Previously Owned My 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2vti 5th Generation Project

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    Hi Guys

    I also own a 2006 Honda Accord I-CDTI 4 Door Saloon but my pride /joy and the weekend car is a 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2vti 5th Generation 2 door coupe

    I am part of “lude generation” forum and that is where I built up my thread from

    Have a read below on the progress I have made over the last 4 years.

    I have just purchased a Honda Prelude 2.2VTI in ruby red last Saturday 10th April 2010. It’s my first taster in what VTEC is all about and what a way to enter. I have been driving a Honda Civic EJ6 2000 coupe for the past 5 years and a EG3 (that carb version 1.3 Civic) for 2 years before that and now I’ am old enough with lots of NCB to own a Prelude being it group 18 insurance.

    This will be my weekend car so the Civic at the moment is my commuter until I can sell it and get a small diesel to help save on fuel costs going to work.

    This is what I am driving currently. It is a Honda Civic Coupe 2000 model EJ6 with a 1.6 SOHC D16Y7 engine.


    The Prelude is a standard 2.2 UK version (I really wanted a black one with the motegi kit on it) but they are like gold dust and I’ am very picky - I love my cars to have low mileage and the engine condition is the upmost priority

    The Prelude has 42k on the clock currently backed with all MOT's and 10 stamps in the book with the last service being done on March this year which included 4 brand new Bridgestone RE04 tyres and a new exhaust system (OEM) also the cam belt has been done at Honda with genuine receipt to prove

    It has bucket loads of receipts and service invoices!
    I am really chuffed having found such a low mileage Prelude - paint work is very good with a slight dent on the rear boot lid which isn’t noticeable but that’s basically it.

    Few other bits are - Passenger wing mirror has been glued on (I think it was knocked as it doesn’t fold in) electric movement and heaters work. A second hand assembly will be purchased in due course

    Really there is nothing I need to do mechanical wise - it drives spot on. Maybe a gearbox oil change as the gears are quite stiff to go in (was owned my a woman for the past 6 years) I think the rear callipers are slightly seized and sticks but I hear these are common on Honda Preludes and the woman owner before me didn’t drive the car very much and left it in her driveway with the handbrake up on all occasions.

    I’ am really not keen on the 4ws but it could be something I have to get used to – it is rather weird! Ill give it a chance though :Smile:

    Plans at the moment
    -Good deep clean with autoglym interior shampoo
    -Autoglym body polish
    -Clean further the engine bay! I want it spotless with no dirt - lol (I love clean engine bays)
    -Front Jap plate - not keen on the UK plate on the front
    -Service Rear callipers
    -Double din unit - Pioneer AVIC - D3 with sat nav (second hand)
    Future upgrades possibly next year
    -Motegi kit full front, sides and rear valances (if I can find one)
    -Front yellow bar or spot fog lights
    -EP3 Type-R alloys wheels
    -OEM strut Brace
    -Refurbish the rocker cover
    -Disable 4WS by converting to 2WS subframe – If I don’t get along with the 4WS
    -Lower it on eibachs (had these on my Civic coupe - fab springs) or Coilovers

    Once the above is achieved I think I would be happy with it – I’ am not looking to enhance any more power as its more power than ill ever need in stock form and by not increasing its power it will still be kind on my pocket to run.

    Gosh what an engine thought you can feel the weight of the car and the suspension is very soft.
    A brilliant upgrade from the Civic - so much more comfortable and road noise has been reduced - such a well put together car - no interior rattle shakes like the Civic has. Although a big difference in quality, the Prelude was manufactured in Japan where as my EK 2000 Civic was manufactured in America.

    Here’s are a few pictures. Let me know what you think guys! Newbie to Preludes so getting to know them better!

    Pictures were taken by my brother with his Nikon D3000 SLR – Most pictures on my thread will be taken by him
    (The interior picture was taken from the original advert as I didn’t take any pictures of the interior at the time)

    The green EG coupe is my brothers who did a b16A2 engine conversion after removing the standard D15B7 engine his project is on going.

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    Hi guys

    I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would update my profile, I have been quite busy with the Prelude since it was purchased in April 2010 but along side that, me and the missus have just sorted out a mortgage on a two bedroom flat so spending has been minimal.

    With that running in the background I have managed to fulfil most of my wish list for the Prelude with only a few other things outstanding.

    Since April I have:
    -Given it a full service (including oil, sparkplugs, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter)
    -Replaced the transmission fluid (Honda MTF)
    -Replace front and rear Brake pads
    -Tracked / aligned the wheels (thanks to mart609 in selling me a 4WS locking pin)
    -Replaced the 1 x bolt that connects the CAT to the mid section (as there was missing a bolt)
    -Replaced Rear Near SIDE Bridgestone tyre (As the previous one had a nail in its side wall) not amused to say the least (Really was a waste of a brand new tyre)
    After all this basic maintenance work, I, my brother & the missus did a photo shoot on the Prelude and to reveal what I had actually bought. (Photo shoot took place on 06-06-10)


    Once the base was running like a dream and there were no known issues with the Prelude the mission to upgrade a few parts began.

    First of I wanted to upgrade the OEM standard cassette pioneer player, the Prelude’s standard speakers were already pretty good and I didn’t think they needed upgrading so I plodded on with the search of a new head unit. Unsure on how to remove the panels of the centre console I turned to the forum for abit of help. Thanks guys!
    With the knowledge of how to remove the console and the old unit to hand I set about finding a new unit. I’ve always wanted a double din unit and having owned a single pioneer motorized monitor sat nav unit
    (Model: Pioneer AVIC X1) I thought I would like to stick with this brand as it has a very good user interface.

    The search began and not long I won a bid on ebay for a pioneer AVIC D3 double din unit. It came with all Sat nav 2010 map discs, the GPS antenna a Bluetooth adapter unit with microphone (allowing the use of hands free through the cars speakers) and an IPOD cable which will control my ipod through the touch screen as if you were controlling the IPOD (the iPod is safely tucked in the glove box).

    Superb bit of kit and looks the part when it’s installed – I wanted that OEM look and a unit to fill the space in the centre unit and the pioneer does just that.


