Electrical & Lights My left hand indicator is stuck on, solid not flashing

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    Hi all, After the battery going flat on the accord i have just shoved a brand new one on and now my left hand indicator is stuck on.
    Its not flashing.
    It doesn't turn off when the ignition is turned off.
    Disconnect the battery and it goes off and then turns back on again ...

    Its in for MOT on Saturday and i haven't a clue whats going on

    Any ideas ?
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    What about the indicator stalk/hazard switch, what happen when you flick the stick or hit the switch?
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    Right hand indicator works as normal, On the left i can hear the relay clicking but the lights don't flash ..
    All 3 indicators are constantly on and so is the dash indicator.

    I've disconnected the battery and for a few mins it will work as normal ... then they all pop on again and i have to disconnect the battery to turn them off.
    It has never done this before :Sobbing:
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    Umm .. it would seem there's an aftermarket anti hijack system fitted to my car ...
    I kid you not that there is a button just under the dash that when pressed screams at the top of its voice " Under attack, Under attack Call the police !!" at what seems like a thousand decibels.
    This resulted in most of my street coming out of there front doors to find out what the hell was going on.
    Found the wires and alarm box and promptly wiggled and disconnected it ... Guess what ... That's right the aftermarket piece of crap seemed to be at fault .. I think.

    To be continued ....
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    lol...sorry but shouldn't laugh at the anti-hijack button screaming out :Rolf:
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    This made my morning :Laughing:
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    Seriously id take a video but the noise is horrendous and someone might actually call the rozzers !
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    Do it, take one for the team :Whistle:
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    Well it failed the MOT. Seems the previous owners have used standard power steering fluid and its destroyed the rack.
    So far this week we have had a new rack and track rod ends, with honda fluid,
    New rad and aircon condenser are in boxes waiting to be fitted today, with associated ancillaries
    oil and filter
    air filter
    cabin filter
    new iridium's
    new rear shoes,
    front and rear brakes strip and clean.

    I'm a grand in this week and she still wants taxing although she does now have a new MOT.

    Godamn car better behave after this .
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    Jesus @syzsounds, that's one hefty bill, either way I guess she's now had a massive overhaul in general and should be on her best behaviour. Glad to hear you're through the MOT :Smile:
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    Yeah not fun but shes a nice old gal and i'm not letting her go !
    Bare in mind apart from cleaning up the discs and pads i havent touched the car since i bought it, Although I've only done 500 miles in it !
    Shes been parked up and SORN for the last 4 months due to some financial issues that are now sorted ... So started spending :eek:

    The oil that came out looked like crude it was that black ... horrible nasty oil .
    It had denso plugs in it of an unknown mileage but it always had a very slight delay when revving ... Replaced with NGK iridium's and shes immediately revving better.
    Rad and AC rad were a massive PITA. Nothing looks like its been touched since new and everything was either seized or just massively corroded.

    Cabin filter was black.
    Nearly all the clips have broken . ( Link to ebay clips ?)
    The rad clamps had to be replaced with jubilees as they fell apart when moved.

    I'm going from Nottingham to Weymouth in 4 weeks so she will get another oil change when i get back as the oil has changed colour already.
    Didnt get time to do the brakes .

    Im F.... Very tired .
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    That sounds like my old Accord when I first brought her, when I was checking her over l neglected to check the oil. When I pulled up to the petrol station after signing everything over, I thought to check and found a bone dry dipstick. Suffice to say, that set the pace for everything else I discovered on the car as I went along. Ironically, engine wise she still drives perfectly now, but I didn't half spend a lot of money getting her to top form.

    Either way, at least your girl now has an attentive owner who's taking car to get her back to full health. Hopefully your second oil flush will get out the crud out still left in, might be worth getting a magnetic drain bolt for debris if she's been that badly maintained. Checking the TB for carbon build up on the intake system is probably worth it too, will be a good indication as to how the rest is further down the chain.

    As for the clips, the ones I buy are individual 8mm and 10mm packs from this seller.
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    Not come across that kit before. I would verify that it is your model and year of car as that ad doesn't seem to specify.
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    Just for info ... Those caliper sliders are perfect ... New bolts sliders boots and silicon grease ... Cleaned up the carriers and all is actually moving again.
    Currently writing this from Weymouth as the car actually made it !!
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