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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by demon-knight, Friday 6th Sep, 2013.

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    Im getting my 4th Accord on Saturday an 8th Generation Tourer in red on a 59 plate.

    So excited can't wait!

    This is my second 8th Generation and also my first estate car ever, so in order I had an 04 plate 7th Generation in silver diesel (don't hate me :Blushing:) which was written off by some tool in a ford focus (spit) then as an interim car while looking for another Accord ended up with a MG ZT V6 loved the sound it made and also loved driving it like it was stolen however it drank petrol at an alarming rate the way I drove it.

    The wife traded it in for a brand new 8th Generation ES GT with satnav for my birthday without me even knowing! Awesome car though in black pearl. Then was forced to trade that after a few years due to money situation, not saying what I had next as as it was embarrassing!

    Then came back to a 7th Generation in nighthawk black this time on a 56 plate (diesel) awesome car and spent loads on it in the past year months, 4 new tyres, full service, aircon re-gas and a new set of discs and pads all round. Also found that the rear ones had binded which explains why the MPG went from 41/43 to 50/51 that im getting now.

    Which brings us my new one, the local stealer was taking it in from and old guy who traded it for a Jazz so one careful owner and now mine.
    It was advertised for less than a day before I saw it. Car was up for 11ish thousand but after hard bargaining thanks to the wife who loves a good fight and is an ex car sales person got it down to 9k. The dealer is putting new discs and pads on all corners and 2 new tyres. The dealer was also annoyed as that when I went to sign everything the other day they discovered it also had ADAS on it but didnt realize otherwise they wouldn't of moved so much on the price.

    So tomorrow morning am picking up my new EX tourer with all the toys!

    Pics below, sorry about size don't have any better ones to hand.

    Old car

    New car
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    Congrats mate and what a bargain too ! :Thumbup:
  4. demon-knight Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Yep love the colour but wasnt sure it was me i you know what I mean? (Yes I sound like a girl :Unknown:)

    Does anyone know if the rear light clusters use the same type of bulbs as the saloon?
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    Nice one! Congratulations! I've just ordered my 4th Accord today (jumping the gun, saw this post before I got chance to post about my 4th Accord! :lol:)
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    So what model you getting?
  7. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I-DTEC EX in Orchid White. I know - I'm disowned :telloff:

    Really I wanted 2.4 but they can't get me one even on factory order.

    The 2.0 they could get was very similar colour to the one I have - Graphite Luster.
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    Congrats. Milano red Accord always stand out wherever I see one.
    Fantastic, , enjoy it.
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    So finally after wishing the week away I finally got the car! :Happy:

    However it wasnt without drama just as I was about to leave the stealer I noticed the windscreen garnish on the passenger side had lifted, knowing it was a known problem I was straight back inside had them look at it and take it round the back to the workshop. Didn't notice it on first inspection but as the wind was getting up it must of moved it just enough for it to be noticeable.

    Anyway after several cups of tea and a long wait for the epoxy to set, well enough for me to drive straight home and put it in the garage all is well.

    Spent the rest of the day detailing it, several coats of wax so now it really shines, also put in the sunshades I bought the other day.

    Cheers Zoran colour is awesome in sunlight, will try and get some pics up soon.