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    Recently had a puncture on one of the front tyres, so had the perfect opportunity to have the front 2 tyres changed so that all 4 of my tyres are now Michelin Pilot Sport 3's.

    I also had an oil change done at HH 3 weeks ago.

    Now normally, with a mix of local and some motorway driving I was getting around 19-22mpg......

    Just today, I have done a 190 mile journey, half motorway (with ACC set at 70mph, and again have to say works fantastically!), and half A roads, with quite a bit of traffic light / roundabout stopping and starting.

    I was absolutely shocked to see an MPG of 32.8mpg on the display, and the fuel range still saying I have 302 miles left, and the petrol tank is showing 2/3rds full!

    Wow! Even my 2 litre Accord used to only manage 39mpg on a similar run......
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    WOW !
    What tyres did you have on the front before the Pilot Sport 3's ?
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    I only used to get 33 MPG out of my 1.8 Mazda6. Are the Pilot Sport tyres quiet?