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    Hey all,

    I picked up my 7th Generation 2007 EX ctdi saloon last w/e so just wanted to share my initial thoughts with you all and get some ideas on a few things.

    Wow. What a machine. I am so, so impressed to say the least! So much torque, delivered so quietly and smoothly! All the toys! The most comfy car seat I've ever sat in. I'm looking forward to doing lots & lots of miles in this one...:Happy::OTT::Thumbup::clap:

    So, mine has been really well cared for, with a full history and came with almost every single invoice from new. However, being the perfectionist I am, there's a few jobs that need doing so I'm after some tips please...

    First off, both of the inner tail lights aren't working. I've swapped the bulbs over with new ones last night but still no joy. The reversing, fog & number plate lights all work fine, so there's clearly power to the area. Anyone else had this problem?

    Secondly, there's a noticeable buzz coming from both the front speakers with even moderate levels of bass & volume. Is this common? Is it likely to be the surrounding fittings in the door card or the speakers themselves? Would be handy to know before I start taking things to bits..

    Thirdly, there's a slight groan/drone coming from the steering column, but seemingly only when turning while reversing, mainly on a left lock. There's no squealing, louder noises, vibration or lumpiness, even when on full lock so I'm hoping its not the rack! The level in the reservoir looks fine. The only 2 advisories on the last MOT were for deteriorated rubbers on the lower front suspension arms and track rod end/ball joints so I'm wondering if this could be the cause? I've got a 3 month warranty..

    Finally, I don't have an instruction manual/book pack (apart from the service book), which is a problem given all the toys on board. I will get one from Honda if I have to, but thought I'd ask here on here first.

    As always, I'd really appreciate any ideas anyone has on these things. She's 95% there, so I need to find the remaining 5% ASAP!

    Thanks all

    PS I will post some pics up once she's properly clean...:Smile:
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    Sounds like you've picked up a prime specimen right there James, congrats. When I was hunting for my Facelift it took me a long time to find the right one in the right condition.

    I've not once stumbled on this issue, my first port of call would be the fuse box. I don't have the workshop manuals to hand but the fuse layout diagram is on the back of the slide-out cover, you'll find it in the drivers footwell on the right hand side.

    That sounds like electrical interference, you could well have a bad earth somewhere, which could be related to your previous issue. @SpeedyGee is good at troubleshooting electrical issues.

    The compliance bushes on the lower arms are a common replacement part, they tend to last around 60,000 miles. Some choose to upgrade them to "poly bushes" or solid bushes, but of course you're then adding extra stiffness which will translate more into the cabin. I'd be looking at the track rods as the cause of the steering groan personally.

    You can pick up the owners and workshop manuals on eBay without an issue, normally loads floating around, they cost just a few pennies directly from Honda. We unfortunately can't share them on the board because of copyright :police:

    Lastly, keen to see some shots once she's all cleaned up!
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    Assuming it's all a stock system, it does sound like an earthing issue somewhere. I'd start by removing head unit (there are instructions on how to do this on the site) and ensure all the plugs are connected properly. It maybe that the last owner went to remove something like an Aux In plugin just before selling car and didn't put everything back together correct.

    If that doesn't fix it then whilst you have the head unit out, try getting a piece of wire, touching one end to the chassis of the head unit and another to a good earth point, see if the humming goes away.
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    Many thanks for your reply, all really helpful & useful advice. I will make a start on some of these things this w/e and let you know how I get on.

    Done over 400 miles this week alone, and regularly seeing 58mpg. Amazing!

    Cheers again..
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    She sounds fantastic, looking forward to her being added to the garage. What mileage has she done? I agree about the comfortable seats, did almost 400 mile round trip a weeks ago in one go, didnt have a second worth of pain or discomfort.

    I would use your 3 month warranty whilst you can. I agree with DD about the groaning possibly being your track rods, they are easy to replace yourself but why should you when you can get the garage to do it for you. Jack the wheel up, put your hands on 9 and 3 position and rock her back and forth. It should be as solid as a rock, if it flexes at all, the slightest knock, side to side, get them checked out. As they were already advisories from the MOT, chances are they need doing.

