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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Basically a thread of cars from your childhood that you remember with fondness (or not!).

    A few stand out for me. The first car I can really remember was a beige Toyota Corona (1975 "N"). In the school playground stakes it was very different to the Ford/Vauxhall/BL that most other fathers had, so that was a big plus! And it had three horn buttons on the steering wheel for some reason. Very cool when you are 5 years old though...

    That was followed by my personal favourite, a 1978 "T" Toyota Cressida estate. No rear seat belts, and a huge boot which could fit at least 5 of my friends from school - and we ALL always wanted to go in the boot for some reason. Health & safety? PAH! :Wave: I also remember that the paint on one whole side of the car went dull after only about a year (it was metallic silver) and had to be resprayed by the dealer. Don't we all miss quality control like that...?! Kids today just don't appreciate how much better things were back then :Grin:

    A horrible brown 1980 "V" Maxi 1750HL with a dodgy gearbox from day one followed, memorable only for the engine letting go in a spectacular cloud of blue smoke one day on a bypass near Basingstoke...but that incident thankfully led to a 1983 "Y" Vauxhall Cavalier CDi (and in those days, the "i" was very important), also in brown (why?) and that was the first car Dad had with both a radio/cassette AND an electric ariel. Technology at its 1980's finest. Actually, what I remember most was that my Uncle got a new Cavalier at the same time, but he had the SRI in light metallic green / black two tone, with a beige interior featuring Recaro seats. And that was MUCH MUCH cooler than our CDi...:Sobbing:

    The last one with any "character" was the replacement for that Cavalier, a 1985 "B" Renault 25 GTX. What a car - huge armchair seats, a speaking electronic dashboard - and truly terrible reliability! Still loved it though...
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  2. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    My dad's poor collection included a green Vauxhall Viva, with the sliding speedo. Years later a chocolate brown Nova saloon.

    The one car that I always wanted was a red XR2 (2nd Generation)
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    United Kingdom Brum
    My old man used to have Mercedes 123.Loved that car, so big and comfortable.
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    1979 SAAB 900s n/a is the one I always remember. 3 door hatchback and boy were those doors heavy!
  5. lefty Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    One of my favs that me Dad had, was a very early 70's lime green Sunbeam Rapier coupe - awesome but a complete rot box! You would never miss it in a car park!
    Do you remember on the old Japanese cars the horn button on one side was always upside down - saving money!
    This thread will certainly show peoples ages!!!!
    My 1st car was a G reg (1969) Morris 1100, that also had a sliding speedo!
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    The first car I remember my Dad having was a Ford Consul. Think it was yellow, with a back roof. Column gear shift and a handbrake in the dash that you pull out and turn.
    Had that for years. Then he had a white mkII Ford Cortina estate, a yellow mkI Ford Fiesta S, a black Ford XR3i with all the extras.

    CJ, you can read the next bit
    His last car over here was the 4th Generation Accord
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  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    My first car was a dark green C reg. (1965) Morris 1300. It's as much as I could afford as a student.
    The floor rusted though and was more like a Flintstones car!
    I had the seat covers stolen from it when it was in the church car park!
    Those were the days...not.
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    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    My old man drove severals late 80s/early 90s Jags/Mercs/Volvos during my early childhood as a company cars.

    Eventually when he left that job around '95 he got a Nissan Primera, put 6 figures on it without needing any work whatsoever. He then brought another which behaved the same before his partner was driving it out to work one day and a car rolled off a driveway and broadsided her (no-one was in it, someone hadn't put the handbrake on, seriously). He then brought a new '02 Primera, the later shape which was when Nissan went through their partnership with Renault. Everything broke, all the time. 5 figures went into that car and it was the biggest lemon you could imagine (luckily quite a bit under warranty). My Mum still drives a Nissan Almera she's put 6 figures on that hasn't missed a beat either aside from one ECU problem.

    My old man also owned from '98 a Vauxhall Frontera Globetrotter Edition (2.8 Turbo Diesel if memory serves), I absolutely adored that car. When I came to by my first car I ended up with a Vauxhall Astra as I loved the build quality of the old man's Frontera so much. The Astra was a pig, I drove it all of 6 weeks before I moved to my Accord. A friend had a CH1 Type-R that I frickin' adored so that had me sold.

    More recently I found out that Honda designed and developed the Frontera and Honda licensed to Vauxhall/Opel, Isuzu, Chevrolet and several others. I personally love Honda, 90s Nissan and pretty partial to Mitsubishi/Toyota too.
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    May first memory of my Dads cars were when I was 2 or 3 and I was in the baby seat in the back watching my mom time my dad do a 0-60. It was a white Lotus Talbot Sunbeam.
  10. Mike c Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Sadly my dad didn't drive but when my brother was about 25 he helped him buy his first car, a Vauxhall Velox circa 1950 . This car was like a tank but looked beautiful in a deep green. Along the bonnet line there was two "extended tears" of chrome either side of the bonnet centre line. I remember my brother attempting to teach my sister to drive it on a car park, it was her first attempt. She selected reverse instead of first and shot backwards into two solid concrete bollards. The bollards broke and the car bumper wasn't even scratched. As I said , built like a tank!
    Mike c
  11. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Slightly off-topic, but " aunt had one of those..."

