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    I am the proud owner of a CR-V 07 2.ltr Petrol auto with 43K on the clock,bought from a Honda dealer in Edinburgh, I have had it now for 4 weeks,it is the first automatic vehicle I have driven and I love it as I do a lot of urban driving ,that said I did have a couple of problems when I collected it from the dealer.The following day I went to start it dead as a dodo,took it back and they fitted a new battery, then a few days later my engine management light came on,so back to the dealer,they had to order a new part to do with the emissions, didn't realise I could be so patient think its because I like it,anyway further to this I have been checking my MPG set off with a full tank of petrol and I am am sitting at 22 MPG(25 MPG official figure) and barely done 200 miles and nearly empty, I have been canny on the gas averaging 30 - 40 mph but mostly urban driving.

    Any comments and advice would be greatly received,thanks in advance.

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    If you want better MPG you should have unfortunately bought a manual. The auto box uses more fuel any way and combined with your urban driving your MPG was never going to be very good. If you do a decent run though, you will see your MPG increase into the 30+ area easily. I had a clio 182 a few years ago and that did 25mpg round town but 44mpg on a run.

    All I can say really is check your tyre pressures as that can make a difference.
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    If you do enough miles and you plan to keep the car for sometime, maybe worth considering an LPG conversion. This basically halves your fuel bill.

    Im not how readily available LPG is in the highlands though.
  4. If it's nearly empty you'll need to keep going until the warning light comes on to get the true figure....but 22 isn't far off 25.
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    Hi and welcome to AOC, did the dealer replace an o2 aka lambda sensor on your car when they said it was emissions related?

    if your 02 sensor was on its way out you will get poor fuel efficiency.So you need to ask what was changed. If they have changed the o2 sensor you will get better starting and fuel efficiency but bear in mind we are getting into winter now and mileage will decrease.

    So if you are getting 22 then that not bad at all.
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    Thanks for your feedback folks.
  7. Stick with it Andy - as you say, you love the car, so see how it goes after a few weeks with the new part.
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    They are a great car, and as much as I would normally have bought a petrol version of the CR V, because of some of the horrendous stories told of poor fuel consumption, I opted for the diesel 2.2, and have to say, I am more than pleased.
    Only had 2 fill ups so far, the first returned 44+ and the second was a shade over 41. My driving is a combination of urban and motorway, and I don't spare the throttle, so as I say more than pleased.
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    Hi guys, my manual 2.0 is returning around 29 MPG around town(which is mainly what I do) and when I manage to squeeze a run out of town it goes up to around 37mpg. I am quite a light footed driver with occasional blast to check the VTEC is still working !!!!
    Regards Mike c.