Sorry to hop on your thread but does anybody know if all FR-V head units have an aux Imput in the back of them.
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    Sorry, not sure. Mine has the satnav screen in if that helps.
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    FWIW - I have a Bury 9060 fitted by previous owner - can stream music over BT or iPod connection.

    Playing over BT:
    - Obviously, the phone is not charging using BT :Smile:
    - Quick & easy - press play & the music plays!
    - For SatNav directions, it cuts off the radio every time the SatNav speaks - very annoying, as it takes about 10 seconds to switch back to radio.
    - It's line-in, so volume control is from phone volume control. Also, it doesn't go as loud as I'd like at max volume.
    - Bury head unit doesn't display the artist / song info.

    Playing over iPod connection:
    - Phone is charging while playing - handy for long journeys. (kit came with 30 pin connector, and I bought a 30 pin to lightning adapter).
    - Better integrated with steering controls - for volume up/down, switching source (radio, CD, Aux for phone music) .
    - For SatNav, the music volume drops, and the SatNav directions are spoken over the music - much better than the BT experience.
    - Bury head unit DOES display the artist / song info.
    - Can be tricky to get going - sometimes need to press play/pause a few times on phone & Bury head unit.

    In summary - it's not perfect, but it was in the car when I got it, and it (generally!) works.
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    Nice little review @BlueFRV :Thumbup:

    BTW.... Please do :garage: that goes for you to as well @ennorab :Smile: