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Discussion in 'Track Talk' started by Listerofsmeg, Sunday 1st Dec, 2013.

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    If only i wasnt so far away !!

    Always swings and round abouts mate is it ! But the proof is in the metal ! :Smile:
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    am hoping to get it down the back straight with some of the other cars in my class and have a straight shootout... :Smile:
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    Well another round done, and the car is still in one piece and performing very well. 

    When we arrived at Snetterton we were greeting with heavy rain which is exactly what you need....honest! The outlook was that it would clear up around lunchtime and that we could potentially have a dry afternoon...

    Warmup session:

    The car had been pretty much left alone as i thought it best to just go out and see what grip was available before making any adjustments. Having said that though i really should have softened the suspension all round on the dampers as i had left them in "dry" setup, rock hard mode!! As a result the car was VERY slidey, which im sure was entertaining to watch but didnt make for great laptimes! I ended the session with 1.45.073, good enough for 5th in class and i must admit, a little better than i was expecting, given that i just wheelspan out of every corner due to too much boost in 3rd. The standings made for interesting reading as the 2 least powerful cars topped the timing in class, kudos to them!


    Practice session:

    The rain was still falling although it had backed off a little so there was less standing water but nonetheless still very slippery! For whatever reason i decided to just soften the suspension and leave everything else the same and see what happened. I was also trying to see at what point when applying the brakes would the wheels simply "lock up". As the tyres were still pretty much brand new the front end still wanted to wash out, and also as i had left the boost in 3rd still getting out of the corners was a cautious affair (almost every bend was a 3rd gear exit!). The end result however was an improvement of 4.5 seconds to end the session with 1.40.658, which dropped me to 6th in class. 


    Practice Video:


    Ok, so this time i had learned my lesson, even though the track had largely dries out i took boost out of 3rd and 4th gears to try and ensure that i had traction on the exits of the corner. Knowing that a good qualifying performance was generally what was holding me up in the overall standings anyway i felt that it was important to try and hard as i dared, even with reduced power for a time. I managed to put in 5 laps before the session was halted to do Stewart Summers rolling his Saxo in the final bend. Thankfully all ok, however as we pulled in to the pits and had figured out what from the laps i had already done i had put myself 3rd with a 1.28.085. The session then reopened with 10 minutes left to get a time in. We put the boost back in and stiffened the suspension up again but while waiting in the pitlane it started to rain again, so i decided to pull back in to the garage, figuring that it was unlikely anybody would put in any quicker times. WRONG. At the last gasp, Marc Donnelly in his excellent 3rd Generation Escort, pipped me in to 3rd, with a 1.27.930, gutting....however i was only 1 second back and the track was drying out more and more....




    The rain had topped and the track was now fully dry, so it was now or never in terms of getting a good lap out of the car. I decided that i had to be uber confident on the brakes and just try and carry more speed through 'every' corner. The car behaved brilliantly, and responded to everything i asked of it. I was now braking much later in to the first corner, and at the end of the back straight, saving me masses of time over what i was doing previously. I did a couple of quick laps of 1.23.7 and 1.23.8 before backing off to make myself some room, i then managed a 1.23.267 but even with this i missed 4th on the final straight which would have surely given me a 1.22!. I decided to then let the car cool for another 2 laps before attacking again, however due to a couple of accidents on the circuit the session was red flagged again and it was game over. So i came in, knowing that the time i had just done had beaten the previous lap record so i knew i had to be there or thereabouts. Little did i know just how close it was! 


    Final Video, fastest lap

    So i ended the day in 3rd place, my first podium! (hopefully not the last), but the times were just so close that im kicking myself for missing that gear! the winning time by Will Watson was 1.23.101 with Adam Joned in his TDI North prepped EP3 2nd with 1.23.265, 2 THOUSANDTHS of a seconds quicker, which is a couple of inches over the 2 mile course.....amazing stuff. 

    As you can see from this breakdown of optimal lap times, if i had managed to hook up 4th gear it could have been different, my optimal being 1.23.081 which would have just pipped Will. Next time!!


    I will take away one conciliation though, i was the quickest FWD car down the back straight speed track by nearly 5.5mph :Grin:


    So overall, a good result, my first podium, and if I've done my calculations maintained 3rd overall in the championship. bring on the next one :Smile:

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    that is a great result, will look at videos etc later, well done
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    Cheers mate, was a good day, just gutted i missed that gear!
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    Great write up mate .. And great result to boot !