    With the audio side of things done I wanted to get the motegi lip kit, generally known as a very hard kit to find I searched the forums and ebay until one evening one popped up on ebay and with no hesitation I emailed the guy. Many email correspondences followed and a deal being struck at the end of it. Very excited at this point he even offered to deliver it for £40 being from Bristol.

    When I took ownership of the kit it was originally painted in light skyblue and needed a respray to match my colour. The missus knew a friend of a friend who used to do car body repairs and he agreed to paint the kit for me as he now does it in his spare time. I gave him £200 for the work which I thought was a reasonable amount. The finish was stunning.

    Complete with all the fixings (well almost all of them, a few missing underneath the side skirt) I installed in taking up one Saturday afternoon bright sunshine which then turned to heavy showers.
    (with the rear bumper off I plodded on in the pouring rain)

    By this time the motegi kit installed and I was really pleased with the result


    With the motegi kit finally done I really wanted to get the car lowered – Having previously had eibach springs on my 2000 EK coupe and having known how good they are I was tempted at buying a set of these. I really wanted a comfortable ride whilst having a low car. Retaining the comfort is extremely difficult to find in a suspension kit.

    Just the other week my brother purchased a set of MIESTER R suspension, and once I felt the ride and handling of these I was sold. I saw Jerrick (owner of MIESTER R) a few times at Jap show, JAE and a couple of other meets in Ace Café and asked for advice and tech talk about these. He eventually gave me a good price on the ZETA S model of the miester R coilover set. With not being as popular as the Civic the Prelude miester R kit was a lot more but he gave me a good discount and free delivery too.

    The bolts on the Prelude came loose pretty nicely and with no stubborn seized ones that I was expecting. With the help of my brother the old suspension was off and the new set was in with around 5 hours taking our time and copper greasing all threads and bolts so they can be easily removed or adjusted at a later date if required.
    The suspension provides superb adjustability and a comfortable ride even at the height shown in the pictures.
    Very pleased with the results.


    The urge to upgrade kept on coming. I really wanted a set of fog lamps and whilst browsing ebay I came across a set of UK type OEM fog lights. All complete with UKDM switch and OEM wiring harness – I thought id snap them up as they are quite rare. Being OEM and original Stanley I felt it was a good choice being plug and play with no messing around with cutting wires etc.

    (I originally was thinking of buying a set from America - bar type foglights but I thought being after market the wiring would be cheap, a hassle to wire up and there would be a risk of poor quality connectors and wiring resulting in cables melting due to the large current that fog lights draw)


    Fitted with freshly sprayed fog light housing in matt black.


    At this point me, the missus and my brother (in his B16’d EG coupe) decided to go on a road trip to the south of Wales (Brecon beacons) to discover the superb roads and of course see the sights too.

    Roads were stunning and the Prelude handles so well taking the mountain route with ease. It gave me confidence to push the car around the mountain route. The only factor that let the Prelude down I think were the brakes although this side of things can be upgraded at a later date. Overall a brilliant road trip and a place where I would love to take the Prelude again.

    We also visited the Brecon mountain railway and discovered WATERFALL walk in the brecons

    The A4059 was the highlight of the troad trip and highly recommended mountain roads


    With the summer drawing to a close I thought I wanted a few more bits doing to the car, I really wanted yellow foglights and after buying a set of UK OEM spot lamps I decided to buy some yellow film from LAMIN-X
    It was very difficult but I managed to apply the film to the curved surface using a heat gun – the results aren’t too bad and I’ am pretty happy with it.

    Quickly installed last weekend before it started to pour down with rain


    I also wanted to refurb my rocker cover as the current one is flaking, I was tempted to just buy a ready refurbed one but my brother offered to do the work for me. I took up his offer and gave him the cover to work on. A couple of weeks later the finished article – but with the weather being wet and cold the finish didn’t come out as matt as I would have liked and the wrinkle finish was rather poor but for a first attempt my brother has done well.
    I finished the rocker cover off by scrapping and gently peeling the paint of the VTEC and DOHC, I have yet to install the cover yet.

    The DOHC and VTEC signs still need to be polished further.
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    Just a quick update.

    I have finally sold the tyres and motegi wheels today so I thought I’d post up some recent pictures of how the car stands at present.

    I managed to get some EP3 Type-R wheels about a month ago and finally installed them before the snow fell around 3 weeks ago.

    I really wanted to keep the original motegi wheels but due to my flat not having much storage space they had to go.

    What has been done:
    • My brand new Bridgestone tyres swapped over from the motegis to the EP3 wheels
    • Suspension height increased by 7mm (and by two clicks softer)
    • EP3 wheels polished on the inside and installed with original Honda locking nuts
    Here is how she stands at the moment:


    I am looking to do a few things if I can find them:

    • S2000 or DC5 / EP3 steering wheel
    • Purchase new rear callipers and bleed/refill brake fluid

    Thanks guys!
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    Hi All,

    Just a quick update on the progress of the Prelude (07-03-11).

    One of the items I wanted to upgrade on the Prelude was the steering wheel. I wanted to keep the wheel as OEM as possible so it would either have to be an S2000 AP1 wheel or an EP3/DC5 wheel. I almost purchased an S2000 AP1 wheel from the Civic life website but the seller became very quiet and didn’t return any of my emails/ PM’s so the search continued. After a lot of searching approx 4 months later an EP3 one came up. So I decided to go with an EP3 wheel. Knowing from the forum that it would be a direct fit the cruise controls was a question mark. I really wanted to retain the cruise control features so I went about into trying to retro-fit the controls to the steering itself.

    The steering wheel was purchased from a breakers yard from a crashed EP3 and most of the communications were done over Ebay. The wheel was in very good condition and was very pleased with the result. Having searched high and low for an EP3 wheel most of them were either badly damaged or badly worn.


    I firstly went about creating the notch for the 4WS sensor using a dremel tool and finished it in around 15 mins making minor tweaks comparing it to the stock wheel.


    Then I started to retro-fit the cruise control unit to the side of the steering wheel, there were faint markings on the side which matched the housing of the cruise control unit to I used this as a guide. I made the necessary holes for the cruise control to be securely attached.


    With everything going really well, the OEM stock wheel came off really easily and with the airbag and horn all connected up with no problems. I was really pleased with the result. A well recommended upgrade to any Prelude. It now feels so much nicer to drive providing a smaller radius and better grip, the cruise controls buttons look like they were part of the EP3 wheel and very sturdy and secure.


