Accord/6th Gen My 52 Accord SE Exec

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    This is my first Honda after a long series of Vauxhalls. This car came up for sale locally for what seemed a pretty good price and after a quick test drive I decided it had to be bought. I've had a few Vectra's, so size wise it's pretty comparable. The spec is way above anything I've had before, the build quality seems a lot better too. This car has a FHSH and has covered 73k miles.

    Gave it a quick wash once I'd got it home:

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    Really like the interior:

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    It was pretty weak at starting when I got it, but after a new battery it was starting properly again. It also needed an anti-roll bar link (as one had snapped!), so two new ones were quickly fitted. There's a ding in one of the wings and a scuff on the bumper that I'll look to sort soon, plus a few other little bits. But I'm pretty pleased with it :Smile:
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    Sounds like a great little car. I've just come over from vauxhalls and I have a 04 accord executive and like you say build quality is second to none. Such nice cars.
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    Nice motor. I love the 6th Generation accord!
  4. Looks in superb condition.
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    Think the pictures make it look cleaner than it is. It's not bad but there are a few little bits that need cleaned up. Need to polish the headlamps to get rid of the cloudiness. Need to sort the ding in one of the wings too, along with a scuff on the front bumper. Will get it sorted though, all part of the fun. Been looking at wheels and exhausts but everything's seems harder to find/more expensive for Hondas.
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    Just ordered a replacement exhaust rear silencer, as mine has a hole in it. Couldn't decide what to go for, but money ended up being the deciding factor. A motor factor replacement (with a 2yr guarantee) was £43, which is what I ended up with. A Honda genuine replacement was approx £100 more. An aftermarket Sportex was about the same. It'll do for now and I'll look out for a second-hand 'sporty' replacement.
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    Your Accord looks to be very good condition, a very good find there :Thumbup:

    As for things being more expensive, generally not much goes wrong so I recon in the long run it probably costs less to maintain a Honda :Wink:
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    Nice car
    I like the 6th Generation cracking car and way better than a vectra good choice and im sure it will serve you well for many years
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    Thanks for the comments. I am really pleased with the car. Just want to spend a bit of time on it now and sort out the few little niggles and then I'll be sorted. Will keep the thread updated with my progress.
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    I had a spare few hours yesterday and the weather was nice for a change, so gave the car a really good going over. Car was cleaned, clay bar'd and then finished off with some AutoglymnSRP and finally some Dodo juice Blue velvet. Never realised the car was metallic Black until now! I found a blue flake in the paint, which looks great in the sun! Also have the leather a clean and a treatment with some AG products. The leather has gone from a dry dark grey to a supple black. Now smells like leather too! Definitely a few hours well spent.
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    Ordered some 2000 & 3000 grade wet & dry during the week and set about trying to de-fog my headlamps yesterday. Started with the 2000 grade, then went up to 3000. Both used wet in soapy water. Then used some cutting compound and finished with the AG SRP to seal. They're not 100% but look a fair bit better than they did. Probably should have started with some 1500 grade and worked up from there. Still, any improvement is better than none.
  13. I think it needs some sort of abrasive...I tried the YouTube trick of toothpaste on mine and it cleared it up quite a lot, and it was no longer mentioned on MOT advisories which was the object of the exercise, but like with you it didn't restore the 'as new' look.
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    The cutting compound is an aggressive t-cut, and seemed to help a bit. Might try toothpaste though if it comes back any worse.
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    try "brasso" also i did and with a bit of work mine came up fine
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    More recent pic:


    Local Honda dealer are changing the cars timing belt and balancer belt on Thursday. Went with the Honda dealer as it was only £15 more then getting my local garage to change the belts. Also means the car keeps its FHSH.
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    Local Honda garage have changed the timing, balancer and power steering belts on the car and I've had the gearbox oil changed. Should be good for a bit now. Also picked up a replacement aerial for the roof as mine had been snapped before I got it. £17 off eBay didn't seem too bad for base and mast. Got two new tyres on the front too. Roll on the MOT in December.
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    Roof aerial now fitted. Read a guide on the t'interweb that mentioned removing the whole headlining to do it. No such problems. Real seal removed, rear interior light removed and released the headlining clips on the rear part and job was a good one. Few skinned knuckles but aerial fitted and working a treat.
  19. It just seems to get shiner and shiner!