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7th Generation (2003-2008) vehicle added by Galgo, Monday 2nd Mar, 2015

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    Galgo added a new Honda to the garage:

    My 2004 Accord Tourer Executive

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    When I first bought the car I noticed it had the wrong size battery fitted. It also had the wrong battery clamps too; it turned out the clamps came from a Ford Explorer lol


    So I bought a new Bosch S4 battery from EuroCarParts to replace the RAC battery installed. At the same time, I ordered a new clamp and screws etc. from my local Honda dealer:


    The earth cable from the battery has seen better days, as you can probably tell. I tried to order one from Honda but they couldn't give me a date of when it might arrive. I decided to get one made up for me from a seller on eBay (link to auction here, in case anyone's interested):


    I've also upgraded all the interior and boot bulbs to LEDs. Here are some before and after shots of a few of them:

    Interior front (left = LED, right = old bulb):


    Interior front (both LEDs):


    Front door courtesy lights (before):


    Front door courtesy lights (after):


    I got all my LEDs from eBay. Links to the ones I bought:

    I recommend this upgrade to everyone with those horrible orange-glowing interior lights! The LEDs shine white, and they are much brighter. Also, they only cost a few quid and are perhaps the easiest mods to make to any car!
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    United Kingdom Guy Gloucester
    Very simple little touches but make all the difference, nice work :Smile:
    P.s I have the very same battery ;-)
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    Thanks :Smile:

    Spent a few hundred on new tyres, servicing and rear brakes just after I got the car. Not much change from a grand last month, so am doing some cheap improvements/repairs for now.

    My DVD drive is dying so I need to send that off for repair soon. I took it apart yesterday and cleaned the lens, and I backed up my Nav disc onto a Verbatim DVD+R. I no longer get the read errors, but sometimes the screen doesn't come on. I'm hoping the problem is down to the drive and not the screen needing a repair too! Oh well, such is life! It's a shame I can't fit a standard head unit to the car, would have preferred to get a new double-din with better display/navigation etc.
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Amazing how much better that is with LED bulbs. :GoodJob:
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    Since I've bought my car the O/S headlight suffered from bad condensation. Here is a pic of what it looked like at its worst (after a night of heavy rainfall):


    I knew that headlight lenses that didn't come with factory HIDs had a bag of silica gel inside the casing but no-one seemed to know whether this was the case with HIDs as well (which my Exec has as standard).

    The other weekend when I was removing my old battery earth lead, I decided to open up the cover at the back of the lens where the Xenon bulb is to have a look. I noticed that a silica bag was on the side of the housing, but it welded itself to the side of the housing! I removed it with my other half's assistance (she has thin and useful fingers lol) and after a few minutes of vacuuming loose silica I put a new, replacement bag in the housing.

    Here's an eBay link to the ones I bought (10x 100g bags):

    Anyway, after around five days the condensation was gone thanks to the new silica bag! :Happy:


    As you can see there are some tide marks inside the lens because of the condensation. One of my jobs for the summer months is to remove and split the lens so I can give the insides a proper clean. A small price to pay in comparison to £350 for a brand new unit from Honda! :Grin:
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  7. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Well done for finding the silica packs. A job well done :Smile:

    @Eltax91 you may want to look into this for your car.
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  8. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Good result there. Well done.

    DYK, that the headlight units where on offer at HH. Can't remember the exact amount, but significantly less than £350.
    It's worth a call to HH to get the Club price.
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    No I wasn't aware of that. I'll try the splitting and cleaning method first during the summer as that's cheaper :Wink:
  10. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    NP. Hope all goes well when you open them up.
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    Ben Nottingham
    LED's look great.

    If I was to open up my lights I'd be tempted to lose the chrome surround and re-paint in a darker colour like I've done with ek4 headlights to make them look like EK9 Type-R's
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    Another micro update. This morning I changed the two earth straps connected to the engine (O/S one by the ABS unit, and N/S one underneath the air box). Obligatory pic as follows of the new N/S one:


    I managed to do the N/S one without having to remove the gearbox mount. Cut my knuckle though :Frown: lol

    I bought my earth straps from the same place that sent me my battery earth lead. The old O/S one wasn't in bad nick but the N/S one was toast really.

    In other news I had an annoying issue with all four seatbelts in the car retracting back slowly. I know @Ichiban suggested in another thread to use IPA (i.e. alcohol) to clean them but I decided to use hot soapy water and cleaned each belt a few times. I also used my stupidly expensive air duster to blast away clumps of lint stuck inside each of the seat belt holders. Now all the belts are working properly. Which is nice as it makes it easier to put/remove the belt around my baby son's car seat!
  13. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    Just caught up on this, nice subtle touches, the LED's make all the difference, such a nice upgrade to do and it really does update a car.

    What is next on the list?
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    Well as you can see from the pic a little earlier the O/S headlight has some tide marks on it. Weird thing is, it sort of goes away if I wipe it with a damp cloth. So before I take the lens unit apart this summer, I'm going to have a go at restoring the exterior of the lens first.

    Last weekend I started by removing some sticky residue on it (the circle towards the grille end of the lens). Oddly enough, the N/S had the same residue too! A lot of time and rubbing with "Sticky Stuff Remover" and that's all come off.

    I'm trying to find a decent headlight lens restoration kit to use. Not sure which one is the best kit for the job though?

    Apart from sorting the lens out, next job is to fit some LED sidelights and work out how to fit LED bulbs where the sun visor mirrors are. Progress has been a little slow as I've been super busy with work and dealing with a teething baby that cries all the time lol

    I'm also considering LED bulbs for the taillights, rear number plate bulbs and front indicators. Still haven't made my mind up on that yet.

    One of my long term plans is to sort the sat-nav DVD-ROM drive out. Still umming and arring about getting the laser replaced or spending money on a flash new double-DIN head unit with one of those aftermarket centre console fascias.
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    Today I decided to restore the headlight and give the car a much-needed clean!

    To do the headlight restoration, I bought a 3M Headlight Restoration Kit and some Surface Sealant. Using my trusty cordless drill, some microfibre cloths and plenty of paper towels I removed all the crud from the exterior of the headlight.







    For the sake of £17 and a bit of elbow grease, the headlight looks so much better than it did before. Obviously it will never be as good as a brand new one, but I'm not prepared to spend a three-figure amount for a new one from Honda!
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    Wow that's a big difference, I need to do this myself
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    As you might have gathered from my other thread the air conditioning in my car stopped working the other day. A so-called garage local to me told me I needed a new condenser and compressor, and that it would cost over a grand. Unconvinced by their diagnosis I did what any proper mechanic should have done first and checked the electrics.

    After some quick electrical checks by yours truly, it turns out the relay for the compressor was knackered. So, earlier today I went to my local Honda dealer and came back with a new one for the princely sum of £25.

    Old relay:


    New one:



    I thought I'd take some pictures in case anyone else has the same problem and wants to know what the new part number is/what the new part looks like. According to the Lings parts website, it's the same relay that gets used for the condenser fan too.

    Anyway, now I can keep cool again when I'm driving my Accord!
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    That's cool !! (literally :Grin:)
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    I only last weekend also had to replace my relay so my AC worked again.
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    I wonder if it's a common problem across the Honda range? Just seems a bit random for my dealer to have lots of that particular relay in stock, they don't usually have much of anything else in stock lol
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