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    Steve West Midlands
    Hi all
    To all you without mud flaps fitted to the 8th Generation,how are the sills and rear bumpers standing up against stone chips?
    I had them fitted from new on the 7th Generation so don't now if they have been effective, on a previous car without them the sills and bottom edge of the rear bumper where pebble dashed real bad.

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    Steve I had them on both of the 7th Generation Tourers and i am not a big fan of them at all. They offer no extra protection from mud and gravel . The cons I see are

    They scrape the bottom of high kerbs,build up snow and nearly fill the entire access to the wheel, pits the paint on the front fender and rear bumper become more apparent when you removed them when you come to fit a body kit.

    For me they look rubbish and car looks better without them. On my 7th Generation accord I have not seen excessive damage on the sills or fender after they were removed.On my 8th Generation the car is too new to comment but will update this thread as I go along.
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    Steve West Midlands
    Not a big fan myself, my sills are scuffed where the flaps meet them, i was just wondering if i should add them to the extras list when i order the 8th Generation.
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    My 8th Generation is 4 years old/64000 miles. Rear bumper edges have the odd chip, but nothing major. Mine is an ES GT so has the sport side skirts/sills. Behind the front wheels there isnt any noticeable damage.

    I agree with the other comments about flaps grounding and the overlapping type scratching/marking the body work. Its essential to fit clear film behind that type or stones get trapped and rub through the paintwork causing rust.

    I fitting some on a friends Mondeo and the ford flaps came with clear film cut to shape to protect the paint.

    Most flaps these days are too small to be effective anyway, good cleaning and waxing is more effective.
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    Also consider buying a 3 year old with low mileage, as the Accord loses around 50% of its list price in 3 years. Plenty around for £12k with 30k miles or less, better than £24k new.
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    Mudflaps are as useful as chocolate fire guards.

    Road debris will chip/damage paintwork far beyond the three inches a stupid mudguard "protects".

    What will people do - put car-bra's all over their car to prevent damage or just not bother driving? Futile gimmick and a waste of time to be honest.
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    My car has some 80k on it now and has never had them fitted. I personal don't like the look but they serve a purpose i suppose.
    I have unmarked sill so don't see the point in fitting now plus the price of them is to much for some molded rubber or plastic IMHO.
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    Maybe on basic models but I searched high and low for a decent condition ES GT Tourer with 30K but struggled to get anything less than £13k, they hold their value much more the most similar cars.


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    Steve West Midlands
    Thanks all, looks like i will leave them off the list :Smile:

    cheers Steve
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    Good decision! One you will not regret. 8th Generation looks better without them to be honest.