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    Hi everyone... New to all this so please bear with me...

    Bought my First Honda for the Wife... Got 4 kids and the FR-V was the best my opinion.

    Bought it last week... 2.0 VTEC done a 106000miles on an 05 plate. 4 dealer stamps from new the rest were kwick fit stamps : ( ...

    Battery went dead after 2 days so had to replace it...

    Was thinking about changing the water pump and timing belt as standard but the garage I bought it from (back street garage quite literally) said it didnt need it as it was chain driven belt...

    Whats the forums opinion what should I do in terms of making sure that I get checked/changed as priority to ensure the car stays sound as a pound as we intend to keep this car until it falls to bits or honda decide to make a new version?
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    Jay, did you buy the car from a dealer ? It could be that it had been parked up for a while and they let the battery run flat, which does the battery no good at all.

    Yes the VTEC engines are all chain driven. So as long they have had regular oil changes with the correct grade oil, the chains should last the lifetime of the car.

    The VTEC unit are really reliable and there's not much to worry about at all.

    Personally speaking when I change cars, I do like a mini service and affectively what you could call a preMOT check. I would immediately change the oil to one that I have chosen myself and then follow that up with another oil change 500-1000 miles down the line. A little over the top I know but I like to flush whatever crap may have been used previously. I would then revert to a 5000 mile oil change interval.

    I would also flush the cooling system, replace with correct grade and amount of anti freeze,

    Check all the tyres, make sure they are all good and then a Hunter 4 wheel alignment done, to ensure the geometry is all setup correctly. Check and replace if necessary the windscreen wipers with OEM blades.

    Check the spare tyre make sure it is serviceable condition.

    Examine under body of car and give a quick clean with jetwash (nothing to the standard that @Ichiban would), who knows this may never have been done previously.

    Give the engine bay a good clean, this not only helps appearances but it helps you spot leak and seeps if they do ever appear (I then repeat this with every service too).
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    Hi Speedy...

    No, it's was an non-honda independent dealer...

    Going make on a start on those tips.

    Thanks Speedy.
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    Nice going Speedy :Thumbup:
    I like the thought process.
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