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Discussion in 'Opie Oils' started by Nels, Thursday 1st May, 2014.

  1. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I ordered some oil for my wife's car last week during the 20% off promotion.
    A great price for some Castrol and standard delivery would get it here in time. :Smile:
    Watched the shipment progressing on FedEx's tracking system.
    The due delivery day came, and went, but no oil, so I contacted FedEx.
    It had been damaged, was leaking and could not be shipped.
    So why didn't they tell me this when it happened? :Rant:

    E-mailed Opie Oil to arrange a replacement order.
    I had a reply in minutes from Neil. :Smile:
    He was equally surprised that FedEx hadn't been in contact.
    The unusual failure from FedEx surprised us both, not the fact that it had been damaged.
    We're all human and accidents can happen, but that they didn't do anything about it ! :telloff:

    The order was re-despatched yesterday and arrived bright and early this morning
    The fast, efficient and helpful response from Neil shows me that Opie Oils value their customers and do their best for us.

    Thank you Neil and Opie Oils :Thumbup:
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Let me tell you a little storey .. back in the days when I was a student at Uni, I joined a temp work agency. Basically they would ring me up and ask if Im available for work on such a day for so many hours.
    As I could pick and choose when to work, this was ideal part time income which helped me with my uni expenses.

    Anyway, one the places that I use to work through this agency was a TNT warehouse. Basic description of job, check the sheet for parcels to be loaded onto truck ..load parcels, repeat with another truck until end of shift.
    So there I am loading away middle of the night, I finish my loading, look across at what should be an empty deck and see a lone parcel sat in the middle of the deck.
    Now those were the days when security was on high alert (think it was due to IRA threats), so I call over a security guy and say I'm not sure what that parcel is or why it is sat there all by itself middle of the floor.
    Chap says, "no problem, let me go check it out". So there's me suspecting some hi-tech approach, instead the guy walks over to it, looks down on it at first, then takes a couple of steps back, then runs and boots the parcel really hard across the warehouse (like as if it were a rugby ball). Parcel goes flying across the warehouse, lands good few feet away and splits open, spewing all its contents on the floor.

    Chap turns around to me and says (with a stern face) "nope, its not a bomb!" and walks away. I stand there for a good few minutes thinking what the eff just happened LOL

    So you never know maybe Fed-Ex were errr security checking your parcel :Smile:
  3. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    The post office is just as bad, a friend works in a sorting office and cannot believe what they do.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    The moral or the story is that the parcel should be packed to withstand 'rough handling' because it is likely to be dropped, thrown, have heavier items crush it or kicked ! :Blink:

    To be fair, many folk in warehouse, distribution and delivery are conscientious and take pride in what they do. :Smile:
    It's just the others...:telloff:

    At the end of the day, hats off to Neil for sorting it out. :Hey:

    One thing's for sure, all that oil would have made a bit of a mess :Whistle:
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