    After having completed the steering wheel upgrade I then thought about what I wanted to do next. Having installed an import plate up front the back end looked rather odd having a UK plate. I didn’t like the way the back end looked with a UK plate so I went about looking for a JDM rear bumper. I came across a guy breaking his JDM Prelude on the forum but I think spoon_civic got there before me. Then Spoon_civic pulled out due to logistics reasons and I snapped up the deal being only in Enfield it was a quick pickup from my parents place.


    An import plate was purchased for around £8.00 posted and was a perfect fit

    The rear fog light on the JDM bumper was already installed in the UK position rather annoyed about that but it does save me the hassle of drilling in a new position and purchasing another lamp so its not to bad I guess, it was installed near perfect and it was basically plug and play.

    I then went to the same guy whom painted my motegi skirts, his lead time was around 3 days so it was ready by the following weekend. Due to bad whether on the weekends that followed it delayed me installing the bumper.
    Finally at the end of January the whether cleared and I was able to install it.

    Just a couple weeks ago I managed to have a photoshoot with my brother and here are the results.


    My next upgrades should be as follows:
    • Red Stitched EK9 gaitor (OEM) (already ordered)
    • Skunk2 Gearknob (already ordered)
    • Carbon Console and window switch fascias (if I can find them)
    • Undersealing in the summer
    • New rear Calipers
    • Front and Rear OEM Honda Brake Discs
    • Honda OEM rear Brake Pads
    • DS2500 or Hawks HP+ front brake pads (still deciding)
    • New brake fluid (Honda OEM or Castrol)
    • Maybe OEM black mats (but not important)
    • Sand down and clean up rear quarter window seals
    • (currently mouldy - common problem)
    The brakes are ok at the moment but I really want to completely overhaul the braking system which will probably be my biggest expense on the car.
    Thanks guys, Comments welcome
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    Hi All,

    Thought I would give a little update. I have added a few additions to the Prelude and thought I would post up a few more photos of my progress. I have also purchased my runabout for work and managed to sell my Honda Civic Coupe. It was really sad letting her go after 7 years or ownership. The aim for this car was cheap cheap cheap. In order for me to own the Prelude as well this car had to be cheap to insure, cheap to run and cheap to repair and if it did get stolen or hit by anyone it would be a great loss.

    I decided to go for the Seat Arosa. I really wanted to get another Honda but funds wouldn’t allow.
    It can do 600 miles on its full tank (35 litres) and only costs £220 to insure. Terrible to drive though but so worth it just to own a Prelude.


    Anyways back to the Prelude

    It’s nearing its completion now and it seems I have only the brake overhaul left to do
    (and maybe a few more accessory upgrades like that uber rare scuff plates).

    First thing was first, I needed to clean up the mouldy window trims which were present when I got the car and it didn’t look good at all. Caused by sun damage it seemed that the previous owner neglected the car somewhat.

    With help and advice from the guys on the forums I thought the best way was to use fine wet and dry paper. Other suggestions were to sand it down and paint it but my spray painting and masking skills aren’t up to scratch and it would be difficult to use spray paint round my flats car park.

    I used a fine grade of 1600 wet and dry and after 3 hours I moved to an 1800 grade. Lots of sanding resulted in a cleaner look. Not perfect but so much better than the mould.



    After searching high and low for around 6 months I managed to track down a set of carbon console interior inserts. These consisted of the centre console and both window switches. The set was in pretty much mint condition and I was very happy with the purchase. A few guys mentioned about carbon wrapping but it didn’t look the same and I wanted everything genuine Honda and OEM.

    With the help of forum members and that service manual I removed the door card and managed to change over the inserts. They are very nicely installed but I managed not to break any clips. The door card came out wonderfully (brilliant Honda quality) unlike some other manufacturers.

    I really wanted to upgrade the gaiter to a red stitched version so I snapped up an ITR one on ebay and fitted it along with a skunk2 gear :tut:. Very nicely weighted and a lovely gear shift feel.

    Initially I wanted a Type-S red stitch gear :tut: but none were available in mint condition. Both fitted with ease although some of the staples broke while fitting the new red stitched gaiter but it wasn’t really an issue.


    I think the final touches for the interior is a set of OEM mint black mats to complement and add contrast to the black half of the dash board and also provide ease of cleaning. The crème mats get dirty very quickly. Also I would love a set of those scuff plates but as and when they do pop up I will grab them.

    The next stage I had in mind was to try and under seal the chassis and arches. Knowing it won’t be easy I waited for a lovely hot day and set to work.

    Firstly I had to ensure the areas in which under seal was to be applied were clean so I scrubbed most of the dirt and grime away using simple fairly liquid and water. My portable battery mobi v17 jetwash came in handy and was perfect to get those hard to reach places.

    The areas included all four arches and the rear boot underside. This meant the rear bumper had to come off for easy access. The rear was done first so I propped the car on my trolley jack (supported on both sides).


    With the areas as clean as possible I set to work. Only 2 coats were needed as I didn’t want it to be too thick and the risk of it flaking off to easily. Rear Arches and lower boot well before.


    Rear Arches After (after first coat).
    My hands really got in a mess with lots of under seal so I couldn’t touch the camera to take pics after the second coat.


    The fronts were done the following weekend.
    (Apologies for poor picture quality on this one I only had my phone camera on me at the time)

    Front Arches before

    Front Arches After

    I have yet to complete the belly of the car due to lack of time but it will be done in due course.

    Here is an update shot of the engine bay and a shot I love looking down on the car.


    Future plans to date
    • 2 x new rear callipers
    • Castrol React brake Fluid (3litres) already ordered
    • Front Ds2500 brake pads
    • Front OEM Honda discs
    • Rear OEM equivalent discs (to save on costs)
    • Rear OEM Honda pads
    Items not essential but would like to purchase if I come across them
    • Genuine OEM black mats (mint)
    • Uber rare scuff door sill plates
    • Maybe headlight protectors
    Oil Service (due in August)
    • Eneos 5w/40 Premium Hyper Oil
    • Genuine OEM Honda Filter
    • Genuine OEM air filter
    • (Spark plugs are still ok they have only had 7000 mile use)
    Thanks for looking guys
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    Hi All,

    Since my last update I have now got married and have a 2 bedroom flat. This meant that expenditure on the Prelude will be minimal after the brake overhaul is complete.
    The week before I was due to get married someone in our flat’s car park scraped the front of my bumper. Most of you already know this due to posting up a separate thread.
    I was really annoyed by this but luckily the guy left a note on my windshield saying he was sorry and to contact him.



