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    Hi all, been lurking for a bit but decided to pitch in. I needed a 5 door so chopped in my 07 BMW 120D for a 58 EX Tourer with 74k up in Cobalt Blue, so far it's noticeably less refined than the BMW, too many rattles, road noise, etc and it sounds like the front door speakers are shot too (replacement Pioneers obtained but not yet fitted). Has fhsh and lots of toys though and I love the reversing camera as it's on-street parking only around here. Overall I'm looking forward to getting it fettled as it's generally nice to drive and looks the part so will be posting questions in the relevant topics once I work out the priorities..

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    Hey bud
    Welcome to AOC that's a nice looking car.. Rattles are fixable and not the end of the world. I'm no big fan of German cars full stop so not going to morn the passing of you Beemer just get out there and enjoy you new found Honda freedom nice choice bud :Smile:
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    You're probably one of the first I've seen come onto the forum from a wurstwagen and find it less refined. It's the Honda build quality most people are drawn too.

    Nevertheless, welcome to the AOC and I hope your car does well by you!
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    Welcome bud .. well you made the wise decision selling up the bavarian tractor.:Thumbup:

    All the problems you have are fixable with patience spend time here and you will get help. As for the previous owner he\she must have abused the car ..I suspect bit bitter he\she didn't get the bavarian tractor their peer got as a company car. Keeping appearance with the Jones at the country club with the incorrect car is not healthy for one's image is it..

    Poor Accord took the brunt of it now that he got his bavarian tractor I hope his engine blows up.

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    Surprised to hear that also. We've got a BMW 320 ED at work which has trim peeling off already and the engine can be heard before you see the car - it's low mileage. My Honda is over seven years old, 70K miles, has the occasion rattle over bad road surfaces and you can't even hear the engine half of the time!

    I agree with CJ that the car must have been abused which will mess up any car no matter how good. I definitely think mine wasn't looked after too well before I got it as there were bolts missing etc but after a little bit of patience I've now almost got it 100% and it's definitely worth it :Smile:

    It's worth noting that you are probably driving a more exclusive car as there are BMW's everywhere so much so that they are now common. I believe Honda tightly control how many Accords they put into the market so you'll also have good residual values.

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    Oh, and welcome! lol
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    Thanks, I really want to love the car but every time I drive it I'm aware of a) what sounds like a drive belt or water pump bearing emitting a loud whine at all speeds; b) at least two irritating loud buzzing noises behind the dash; c) loud tyre noise on anything but billiard table smooth tarmac (not that there's much of that around here); d) blown front door speakers which I will replace ASAP. All this on a car with a full Honda service history on 74k. Anyone know of a good indie around the West Sussex / Hampshire border area? The car came with a magnificent 3 months warranty (hmm) but I want to go back with concrete evidence of what is wrong so I stand a chance of getting at least some of it done for free. And yes I did test drive it before purchase but these sort of things only slowly become obvious in my experience..

    Edit: Forgot to mention that it sounds like a tractor on startup and idling even when hot, only quietens down when the revs increase a bit..
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    I agree with you about this, usually a test drive is too short to become fully accustomed with the car. Did you buy it from a main Honda Dealer?

    I've got the 7th Generation and find road noise quite loud from the tyres but then my front ones are cheap (came with the car) so when I come to replace them I'll be putting on much quieter tyres. As for dash rattles, I did find a few screws loose (and some missing!) in mine which is obviously down to previous technicians being lazy and probably losing them. Didn't take long to screw in some news ones and tighten things up. You can get little felt pads from B&Q for a few quid which are great for stopping any parts that rub (at the cabinet making section - usually the same aisle as raw plugs etc).

    As for the loud engine, have you checked when the last service was done? Perhaps even check the oil and make sure it's new, good quality and the right kind. But there's others on here which will offer much more help.

    If it's any consolation, one thing I've always found about the Accord is that even if you get a few problems (which will usually be due to previous bad treatment) the car will always get you home whereas others will simply give up at the side of the road. (or go on fire!) :Smile:
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    Good reply, thanks. I can see I'm going to have to take as much as I can out of the dashboard to expose the insides (e.g. sat-nav, glovebox etc) and see if the cause of the buzzing is something obvious. Your comment about tyres is interesting as the selling garage (not a Honda dealer btw) has fitted 2 cheapies on the front and these may be causing the road noise. The last service was in March this year by a Honda main dealer so the oil etc should be fine, but can't help wondering whether the engine whine was present at the time it was in for service..
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    To be honest when it comes to a diesel, I changed my oil, filters etc every six months. Not sure how necessary it was but I'm positive diesels need more frequent changes than petrols? It wouldn't hurt to drop some good oil in it and change the filter but there's others here who know a lot more about Accord diesels than me so I'd wait for their replies. :Smile:

    Regarding buzzing, I try pushing in various bits of the dash to see if it goes away - if not then it's probably just a loose screw somewhere (which will be a good result as an easy fix). I had a buzzing coming from the rear of my car for ages and couldn't for the life of me find it. Turned out to be the front seat head rest! lol It's amazing how sounds never seem to come from where you hear them!

    I'm sure there's a thread on here about the whine, although it may have been the 7th Generation and something to do with an unnecessary pulley and a shorter belt can be used. But it may not be 8th Generation applicable. Sorry I can't be more help though.
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    Hi Darnsarf and welcome to AOC!

    Nice motor by the way!

    Just a quick and what might at first sound like a stupid question.

    Do you keep sunglasses in the sunglasses holder? If so remove them for a bit and see if that fixes any of the buzzing/rattling.

    In both my last 8th Generation and my new one, I have heard noises that sound similar to anything from the passenger window glass being loose and rattling in the door frame to the middle section of the dash sounding like it's loose against the bulkhead; depending on road surface. They sound like they are coming from anywhere but the sunglasses holder but once the sunglasses are removed no noise and the car drives whisper quiet again. The neoprene insert in the holder is really to protect the sunglasses from scratches rather than hold them firmly in place and some can still rattle about a bit still - particularly on rough Northumbrian roads!

    Just a thought and worth a try if it is just that as it'll save taking dashboard components to bits.

    Hope it's an easy solution mate. Good luck!


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    I found my engine was load did oil change and had the tensioner pulley changed that sorted it

    mine don't have any rattles on it yet when it does il find them as they do my head in

    as for tyres iv got run flats on mine so they do have a bit of road noise compared to the standard tyres

    this is mine :Smile:

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