Accord/7th Gen My 2003 Sport Saloon vs My 2005 SE Tourer.

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    Yesterday I picked up a 2003 2.0 Sport saloon and today I've had the chance to clock up some miles and pit the saloon against my 2005 SE Tourer and I have to say I'm not impressed so far, I think being massively impressed by the tourer and expecting a lot more from the saloon is partly the reason why, even being on par with the tourer would have been enough but so far for me that's not the case, anyway my gripe is with the ride and handling, ok the sport has 17" Pentas and stiffer suspension but I'm starting to wonder if they're worth the bother and how the Type-S compares.

    The ride from the Sport saloon is clearly much sportier but it certainly doesn't handle 'much' better! when steering into a roundabout the steering feels spring loaded delivering zero feedback with the understeer constantly and progressively braking the car if accelerating hard or entering at speed, I know this is basic automotive physics and the Accord Sport isn't supposed to be any match for an Impreza but there's less steering feedback than the Tourer and more oversteer than any other medium sized saloon I've ever driven, also the steering is a lot heavier and bizarrely even more so at speed, it's like the power steering cuts out at higher speeds or like each wheel is fighting against the other and toeing out, are the gyroscopic forces of Pentas that strong! and tramlining, I won't bother going into that but my Sport definitely isn't car I'll be driving when tired. I've read that certain tyres eliminate tramlining but that's something I highly doubt.

    Anyway in short I feel the Tourer delivers a much better ride with much better steering feedback and not much worse handling capabilities, I get a sense of the aerodynamics when driving the Tourer which I can only describe as a carved and fixed drive though mine does drop its front end quite heavily when thrown about, the sport while sitting flatter just feels strained and under pressure at the point of road contact because of its suspension, steering and wheel setup and only happy when going in a straight line on a tramline free road.

    I'm not going to give up on the Sport since I'm going to swap the wheels when I get the chance and possibly look into four wheel alignment settings and possibilities, just thought I'd run it past you fellas first.

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