    The guy was a nice bloke and offered to pay for the damages and accept all liability. He said he would like to go through his insurance. I said fair enough and luckily he was with the same insurance company as me so everything happened really fast.

    The Prelude was picked up the next day via admiral’s approved body repair specialists. The approved company was brilliant. Excellent communications via email and kept me up to date throughout the process.

    Repair Company that the Insurance Used
    5 Star Accident and Repair Centre - Five Star
    It was a 2 day turn around and the car was delivered back to me in the evening.

    The paint finish and result was excellent, it was understandable that they couldn’t match the 12 year old original paint finish but they blended it the best they could.


    After this incident I decided to change over the wheel nuts. The original wheels were the motegi’s and after selling them a short while a go the EP3 wheels were using the original open ended style nuts.

    I wanted to go for a closed end type of nut to suit the EP3 wheel better. So I purchased a set of 30mm height original OEM Honda nuts from ebay.

    One Saturday afternoon they were installed.




    • 20 x original Honda wheel nuts
    I then had a thought. After looking at the Prelude the rear JDM bumper began to bug me. I had the rear bumper resprayed separately and I think that was my mistake as the colour difference really annoyed me. If the car was fully cleaned and polished the colour difference would show clearly.

    So I decided to remove the JDM bumper and re-fit the original UK bumper. I fitted new UK number plates as I didn’t like the GB badged original ones.

    (If anyone is interested in purchasing the JDM bumper – it is available (but pick up only I’ am afraid) (PM me for details)


    • Front & Rear UK Registration plates (EBAY)
    One of my last “to do’s” on my project and probably one of the most costly was to overhaul the braking system. The reason for this was mainly due to the rear callipers seizing and the rear discs and pads had seen better days.
    The Overhaul consisted of:


    A couple weeks after all the above purchases, events took a turn for the worse.
    (Most of you guys already know due to a separate thread).

    The brake overhaul now had to wait.

    After booting it home from visiting my parents we came off the M25 and drove normally home and deciding suddenly to take a de-tour to Sainsbury’s to do the weekly shop. As soon as we pulled into the car park a loud rattle occurred.

    Really scared I immediately stopped the car and parked up and had a look round the engine bay with nothing obvious exposing itself of what the problem could be.

    Then I risked it and drove it slowly back home (only 5 minutes away) and parked it up.
    I recorded a video of the engine noise and never started it up again.

    Very hard to diagnose an engine sound via a video but I thought I would get some ideas and post it up. Various members said it could be bottom end knock or piston bearing that had given up or even a spun crack shaft bearing.

    Quite worried at this point I started to email several Honda specialist to enquire about their services and costs on what they could do to help resolve my issue.

    While that was occurring in the background I really wanted to find the cause of the issue so several members said to check the pulleys, belts, power steering belts & pump, exhaust manifold & heat shields and also to remove the rocker cover.

    After checking all those points I finally removed the rocker cover and immediately found the problem.
    The falling edge of the timing belt was really lose and I suspected the noise was the belt slapping against the plastic housing.

    From reading up on H22 engines the auto tensioner (a device which automatically tensions the belt) is a common failure on these engines.

    Apparently Honda never rectified the problem as the problems started appearing after 10 years from when the first H22 was made in 1991 and when production ended of the H22 in 2001 (correct me if I am wrong). I am not sure if the auto tensioner was revised but I decided I didn’t want to take the risk again as it would prove really costly if happened twice.

    Thankfully there is a solution and after doing a lot of research on the issue most of if not all recommended doing a manual tensioner conversion. This meant that the hydraulic tensioner is replaced by a tensioned bracket so you can manually tense the belt in place. So this was the way forward. The manual tensioner components were taken from the H23 engine.

    Highly recommended for people tuning h22’s or generally drive them hard.

    H22 Auto to Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Conversion

    Of course I still didn’t know if anything else was wrong and if the belt jumped a tooth and bent any valves etc but from the first video the car still idled perfectly meaning that the valves were still ok. Well that was the theory anyways. Also with the H22 being a non interference engine the valves would not be bent providing I was not in VTEC at the time it came loose.

    Then I thought who to take the car too. My mobile mechanic won't know how to do the manual conversion so thought it be best to take it to a Honda tuning specialist.

    Performance Autoworks were the most helpful. They provided excellent support and options throughout the enquiry process and through email.

    So I decided to go with them and booked the car in on Monday 5th. I had to get the car transported up there so I used to get a quote and the cheapest I got was £95 to Guildford. So I went with that. Rich will be at the garage on sat 3rd in the morning so ideal to drop it off then.

    Then the transporter dude cancelled on me the night before and said his truck broke down. You can imagine how annoyed I was. But luckily I made a lot of enquiries previously and the second best quote was £125 from a guy advertising on ebay. His website is below:

    Highly recommended, very friendly and reliable service.

    So I gave him a ring and he said he was free on the Sunday (next day) I rang the garage and they said you can just leave the car outside the garage and post keys through the letterbox. I paid the transporter no deposit and agreed on a meeting time. He requested cash upon delivery.

    That was the plan and it all went through smoothly on Sunday 4th Sept. The dude was a really nice guy and probably should have gone with him first time round. The car was quite difficult to load up onto the trailer due to having seized on brakes but the winch managed it with no sweat. His winch can pull cars up to 5 tonnes even with their handbrake on and it being in gear.

    The Prelude strapped in ready for a ride:


    On the road


    Arrived safely outside performance Autoworks


    I now have to get my deposit back from and that’s proving difficult. I wouldn’t recommend that website at all.

    The following day I felt really anxious and couldn’t do any work. Rich then confirmed via email at around lunch time that it was indeed the auto tensioner that had collapsed and no further damage was done and that I was extremely lucky the belt didn’t jump or fail while I was booting the car at the time it occurred. Miracles do happen or it could be that Honda engines are extremely well built. Either way I very happy and relieved.

