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    Just to say hello to forum members. I have joined the Honda family by buying a pre-facelift CR-V at a well discounted price. Chose the petrol auto as my usage these days is mainly short journeys which doesn't suit modern diesels. Early impressions after 2,000 miles...I love the whisper quiet engine which is brilliant around town and auto box is very smooth. On longer journeys, however, the car is pretty gutless in the mid-range, ho HUM it won't be used for long journeys much! Economy seems low at 29.7 but I can live with it as Eco mode is just tortuous...! Seems to be vast expanses of hard plastic which I have protected with film. Only irritation is a fold-in-out key which has become reluctant to fold out! Looking forward to the legendary trouble-free Honda motoring experiences and thanks in advance for all the info and tips that I will pick up from your good selves...
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    Welcome to HK @Hondarama :welcome:

    Congratulations on your CR-V. Please :garage:as this will help us when helping you.
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    You can buy the pins for the keys for less than a couple of quid.
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    Hey @Hondarama, welcome to the club. Feel free to add her into the club garage so we can all have a proper nosey :Smile:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Hondarama :welcome:

    ^^I've also got a 2014MY petrol/auto CR-V, probably for similar reasons (i.e. not enough miles to justify a diesel) as you.

    Around town I get about 30mpg, but on a run an easy 40mpg and I've seen 44mpg for a 100 mile journey when really trying!

    Funny, I've hardly had the "Econ" button off since I got mine, even for longer runs. Seems to have plenty of go if you need it to have, but I guess it is down to what you are used to and how you like to drive.

    The interior plastics do mark easily, which is my main irritation with the car. Once you get your car into the club garage I'd be interested to see what you have used to protect them i.e. what type of film and what it looks like. I've not come across that before...
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    Try this...

    [3M] Car Paint Protection Film Vinyl FULL SIZE [ 10CM,15CM] Width | eBay

    I find that 150 cms x 2 metres (about a tenner) is enough to cover the two front door sills, and the rear bumper. I have also strategically placed strips on the wheel arch projections and the inside shoulder of the tailgate (I have a lively dog!). Be sure to use a hair dryer to soften film when applying and be careful on curves (you may need slits). Keep rubbing with a damp cloth and return to it regularly to ensure it sticks well. Wipes clean easily and can be removed without a trace.
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    Sorry, I meant to type 15 cms (not 150)...
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