Engine & Gearbox My car begginer.

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    Ready to start on my car :Smile: right now stock but fixin to start modding it :Smile: 91 accord.

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    Welcome to AOC 4th genner ,nice car you got there what plans do you have for it .
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    Thanks man, well I wanna lower it down a bit, n put some nice rotas on it n maybe paint it a little darker blueish greenish color n just put a little bit performance on it but Idk where to start.
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    Howdy yall?

    Something like that.. Sorry lol

    Welcome 4th Generation owner

    Not as many about here in the UK as you guys get in the US.
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    Yeah is something like y
    That, its cool lol

    But yea thanks I appreciate the welcoming. N yess theres alot of them over here but not many kno how to treat them but I do I love these type of model cars n thats why I own one :Smile: wish I could own more lol I seen ur cars man, real beautiful cars! One day mine will be as nice as urs. :cool: