Accord/8th Gen my baby arriveth - my13 euro lux

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    Just got the call, guys. She's off the boat, having a shower and her hair done. Payday friday pm, just in time for some serious bonding over the weekend. Going to take things slow for now. Don't want to scare her off. Be patient, guys, photos to follow. ... :Smile:
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    Excellent :Happy:I wish they could hurry up with mine..
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    Can't wait for pics
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    Loves labours lost ...

    We agreed to meet after work at her place. She was over the long trip from overseas; refreshed, eager.

    I suggested coffee after 5; she willingly accepted. As i drove into the carpark she stood waiting, stunning in every detail. Staring too long, i barely swerved in time to miss her anxious friend clutching a wad of papers.
    I had to be careful. My wife had come along for the ride, suspicious. Something 'might be going on'. I sent her in with the paperwork, giving me the chance to finally meet the woman of my dreams.
    We touched, her soft skin embracing mine, an electrifying experience of doors opening to a new world.
    Suddenly, before i could close the rooftop window, my wife returned. I introduced them. She seemed impressed. They started chatting, comparing accessories, a hint of admiration between the two.
    But wait; what's happening? Another set of keys? Premium drinks together? This can't be... They've departed without me!
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  6. Brilliant...worth the gold.
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    Beauty,love it.
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    Thanks guys. 8 klms on the clock! Plugged in the iPod. Awsome. The sub- woofer's a beast.

    Interesting that when you plug in an iPhone and select the media player, the iPod defaults to a locked screen and the only control is by the car's selector. Not a problem until you want to stop the media player and select an internet radio applet. As far as i can figure, the system thinks the iPhone is an iPod and keeps playing in the background. I then have to engage the internet applet and it takes over from the media player. I stream Aupeo and the sound is amazing but i think the system wants to default to the last known media track.

    I'll revisit it Sunday and see if I can give you a breakdown. Who needs an expensive Dab+ radio if you have a decent enough data package? (10 hour drives to Aberdeen aside. :Smile:
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    I am jealous it looks amazing you got the Type-S 18 inch Hitachi wheels too !
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    Definitely a different ride compared to the Focus 15". Love the firmness. Can't lick this iPhone thing though. Cd/aux only gives me the media player on the iPhone, locking the screen. Toggling cd/aux doesn' t recognize the applet playing ... :Angry:
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    Hmm ... Seems you just play the applet over the top of the media player. It places the player on hold and let's you control the applet from the applet, not the selector. Cd/aux does not toggle between the two.
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    lol... your giving me a Hard on:Blushing: