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Discussion in '8th Generation (2006-2011)' started by salopian adas, Wednesday 23rd Apr, 2014.

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    my lad,s just bought Type-R mugen 200 with one of those silly puncture repair kits in booT, does anyone know if there is a spacesasver available to fit this particular model. local Honda dealer say,s no but looking Through ads for this car on dealer websites, spec say,s spacesaver, so who is right. car has 18 " wheels
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    I'd assume the boot space is the same as the other 8th Generation Civics, you'd think that you'd just be able to swap over a space saver wheel from one of those. There's plenty on eBay, some even marked as Type-R.
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    most Civics space savers are in size 16", so they're too small, and tbh I doubt that you'll find 18" space saver, I've got the same problem as I've got 18" and need some space saver as my 16" which I had won't fit over my calipers so the only solution for now is to get 17" from accord 8th Generation
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    The spacesaver is the same wheel for all 06-11 Civics. The only difference with a Type'R is that you can't fit it to the front as it won't go over the brake caliper.
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