General my accord won't start on the key???

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    have an 04 2.2 i ctdi accord not long after buying the car it would take notions to start or not start, u could turn the key all day and wouldn't start or u could do it for 10 seconds and it would start< the car bump starts fine, it gets fuel upto the injectors but not through the injectors it seems to be? the cars been to countless amounts of garages and nobody can sort it out, its cranking fine but just won't light up, the dash also doesnt show any engine management lights,
    ANY IDEAS??? would be much appreciated!!!
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    Hi Hayabusa123, do you have any spare keys ? Have you tried them ?

    Also pop over to the "Introduce yourself" sections and say a few words about yourself and your car.
    Always good to get know someone, helps us to help you :Smile:
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    If your car bump starts fine everytime (really every time?!), but not with the key... only one thing possible: your engine RPM from the starter motor is not high enough.
    This can be caused by very simple things: corrosion on the battery terminals, loose connections on battery, corroded earth cable from engine block... check all these basic things first.
    Other possibilities: valve clearance needs adjustment, bad battery, starter motor needs replacement,...
    Hard to tell from a distance. But I don't think it's your key, a fuel problem, injectors, as the engine bump starts fine.
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    Ah yes I missed that bump start statement, well spotted I-DSI.
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    As above, how healthy does the starter motor sound on a batter with full charge?

    As you mentioned low fuel pressure, and it's a diesel, I'll also suggest the usual fuel filter service or after market filter problems. Has the fuel pressure has been tested while the engine is cranking to check if the pump is operating fully?