    Very happy indeed and after receiving a reasonable quote to perform the overhaul of the braking system I decided to get all the work done in one go and said to go ahead with the brake work and also do the valve clearances on the engine.

    Work Done
    • Complete new timing belt change,
    • Manual tensioner conversion
    • Valve clearances
    • Aux belts
    • Water pump with coolant.
    • Brake overhaul
    All completed without a hitch, we picked up the car on Tuesday evening and raced up to Guildford straight after work and made it there in good time. The missus drove up so grateful to her for her support throughout this whole ordeal.

    Massive thanks to Rich for waiting until 8pm

    The drive back was awesome. Super smooth and handbrake is nice and tight. Acceleration has a noticeable improvement due to the rear calipers not being seized on anymore and the ferrodo pads up front gives an excellent braking feel although it does need more bedding in.

    What a mission though. I so nearly decided to break the Prelude but I am so relieved It didn’t come to that.

    Just last week after the engine ordeal I decided to purchase a new standard backbox. There was nothing wrong with the current one that was installed but I wanted everything to be original Honda standard.
    The current one was an OEM equivalent type.

    I got it at a good price and my friend at Northway tyres fitted it for me for £10.00.

    • 1 x 18030-S30-N21 - SILENCER SET, EX. Item 2
    • 2 x 90212-671-005 - NUT, SELF-LOCK, 10MM Item 25
    • 2 x 18176-P08-003 - BOLT, CONVERTER Item 24
    • 1 x 18303-SP0-003 - GASKET, SILENCER Item 14

    On the same weekend I installed a refurbished rocker cover. The cover was refurbished by JDM-BB4.
    I initially purchased the rocker cover just before the engine problem occurred.


    I always wanted to change mine as the red didn’t quite match the OEM colour.
    My brother tried to refurbish it last year but due to a lack of an oven or a heat source the wrinkle effect and red colour shade failed to show through. A good attempt nonetheless.

    Purchased through JDM-BB4 using his rocker cover exchange scheme I was impressed by his refurbishment finish. I re-used my existing gaskets as they were still in good condition. I also exchanged my spark plug cover with a freshly sprayed silver coloured one too.

    Not a great picture of it installed as I used my phone camera (will hope to get better pictures soon).


    My last task was to repair my wing mirror. The passenger side wing mirror had always been loose ever since I purchased the car and the housing would always flap in the wind and the mirror would shake quite rapidly. The wing mirror couldn’t fold in which was an issue as I needed this feature due to the Prelude being parked up for most of the week.

    Not wanting to involve respraying another 5th Generation mirror I searched and searched for a facelift 5th Generation mirror assembly in my R504P colour code but to no avail. Until Carisma pm’d me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to buy his surplus wing mirror after replacing his wing mirror with an excellent condition one he found at a breakers.

    His surplus wing mirror was from a 97-98 Prelude and did not have the heater function but with the housing and base in good condition with only slight lacquer damage to the outer housing shell I took up his offer and purchased it.

    I took apart my mirror and the previous owner seemed to have glued the mirror shell to the base using epoxy type adhesive as I assumed it must have been hit quite badly. All electrics and heater function still worked ok. With the loom being different on the 99-00 mirror I had to salvage that from my damaged wing mirror and install it to the 97-98 mirror base. The rubber internal seal came apart well and I snipped of the wires leading to the mirror adjustment mechanism and transferred over the wire loom. I then re-soldered the wires back to the mirror mechanism; all wires had colour codes or stripes so were easily matched up. Heat shrink wrapping was used to insulate the bare wires for a neat finish.

    The housings were re-assembled back together and it all worked. I now have a secure wing mirror that I can now fold in. The mirror itself was tricky to pop back into its mechanism though.


    This now brings me up to date. I performed a basic oil service on the Saturday 10th Sept 2011
    • Enoes 5w/40 fully synthetic oil
    • Genuine Honda oil filter and sump washer
    • Genuine Honda Air filter
    • A blast of carb cleaner in the inlet manifold
    • My project is pretty much finished now and ready for a track day which was my first intentions since I bought the car. A few minor tweaks that I would like to do are:
    • Genuine OEM black mats
    • OEM Chrome Door Sills
    • Repair airbag wire on EP3 wheel (currently Airbag disabled)(connector on airbag damaged)
    • Re paint the callipers satin black for a refresh look
    • HEL brake lines (I initially bought these but cancelled the order when the engine problem occurred fearing the worse)
    • Novice Track Day
    Thanks guys all comment welcome.
  7. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi all,

    Another quick update. With all major work now complete the final touches to the Prelude were to clean up and refresh the brake callipers.
    This job was performed last Sunday where I decided to coat the callipers in smooth silver and the brake disc edge and hub in satin black. The brake dust shield was also refreshed and painted satin black due to it being rather rusty.

    Hammerite smooth silver for the callipers. Halfords Satin black high temperature paint for the Disc Hub, Edges and Dust Shield. The rears were done first with one coat applied to the callipers and two coats of satin black to the disc edge and hub sections. The alloy wheels were cleaned inside and out and a coat of polish applied to the inside of the wheel.


    One of the last additions was a set of genuine Honda black mats. A lot of searching for a set in good condition was tricky as most were ripped and faded.

    Fortunately my brother stumbled across a set and purchased it for me for my birthday.

    With the black mats installed it does improved the look and gives an excellent contrast between the cream and black colours. It will also help in maintenance as the black mats don’t get dirty as quickly as the cream ones.

    With one final photo shoot before the summer comes to an end this is pretty much how she stands today.
    (photo shoot was taken before any of the recent updates).


    It’s a brilliant feeling knowing all aspects of the car are up to standard and in working condition. The car feels absolutely spot on to drive and the brake overhaul despite being the biggest expense was a job that really made a difference and definitely recommended.

    Final “to dos”s
    • Chrome OEM Door Sills
    • Repair Airbag wire on steering wheel (no urgency)
    • Dyno Run
    • Track Day
  8. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi All,

    With the year coming to an end I thought I would give everyone a final update of the year.

    I have positively achieved most of my ambitions to the car this year and very happy with the outcome.