    Found out recently that my aunt had an old (then old was c 7-8 years before the rust and big issues started) Jaguar E-Type Coupe back in the day. At the height of the mid-1970's fuel crisis, nobody wanted such big, thirsty, cars. It needed a bit of work (nothing too serious I'm told, just a bit of minor rust sorted here and there) but nobody was interested in buying it.

    In the end, she sold it though. For scrap! :Pinch:
  12. Phil1978 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    United Kingdom Phil Salisbury
    The first car I can remember my dad having was a white Rover 2000, briefly during this ownership we had a second car which was a brown Austin Allegro, this was soon shipped out and replace with a Honda C70 that my dad used for work. We then got a yellow 1st Generation Cavalier from my grandad, this only lasted a couple of years and was replaced by a Peugeot, I can't remember the model but it was the size of a 406 and a B reg, this was an absolute money pit and was always being fixed. Next up was a blue 5th Generation Ford Cortina 2.0 with huge aftermarket fog lights fitted, I can remember being able to use the keys to get in to my uncles 2.8 Granada Ghia, good old Fords, the Cortina only lasted about 6 months and was stolen.
  13. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    A friends dad had a mid-life crisis and bought one of theses
    a Lotus Carlton, it was fast..very fast. Got stolen and never seen again.
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  14. Blue Toffee Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My dad was an Austin 1100 / 1300 fan, we drove to spain every year in a variety of 1300 GTs, he then moved to Austin Maxis and Princesses...yes I know!...his latter years he got adventurous and his last few cars were Saab 900 turbo, Porsche 944, Buick Skyhawk, BMW 635csi.
  15. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Funny what turns up :Smile: Before my Dad had his Toyota Cressida estate, he had a bright yellow Toyota Corona. Just like this one in fact...but his was automatic rather than manual!

    This must be a pretty rare survivor I'd say...

    Toyota Corona 2nd Generation, 1973 Tax Exempt | eBay
  16. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Was it a Peugeot 505?

    Peugeot 505 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    My Dad had some great cars when we were growing up, he would switch between what he wanted for himself and what was needed for a growing family, sometimes it worked in his favour.

    I don't remember his really early cars but he was an Austin man for a few years having an A40 then a Mini which was immediately followed by a Maxi, that one I do remember, its reg no. was YSD 612L and it was Harvest Gold. It was stolen in the end so it had to be replaced.

    Over the years my Dad then became a bit of a Ford man having 3 Capris, 3 Cortinas an Escort and a Fiesta XR2i. There were a few other cars makes he tried out (Opel Manta, VW Scirroco) but would always go back to Ford. Don't know why?

    My Dad retired when he was 50 and he bought a TVR, (as you would) that was a car he definitely bought for himself! He then for some reason sold it and when down the classic car route with a string of MGs, including a Magnette, Midget, MGB, MG Metro, MGF and his last car an MG Maestro Turbo, which I personally loved, such a fast car.

    My favourite however and I am not just saying this because I am on a Honda forum was his 1st Generation Prelude, I remember it being so different to the other cars he had around the same time, especially the electric sunroof and the weird little radio which at the time was quite the novelty. He didn't own it for long as we 3 kids couldn't really fit in the back, didn't bother us but my Mum said otherwise (Boo!), so it went. As I said, a great car and much, much later in my life I managed to buy one for myself and it is just as great as I remember.

    Good topic, brought back a lot of memories. Here are a few photos from the Millar family album.

    5781696181_23a21799e0_z. 5781696457_5486c4d267_z. 5781740941_6e4b21d909_z. 5781755835_a73b7f79c5_z. 5947033703_acbf888555_z. 5950700452_e66ce5eef4_z. 5997188338_d018618313_z. 6110924011_175205422e_z. 6111472022_c71218a7a8_z. 6111542202_45d3ebbf2d_z. 6113451998_a145e28251_z. Mg004.JPG
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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    ^^Some great 'photos there, especially like the one with the gold Opel Manta...grooooooovy! :Smile:

    Funny thing, and not sure if this is the same for others, but my father stuck with the same garage in the town where we lived (Catlings in Chesham), regardless of the brand they sold.

    So, he started off as a Ford man (two Cortinas before I was born), then the garage moved to Toyota and so did he. It then changed to Vauxhall/Opel, and again, so did he.

    Shame, the garage doesn't seem to be there any more, but the car park is still called the "Catlings" car park...
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  19. numpty67 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Cheers, I think my Dad was caught mid sneeze with the Manta, I personally love the one with the purple Cortina, how 70s is that? I think it was Morecambe in 1977, that's me in the red flares sitting on the bonnet.

    My Dad changed his cars a lot and only ever had one brand new car, a Ford Capri 2.0S in black, he got it like most of his Fords from a Ford garage in Motherwell which is still there today. I think his habit of changing cars rubbed of on his kids, between him and the 3 of Us we have had over 120 cars. Crikey!
  20. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    That's an impressive collection. I remember them all except the 10th :Unknown:
    Is that a Vulcan in the 5th pic ?
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