    As for your taillights

    Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box
    Fuse Number Amps Wire Color Component (s) or Circuit (s) Protected
    1 15A WHT/BLU Throttle actuator control module
    2 15A ——— Ignition coil relay
    BLK/WHT Ignition coils
    3 ——— ——— Not used
    4 10A BLU/WHT Air/fuel ratio sensor
    5 20A WHT/GRN Audio unit (+
    6 10A WHT/BLU Driver's door courtesy light, Front passenger's door courtesy light, Individual map lights, Driver's vanity mirror light, Passenger's vanity mirror light, Ceiling light (With sunroof), Audio unit (+, Right cargo area light, Left cargo area light, Power tailgate inner switch light
    7 10A WHT/RED Combination switch control unit, Gauge control module, Immobilizer control unit-receiver, Immoes control unit, Navigation display unit, Navigation unit, Power tailgate control unit, Ultra sonic sensor, Alarm control silen
    ——— Multiplex integrated control unit
    8 20A RED/YEL Multiplex integrated control unit (+B door lock)
    9 15A WHT/RED Cigarette lighter
    10 7.5A WHT SRS unit, OPDS unit
    11 30A GRN Windshield wiper motor
    12 10A RED/BLU Rear accessory power socket
    13 7.5A RED/YEL Rear fog light
    14 20A WHT/BLU Driver's power seat slide motor
    15 20A RED/BLK Seat heater and indicator
    16 20A WHT/RED Driver's power seat recline motor
    17 20A WHT/ORN Front passenger's power seat slide motor
    18 15A BLK/RED ELD unit, Secondary HO2S, Alternator, Cruise control unit, CAM sensor, Engine mount control solenoid (A/T)
    19 15A BLK/YEL ECM/PCM, Immobilizer control unit receiver, Immoes control unit
    YEL/GRN Fuel pump
    20 7.5A YEL/GRN Windshield washer motor, Headlight adjuster units, Headlight adjuster switch, Rear window wiper motor, Rear window wiper motor relay, Rear window washer motor, Rear window washer motor relay, Rain sensor, Sunroof open relay, Sunroof close relay
    21 7.5A YEL Gauge control module, A/T shift lock solenoid, Back-up lights, Door multiplex control unit, Keyless receiver unit, Power tailgate control unit
    ——— Combination switch control unit, Multiplex integlated control unit, Door multiplex control unit
    22 10A WHT/RED SRS unit
    23 7.5A ORN ECM/PCM (LAF R)
    24 20A YEL/RED Left power window motor
    25 20A YEL/BLU Right power window motor
    26 20A GRN/BLK Front passenger's power window motor
    27 20A GRN/WHT Driver's power window motor
    28 20A GRN Sunroof motor
    29 7.5A YEL/BLU Headlight adjuster unit, Headlight adjuster switch light, Headlight adjuster control unit
    30 7.5A * Power mirror actuators, Power mirror defogger, Climate control unit, Recirculation control motor, Seat heater relay
    BLK/YEL Rear window defogger relay, Blower motor relay, Radiator fan relay, condenser fan relay, A/C compressor clutch relay, ECM/PCM (ACC), ECM/PCM (FANC)
    31 —— —— Not used
    32 7.5A YEL/RED Audio unit (ACC), Navigation display unit, Navigation unit
    ——— Rear accessory power socket relay
    33 —— —— Not used

    Fuse to Components Index

    Under-hood Fuse/Relay Box
    Fuse Number Amps Wire Color Component(s) or Circuit(s) Protected
    1 10A RED/YEL Left headlight (low beam)
    2 30A ——— Control block
    3 10A WHT/YEL Left headlight (high beam)
    4 15A ——— Control block
    RED/BLK Parking lights, Taillights, License plate lights, A/T gear position console light, Ashtray light, Audio-HVAC-display module, Cigarette lighter light, Glove box light, Hazard warning switch light, Headlight adjuster switch light, Sunroof switch light, VSA off switch light, Driver's seat heater switch light, Passenger's seat heater switch light, Navigation unit lights
    5 10A WHT/GRN Right headlight (high beam)
    6 10A RED/GRN Right headlight (low beam)
    7 7.5A ——— Control block
    8 15A WHT/GRN PGM-FI main relay 1
    9 20A BLU/YEL Condenser fan motor
    BLU/RED A/C compressor clutch
    10 20A BLU/RED Front fog lights (via front fog light relay), Front fog light relay
    11 20A BLU/BLK Radiator fan motor
    12 30A RED/BLU Headlight washer control unit
    13 20A RED Brake pedal position switch, Ignition key light
    ——— Control block
    14 20A BLK/YEL Rear window defogger
    15 40A YEL No. 7 fuse (in the under-hood fuse/relay box), No. 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box)
    16 15A WHT/BLK Turn signal/hazard relay (via hazard warning switch), Hazard warning light relay
    17 30A WHT/RED ABS modulator-control unit (MR+, VSA modulator-control unit
    18 40A (with VSA) WHT/GRN ABS modulator-control unit (+B FSR), VSA modulator-control unit
    20A (with ABS)
    19 40A GRN/WHT No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box)
    20 40A BLU No. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box)
    WHT/BLK Front passenger's power seat recline motor
    21 40A WHT/BLU Blower motor
    22 100A ——— Battery, Power distribution
    23 (IG) 50A WHT Ignition switch, No. 12 fuse (in the under-dash fuse/relay box)
    23 (P/W) 40A WHT/BLU Power window relay, No. 27, 28 fuses (in the under-dash fuse/relay box)

    Looks to me like they are all run off the same fuse, but I stand to be corrected. Are you at least getting power to the connector? Have you tested that seperately with a multimeter
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    Thanks for this. It is a stock system (with sat nav). I can tackle most straightforward car jobs, but I'm always a bit hesitant with electrics, especially with a system as complex as this. Still, the hourly rate of my nearest dealer is the ultimate incentive to get stuck in, so I will check out the guide on here and give an update next week. As I don't have any books for it, I take it there's some form of security code to enter when I power everything back up again? What would be the best way of obtaining this? Finally, is it possible to connect an MP3 player via this set up or not? I can see there's an Aux button but haven't found a Jack yet...

    Any advice appreciated - thanks!
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    Thanks for all this, all really useful info. Unfortunately I haven't got a multimeter, simply because I never needed one with my 6th Generation. But clearly I need to get hold of one! I will have a dig around in the fuse box to see what I can find. There's clearly going to be a lot of them from your description!

    And in answer to your first question, 120k. But honestly feels like half that, which won't come as a surprise. I had to chuckle today when one of my neighbours asked me that question and then did the usual sucking through teeth response when I told him. He drives a purple Nissan Juke. Enough said...
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    Also re the track rods being the possible source of the groan, I've just checked the small print of the warranty & predictably enough, if it is this, it's not covered - only the rack is. In any case, the garage is 2 hours away so unless it is the rack, it's going to be a DIY job...
  7. Nighthawk Guest

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    Truthfully mate, you have come to the right place, a DIY was uploaded a few weeks ago. At 120k, you have nothing to lose by changing them, they are cheap enough anyway even going OEM
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    Great, will check this out too - thanks!