    With the help of a fellow member on Prelude UK (CARRisma) I managed to get my hands on a set of OEM chrome door sills. A member “Simonmcf” was breaking his car and the sills were up for grabs. Sent from Ireland they seem to be in very good condition with a few scratches but nothing major. With a thorough clean it was an easy swap over from the originals. They clipped off very easy so the swap over was smooth and painless.

    Having searched for over 15months I was so relieved to get my hands on them, special thanks for CARRisma for making it happen.

    The sills is definitely a lovely upgrade, Its rarely seen due to being hidden by the door but when you do open the car door of the Prelude it really does look very smart indeed.
    A highly recommended upgrade if you can stretch to its budget and can find a set.

    As promised images included of the OEM black mat set purchased by my brother for my birthday back in September.
    The black mats gives a striking contrast between the dash board, seats and door cards it gently uplifts the general look and gives it a more modern feeling.

    OEM Black Mats


    The Chrome OEM Door Sills


    Then out of the blue on the 13th October 2011 I received a message on Prelude UK from Les at Total Honda Mag
    Very excited by the thought of this I jumped at it and immediately replied back asking what was involved etc. Les wanted 4 to 6 Hi-Res photos together with a questionnaire with details of car history, details, progression of mods and any future work. He wanted it by the following evening, due to work and other commitments I couldn’t meet his deadline so we agreed on inserting the feature in the Jan/Feb Issue of Total Honda Mag.

    With the deadline agreed I immediately discussed it with my brother in order to arrange a suitable date to do a photo shoot for some immediate up to date images of my Prelude. My brother kindly asked his manager to use their warehouse out of hours. By using their ware house it would provide warmth from the winter cold, excellent lighting, clean environment and a place we can take our time.

    With the date set it fell on a Sunday evening where I spent most of the day cleaning the car in preparation for the shoot.

    My brother used his Nikon SLR D60 with 17mm – 70mm F2.8 – 4.5 Sigma Lens

    Here are some of the unofficial shoots taken from my camera phone (it wouldn’t be for another week or so until my brother finished editing the final photos)


    During this time I worked on the article details, story and finally handed in the images and questionnaire to Les at Total Honda on the 10th November 2011. Eight days before the deadline.

    A Patient wait then followed to see the end result and finally just last week I saw the new Jan/Feb issue of Total Honda at our local WHSmiths.

    The results were excellent, the article is brilliant and sometimes I can’t believe my Prelude is actually in a magazine.

    I hope my feature gives all Prelude owners out there some inspiration and what can be done with a small budget.
    Buy this months issue and see for your self.

    Many thanks to my wife and brother for support and to Les for reading my thread and making it all happen.


    With the year now coming to an end I can safely say that I had accomplished most of what I wanted to do but as with any car project it never ends. I do have a few new intentions planned for 2012, however my original intention was to keep the car OEM and the 2012 changes will not breach this specification.

    Initial Wish List
    • Repair airbag wire on EP3 wheel (currently Airbag disabled)(connector on airbag damaged)
    • Novice Track Day
    • Dyno Run
    • Finish under sealing the belly of the car (summer time)
    New Intentions
    • Install a Set of OEM 5th Generation power folding wing mirrors whilst retaining the heated mirror option
    • Lighter flywheel (for improved response)
    • Stage 1 clutch kit (still thinking)
    • HEL brake lines (part of brake overhaul but held back due to tensioner issue so kit was returned at the time)
    Thanks guys (all comments welcome).
  9. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi All,

    With 2012 being a tough year for me in regards to expenses, expenditure on the Prelude was low hence why there have been no recent additions to my thread on Prelude UK
    However I did manage to get a few things done.

    These include:
    • EP3 Steering wheel airbag repair
    • Goodridge stainless steel brake line install
    I have managed to source just the airbag unit for my EP3 steering wheel. I damaged the connector whilst installing the airbag the first time round. You can imagine how annoyed I was, an easy 20 minute job and a airbag ECU reset it was all working like it should.


    When I had the auto tensioner issue back in Sept 2011 I didn’t manage to complete the stainless brake line install. I returned the HEL brake lines due to not knowing what the outcome would be for the Prelude. It all turned out ok in the end.

    So on my first year wedding anniversary back in 20th June 2012 I missus bought me a set of stainless brake lines so I could finish the job. They didn’t have HEL ones in stock so I went for the Goodridge stainless ones which were just as good if not better.


    I initially wanted to install them myself but due to lack of time during the weekends, poor weather and other prior commitments I decided to take it up to Richie and his team at Performance Autoworks.

    Super service as usual and it was out within a couple of hours. Massive thanks yet again to Performance Autoworks for a quality job.


    Here are some pictures of the stainless lines on the car



    This brings me up to date, I haven’t got any further plans as of yet to the Prelude and I have now come to a stage where I can enjoy it.

    A novice track day will be scheduled for Late September.

    Remaining Wish List
    • Novice Track Day at either Bedford Autodrome, Cadwell Park or Brands Hatch
    • Dyno Run

    Maybe’s for the future
    • Install a Set of OEM 5th Generation power folding wing mirrors whilst retaining the heated mirror option
    • Short Shifter
    • Lighter Flywheel

    Thanks Guys (All comments and suggestions welcome)
  10. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi All,

    Well I have finally achieved one of my personal ambitions with the thanks to my wife for organising it and paying for it for my birthday.

    A novice track day was scheduled for the 15th October at Bedford Autodrome with Club MSV (with it being a novice day all the drivers will be of the same confidence level).

    Feeling fairly nervous the day before I did all I could to prep the car for the day. Thanks to various advice from fellow members and the internet this included:
    1. Service – Change Oil only – Shell 5w/40 (A full service will be performed the following week)
    2. Check spark plugs – clean/brush spark plugs
    3. Tighten all wheel nuts to 90nm
    4. Remove locking nuts from wheels – just in case you have a puncture – Easier to change
    5. Check oil
    6. Clean EGR valve
    7. Check tyre pressures
    8. Check air filter
    9. Check rocker cover bolts – tighten to 12nm
    10. Check brake fluid
    11. Check power steering fluid
    12. Check exhaust – All sections
    13. Body panels – loose – all skirting – fog light housings lose?
    14. Unload all unnecessary items from boot – Spare wheel?
    15. Remove all items from glove box
    16. Wash car
    17. Set suspension settings 16 front and 8 rear to start with
    18. Remove all boot interior lining to make it much easier to adjust the rear suspension (will be replaced after the track day)
    The day began with signing on, filling in forms, showing licences and choosing the correct size helmet. A spot of lunch and then a 30 min briefing whereby one of the onsite team members explained the basics of taking a corner, various rules of the track what to do when things go wrong and what all the flags mean.

