Engine & Gearbox My exhaust fell off :-(

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    So I was driving home from work this evening and whilst accelerating this almighty noise came from nowhere and a dragging noise to go with it !! Luckily there was a layby near by so I was able to pull off the road pretty quickly. On inspection underneath the car the middle section of the pipe had broke clean away from the box towards the end. I got to be honest I didn't know what to do at first all I knew is that I would not be driving home with the pipe dragging on the road for 20 odd miles ! I ended up jacking the car up and using some cord from my rucksack (bear grylls style) to tie the section of pipe to the bottom of the car so I could limp the car home which worked apart from the excessive noise that was rather embarrassing. I was quite happy with the temporary solution until about 15 miles further down the dual the dragging noise came back and it knew straight away why this had happened, the heat from the exhaust had melted the cord I used :-( luckily again this happened just as I was coming up to another layby (someone was looking over me) so I was able to pull of the road almost immediately. Now I was stuck as I didn't want to use any type of cord as it too would melt under the heat i needed some metal wire or cord so I called a good friend of mine who kindly offered to get some metal cord from B&Q and bring it to me. I tied the pipe up once again using the metal cord and limped the car home safely while my friend followed me home. Taking it to the garage tomorrow to have to pipe welded back in place. Sorry for the short novel just thought I'd share my experience with everyone :-D
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    If it's rusted all the way through like that then chances are it will be rusted and weak in other place along the pipe too. Maybe better to look for a second hand or new replacement.
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    I will look for a replacement but at the moment a weld will do just to get me back on the road as I use the car every day for work and money is tight at the moment. I know a new replacement from honda is around the £170 mark so a second hand option would be more suited to my wallet ;-).
  4. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Here is where it has broke off
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    Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, looks like it rusted through at the same location. I also tied it up with a nylon luggage strap, few miles later melted through lol...

    I was in the middle of a forest drive when it happened so had to clear some cattle grids. Thankfully it was a trailing edge bouncing off the ground (rocks and gravel) rather than a leading edge. Called the AA when I got back to the road and the guy tied it up with some flexible wire until I got to the local garage.

    I carry some flexible metal wire in the boot now, think its out the gardening section of B&Q and is quite a heavy gauge.

    If you have an old exhaust, then carry some wire as part of the car toolkit :Wink:
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one ;-). First time I've ever had a car break down on me in the the middle of a journey and believe me I will be keeping the wire in the car from now on ;-)
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    When you get round to fitting a new exhaust, I had my middle and rear section replaced at kwik fit for £190 with 3 year warranty, not too bad IMO, not the best of metals but decent for a good few years.
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    Very reasonable price fair play I just don't like using kwik fit lol might have to be and option never the less. Thanks :Smile:
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    Get a stainless cat back normally a life time guarantee while u own the car £300 well spent
  10. Rhys Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Was thinking of going down the stainless steel route but at the moment I just can't afford it :-( exhaust has been welded back on for now only cost £40 ;-)
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    Could have got yourself a cheap mid-section for slightly less than that! Might only last a few years but at least it'd be safe.
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    The guy that did the welding for me is a good friend of mine and a good mechanic and asked him if that section needed replacing and he said that there would be no rush to change it anytime soon. So im quite happy about that I trust him him with my car and the work he does.
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    my exhaust broke at the back box jus as i got to work lol used some stretchy rope to get home 5min drive made it thankfully now no car for few days til replacement comes when i order it once i find right 1 i think its rusted gonna have look 2morrow
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    Get some pictures up buddy I would like to see that .
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    Thats where it broke getting next exhaust centre pipe tomorrow

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