Show Us Your Car My clever FR-V

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    Gotta love the FR-V and choice of seating arrangement (and question why Honda don't make them anymore, though the new NSX and HR-V gives hope of some resurrection!).

    Its not what it fits in, plenty of cars do it, but its just so much like a TARDIS.

    One seat down in the back with the cases on top, one child promoted to the front with us, with the snacks. Boot filled with camping stuff for 5, and tow bar loaded with wheels for 3

    250km down France in 2.5 hours showing 41mpg......

    65litres of wine collected on way back through calais too....

    And its only how much bigger than a Golf??? IMG_0004. IMG_0005. IMG_0605.
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    This is exactly why we got our FR-V. Three kids in the back of the Civic was very stressful. The record for "it all kicking off" was 500yards from leaving home. This summer we went to Belgium and back, same layout as you, with no fights. Unbelievable.
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    Fab cars FR-V's :hondababy:
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    Fun times!!! Did you fit the tow bar yourself? I'm looking to fit one for a bike rack.
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    It's a Honda one, and was already on the car when I got it. Its a removable one, and it actually came with wrong key (stupidly didn't check....) but after a bit of digging online I found that a co. called Bosal manufacture them and Honda re brand them. To Bosals credit, one call and they sent out a new key (code was on barrel) and it now works. Phoned em back to confirm everything and asked about charge - nothing! So I now sing there praises......
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    Thanks I'll check them out.