    Then all attendees did a slow 2 laps to familiarise ourselves with the track. Then it was all go. We had from 1pm until 4pm to go on the track and come off as we pleased (open pit lane).

    It was great fun although I didn’t take the Prelude too its full limit it was all about enjoying the car, taking the correct lines of the track and not having to worrying about your speed and public road users.

    The Prelude handled really well, infact I was so amazed by the handling of the Prelude. The suspension was set at 32 front and 28 rear (35 being the most stiff). The 4 wheel steer didn’t cause any problems and really helped with two of the really tight hairpins.

    All the work done came together really well and all complimented each other from the suspension setting, Bridgestone tyres and the brakes.

    One thing about being on track is your brakes really have to work hard. With the previous brake overhaul my Prelude brakes really performed well. With the full braking system only having ds2500 pads, Castrol react fluid, new front discs, refurbed rear callipers, new rear discs and pads I never felt any brake fade at all and the discs never warped.

    Everyone was well behaved and a pleasure to chat too. Their was a whole host of various cars there ranging from an Aston martin DB9 to various MX5s, Standard Mondeo, Civic EK4, Civic coupe and various Audi’s and BMW;s
    The disadvantage is I want to upgrade the clutch, flywheel, install a short shifter and maybe a remap. Lol. (shall see how funds pan out but will most likely not happen).

    The only issue I had is that the Prelude was rather heavy and could do with maybe alittle more torque and power but I wasn’t disappointed at all not in the slightest bit.

    No issues occurred with the car by the end of the session and we were able to drive home problem free (Good old Honda).

    It was an awesome day and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves driving their car. Everything we do to our cars (i.e. tuning and upgrading) all makes sense out on track it all just works.

    We hope to do another track day maybe next year.

    Here are some pictures of the day (my brother also attended in his b16 EJ coupe now outputting 187BHP).


    Thanks guys
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  11. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi All

    It’s been a while since I have done any updates to the Prelude mainly due to work and busy weekends.

    Although whatever spare time I do have I try to enjoy the car as much as I can.

    Since my last update I have managed to get a few things done.

    These include:
    • New 225/45/R17 Uniroyal Rain sport Tyres
    • Short Shifter From JTC Customs
    • New Front ARB Bushes
    • New Front and Rear Drop links
    • Replacement New Bonnet Insulator
    • Genuine Honeycomb Grill with Prelude Emblem
    • Re-instalment of the JDM Rear Bumper including Front JDM Reg Plate
    • Removal of Uniroyal Tyres and Instalment of Hankook 205/45/R17 Tyres
    • Full Rear Bumper Re-spray including Blending where Necessary
    It began after the track day where I needed new tyres due to the current tyres being well used on track. They were still ok but I thought I’d splash out on new tyres all round for the Prelude. With the Bridgestone tyres being quite noisy on the road I really wanted more comfort and a softer ride.

    Due to some very good reviews the Rain Sports 2’s stood out from the crowd so I opted for them in the 225/45 R17 size.

    Got my mate at Northway tyres to install them for me but I had to increase the height of the Meister R coilovers around 10mm from its current ride height this was due to slight rubbing issues on the front arch liner when going over speed bumps or taking corners fast.

    The ride was a lot better, smoother, softer and reduced road noise. I was fairly happy with them. The only drawback was that I lost the fabulous handling of the Prelude when compared to the Bridgestone tyres and its stiff side walls. I wasn’t too fussed at this moment as it would be a fairly long time until I do another track day.

    Parts Purchased
    Part: 4x Uniroyal Rainsports 2 Tyres 225-45-R17

    Rain Sports Installed


    Increased height a further 10mm

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  12. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I really wanted a short shifter for the Prelude but after much research through fellow members and the forum a short shifter wasn’t really readily available for the 5th Generation due to its shifting mechanism and lack of demand.

    P spec and JTC customs were the only companies that made a proper short shifter for the 5th Generation.

    Apparently P-Spec went out of business some time ago now but I managed to find them on ebay selling some custom made gearknobs. I messaged them on there but they said they have never made them for many years now and have no further plans to do so.

    So I managed to contact JTC customs. At first it was slow and email responses took weeks, but I finally got through to Tommy the owner. He mentioned he was busy getting all the shifters made and dealing with demand and a new website.

    I ordered the 5th Generation short shifter when it finally came into stock on the 29th Dec 2012 where I placed an order via their new website. Tommy kept in contact and answered all my queries very efficiently and even sent me a link on how to install it. The shifter then arrived on the 2nd Jan 2013. Super fast postage from USA.
    I managed to install it without any drama with only the shifter ball joint bracket being a little difficult to remove. I had to break it in the end to free the OEM shifter.
    Link to installation is here for your info

    HOW TO: 5th Generation "JTC CUSTOMS" SHORT SHIFTER INSTALL (56k warning) - Honda Prelude Forum : Honda Prelude Forums

    The shifter totally changes the gear change feeling. It’s so much tighter and gives you that racing feel. A highly recommended worth while mod.

    He still has them in stock but he mentions demand is very high in the USA at the moment for these: JTC Customs 97-01 Honda Prelude Short Shifter - JTC Customs

    The costs works out to be £120 including the best shipping option (tracked and insured)

    Parts Purchased
    JTC Customs
    Part: Prelude 97-00 Short Shifter
    Part Number: JTC-9701HP

  13. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    All of a sudden when driving the Prelude to work I noticed a slight knocking sound when accelerating or moving off. The knocking wasn’t really a knocking more of a faint one and more of a sound like brakes being unstuck when moving off (so the sound of brakes seized to a brake disc and then you moving off) that kind of sound.

