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    Is it possible to do anything about the Japanese sat-nav and radio in an Elysion?
    I've just seen one for sale that looks immaculate (even though the add states two different mileages!), I wondered how much it would cost to 'European-ise' it.
    Also, is it possible to change that god-awful steering-wheel?!

    Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.25.29. Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.25.43.
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    Hi @Davep4755 it is customary for new members to atleast introduce themselves.
    Regarding you question about sat nav and radio I don't think anyone has ever been able to do anything about the Japanese sat nav and radio. Btw just checking, you know that aweful steering wheel in the picture has got a steering cover on? You can simply remove it.
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    Unfortunately the sat nav map or language is not changeable nor the voice controls. It's a great way to practice your Japanese though. You can still pair your phone. The alternate head units will leave some of the controls non functioning on the dash but that's the trade off. If you have aux av inputs you can do an awful lot with a dvb-t/media player or if your phone/tablet has an hdmi out run it through a hdmi to rca pal/ntsc converter (ebay for less than a tenner) and use that as sat nav, music, games whatever. If you haven't done it you can fit a bandwidth expander on the antenna line to get all the radio working. The google translate app for the phone lets you take photos of the Japanese text and translate its saved me when several menu trees into the system.

    Love the Eysion, great looking buses.
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    Think I test drove your car - was it from Adam Cars in north London? If so was a great motor. There are some replacement units on Alibaba - $400 ish...
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    hi, i have a 2008 elysion and the radio works ok and speedo is uk but as others have said sat nav is useless.
    does anyone know of a replacement that would fit the hole and have the same plugs etc. ie rev camers tv outlet as i have 13inch dropdown tv monitor in roof.that doesn,t work either.
    dvd player only plays pirate dvds!!
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    hi, if you do find out about the sat nav please let me know.i have 2008 elysion same problem.
    the link to road rover is no good sight has expired.
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    All the Jap stuff is NTSC format I added a dvb-t through the aux inputs for TV and to use as a media player and a PAL-NTSC converter for the computer/dvd's etc. 1080P Converter/Adapter/Connector HDMI to AV/Composite CVBS S-Video/RCA/NTSC/PAL | eBay DVB-T998 Mobile Car Digital TV Box Analog Receiver Double Tuner High Speed 240km | eBay

    (Think I already mentioned this above but the links are there now for ebay) Sat nav you could display through but then you loose the entertainment system. I usually just use the phone for satnav separately.
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    A HUGE Thank You to JD1959 for his advice on the 1080P Convertor!
    Mine arrived this morning, along with a PAL to NTSC convertor:https: //
    Once you've got this little lot all hooked up to your phone (mine's a fairly old 64Gb, refurbished iPhone 5) you can then 'mirror' whatever's on your phone's screen.
    However, you can't play downloaded movies, due to the 'anti-copy' software built into the movie, but you can show on-line stuff: YouTube, etc. (if you really must)
    The only other thing you'll need to make these two bits of kit work is one of those double USB power sockets for your 12V o/p, (in the rear-seat area), or the cigarette-lighter in the front.
    So the initial 'panic' of "what am I going to do with this?!" has subsided somewhat :Smile:

    Now.... does anybody know what the 'PC Card' is all about in the sat-nav?

    IMG_4101. IMG_4102.
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    That's a great solution ! Good to hear it's helped you get over your panic :Smile:

    It's basically a storage like an SD Card so you can play media files off it.
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    I got my pc card working with one of these Compact Flash CF to Adapter Cards Reader PC Card PCMCIA for Laptop Notebook | eBay and a 2gb Compact flash card. Unfortunately in my case at least it will only recognize 99 songs in mp3 format with no recognition of a file tree when tried.

    I got around the movie/tv issue with the dvbt and have a hdd with all my (kids) movies and other assorted video on it. Comes in very handy entertaining the younger ones while waiting for the older ones.

    You can 'adjust' the wiring so you don't need the parking brake on to play video which makes the whole system work a bit better if your trying to display sat nav or other while driving let me know and I'll dig through my notes and try to find it.

    Glad it worked out well for you.
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    Faceache the killer of all forums, you can never refer to anything it all about information in the now.
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    @jd1959 , would u be able to share please whats required to continue video play while the handbrake is off please