    The sound never occurs when going over bumps or driving normally and only seems to occur when accelerating and sometimes braking hard

    The car seems to drive fine, I had a quick check under the bonnet and all suspension bolts are ok, all nuts and bolts seem to be. The dampers themselves seem ok nothing obvious.
    Then the guys on the forum mentioned it could be something called a drop link. These are situated on the ends of both front and rear anti roll bars.
    I then thought it wouldn’t hurt to change them so sourced a set of front and rear drop links and also a set of front anti roll bar bushes (the rears were still in good condition)

    Initial Observations

    Passenger side DS2500 brake pads


    Passenger side ARB bush


    Drivers ARB bush


    Passenger Side Drop link


    Drivers Side Drop link


    Other pics


    Items Bought


    OLD Front Drop links Removed


    NEW Front Drop links Installed


    NEW Front ARB Bushes Installed


    OLD Rear Drop links Removed


    NEW Rear Drop links Installed


    The fronts came off pretty well and were pretty straight forward, however the driver’s side top bolt of the rear drop link was seized and the only way I could remove it was to saw it off. I decided to unbolt the rear anti roll bar and slide it out of the car with the drop link still attached. It worked; it took around 20 mins to saw off the seized bolt.


    With all the drop links replaced the noise disappeared and I haven’t heard it since.

    Thanks to all for your help guys.

    Parts Purchased

    John Langdon (Ebay user: langdon4x4)
    Ebay item number: 221204289925
    Part: Pair of Front Drop links
    Part Number: 51320-S30-003

    John Langdon did not have any rear drop links in stock so I had to look else where, but by sheer luck a forum member Secla had a brand new unused rear set which he did not need.

    Many thanks to both John and Secla for helping me out.

    Supplier: Forum Member: Secla
    Unwanted brand new packaged
    Part: Pair of Rear Drop links
    Part Number: 52320 S30 003

    Supplier: Honda
    Part: Front ARB Bushes x2
    Part Number: 51306-SM4-010
  14. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I managed to source a brand new bonnet insulator at only half price. I know a lot of people remove this part but I really wanted to replace this because when it rains the bonnet tends to give off steam as the bonnet gets really hot and thus causing the rain on the bonnet to heat up a little. I found this really annoying. I managed to source the clips from a forum member and the part direct from Honda.


    Supplier: Hendy Honda Parts
    Brand New Genuine Honda Part
    Bonnet Insulator
    Part Number: 74141-S30-000

    Supplier: Forum Member: CrankmasterII
    From a Prelude being broken
    Bonnet Insulator clips
  15. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I’ve always wanted a honeycomb grill but never got round to finding one second hand on the forum or eBay. I then found out that it was still available to buy direct from Honda. The prices that they go second hand were not much different compared to buying new from Honda. I also grabbed this chance to buy the “Prelude” emblem badge for the grill too.
    Thanks to Toaster and other forum members for helping confirm the part numbers.






    Hendy Honda Parts
    Brand New Genuine Honda Part
    Prelude Honey Comb Grill
    Part Number: 71121-S30-911ZB

    Supplier: Hendy Honda Parts
    Brand New Genuine Honda Part
    Prelude Emblem Badge for Honey Comb Grill
    Part Number: 75732-S30-A01
  16. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    One day I looked back on images of my Prelude when it had the rear JDM bumper and I thought the JDM rear bumper really suited the rear end of the Prelude. I was determined to get the bumper back on the car. Unfortunately the first time round the bumper was re-sprayed without the car and there was a significant colour difference between the rear quarter and the bumper itself.

    This really annoyed me so I decided to go to someone else to get the work done.

    I located a spray shop near me called “BOWRON MOTOR CARE” who a local friend recommended to me. They deal with body work day in and day out and specialise in classic car restoration. So spraying a Prelude rear bumper would be a piece of cake for them.

    I initially took the car down midweek for them to have a look and they agreed they can match the colour the best they can and blend it in if necessary. I booked the car in on the following Saturday 22nd June and within a week the work was completed. Good communications throughout keeping me up to date with any issues or problems along the way.
    The blending of the bumper to the rear quarter was excellent and you cannot notice the difference between the new paint on the bumper and the existing paintwork on the rear quarter, a top job and very happy with the finish. Highly recommended.

    Colour Differences of Rear Quarter and Rear Bumper


    Results after Re-spray & Colour Blend


    With the JDM rear bumper complete I also purchased and installed a front JDM number plate to complete the import look.

    Supplier: Bowron MotorCare
    Part: To Re-spray Rear Bumper and Blend Quarter Panels Where Necessary
    Part Number: N/A

    Supplier: Make My (on Ebay)
    Part: Import 12 x 6 Inch Number Plate
    Part Number: N/A

    With a potential track day at the end of the year I thought it would be time to change over the tyres. I decided to go back to the 205 width size tyre which was originally on the Prelude motegi and EP3 wheels. The 205 tyre gave a more responsive drive.

    With lots of choice and not a big budget I decided to go for the Hankook EVO v12 tyre. The missus helped purchase these J so saved me a few bob
    The Hankooks aren’t too bad – it does have a slightly soft side wall but the handling and grip is still pretty good. The noise levels are still quite low which is a plus point. I shall see how they perform on track.

    As soon as these were purchased recommendations on the forum started flooding in and the Neuton NT5000 tyre caught my eye. Rave reviews on tyre and very good statistics too. I will be willing to try those as my next set.


    Part: 4x Hankook EvO V12 Tyres 205-45-R17
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    This is how she stands today – Pics taken at South Mimms Part 2 on 14th July 2013.
    (We arrived pretty late so the majority already left)

    It was a good opportunity to get some updated pictures though.

    After a Wash and Polish


    At South Mimms


    Remaining Wish List

    With my wish list almost coming to an end I only have a few things I need to do now.
    • Purchase 3 x Bottles of MTF Transmission Fluid
    • Install previously purchased Genuine Honda ATR clutch
    • Install previously purchased Competition Clutch Ultra Lightweight Flywheel
    Thanks Guys
  18. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi All

    Here are a few High Res Images which I managed to grab from my brothers camera during the South Mims meet in July 2013.
    As she stands 26/08/13

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  19. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Accord_N22 added a new Honda to the garage:

    My 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2vti 5th Generation Project

    Check the vehicle's full information here.
  20. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Wow, where do I start.
    Firstly, my eyes hurt.
    Wonderful account of the history whilst you've had her.
    Clearly a true lover of Honda.:Thumbup:

    Your Prelude is a one lucky lady.

    Does your brother still have his Civic?
    Has he seen our Civic section?
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