    Shame about the missed gear, but it happens to all of us!

    Next time !
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    Certainly does, looking forward to the next one, but need to go there before hand as I've never driven Cadwell before so im not expecting a great result.

    There may be a couple less cars at that round though due to a few accidents then occurred!!
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    I watched this at knockhill. Lose the air brake spoiler and you'll get on better, the less rear end grip (to an extent) the better.
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    I did just that for snetterton, also removed the front splitter. It went much better there!!!
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    Don't worry, your not the only one whose done that, see big wings and 'aero' on lots of cars up here and think wtf you's up to. We have to run alloy rear wings to meet the series technical regs, but it's better when we adjust them below the roofline so it doesn't do anything.
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    to be honest, i was glad i did in the first couple of sessions, having never been to knockhill i wanted it to be as attached to the tarmac as possible as especially as it was raining!.

    Taking off the front splitter made a huge difference though, 15mph down the back straight at snetterton different by taking it off, back to back tested....
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    Next round is this sunday as part of the TRAX show, so any of you that are going, i may see you there :Smile:

    New exhaust has been made and fitted along with a bigger set of injectors. Just the tune to go and an oil change and im ready to rock again :Grin:

    Looking forward to it....!
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    What are you hoping for with the new editions mate ?

    Saw this and had a good nosey around at JF2 .. Love it :Smile:
  14. Listerofsmeg Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Think you must have been looking at Marks EG mate, as i wasnt there in the end!!

    The new additions are a 3" exhaust to free up the turbo, a different oil cooler and a retune. Hopefully now the blower won't be strangled.
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    you gonna be at brands next month i assume? will pop down with the misses and try get law down as well...they are offering track time but its £25 for 15 minutes which isnt enough for the price in my eyes :Frown: wish they did the 20 for 20 mins which was a tad more reasonable!
  16. Listerofsmeg Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Think yourself lucky mate, its 350 odd for the hour and a bit we get. 25 for 15 is a steal!

    be good to get a few down though :Smile: its a great track.
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    yer done the taster sessions before when i did photography there...i might book a session nearer the time depending...need to get myself a helmet as well...might just book 2 sessions but 30mins for 50 just seems steep when a full day can cost 100 there on odd occassions...will be down with the camera so hopefully i can get a nice bit of extra access considering i used to work there :Tongue:
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    I didnt realise it was modified live on the 8th as well...this kinda puts me off bothering to come in some ways as i know it will be rammed and busy as :tut: to get in you might see me you might not :Frown:
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    good job at brands in the night session,
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    Sooooooo, time to update.

    Whats been happening?

    Well after a fairly successful first season in the Civic (1 x 1st (night TA Brands), 2 x 3rds), i decided to up the ante a little bit and begin to make this car in to something more akin to a proper racer rather than a Civic with a turbo bolted to it. With that in mind i decided to get the car tidied up and reinforced, painted etc all in one hit to make this seasons effort start on a better footing!!

    So whats been changed?

    Multipoint MSA weld inrollcage

    Full respray inside and out (white ioutside, black inside)

    Wire tuck

    New lower seat rail

    Smaller steering wheel

    D2 330mm 6 pot racing brakes

    Tilton rear bias valve

    17" x 9J rims up front (255/40), still 15" 225s on the rear

    Spaced out rear wheels by 30mm each side

    Arch extensions

    Rear diffuser

    Large front splitter with integrated canards and aerofoils

    Electric adjustable spoiler (Work in progress, more features to come soon)

    Deeper skirts

    Keyless ignition & push button start

    EK clocks (no more EJ9 red line!!)

    So a few changes that i hope will add up to a quicker overall car. The downside to a lot of this is that the car will now be a little heavier than before. The wheels alone will account for an extra 15-16kgs by just changing the front 2!!, cage another 35 or so. However i have been able to take a few extra bits out. The new brakes despite being a lot larger, are lighter, and i have no braces anymore due to the cage. I will try and get the car weighed when i can in anycase to satisfy my curiosity!!

    So what now?

    I am taking the car out for its first shakedown this saturday at Blyton park (never been there before), so with any luck i will have some news to report, either positive or negative, should have some videos anyway. There will be a lot to get used to, but i am hoping for much MUCH better brakes and a LOT of grip!! Should have a few good pics as well to show what it looks like now (havent put any here yet as i am literally doing the last few bits tonight, but ill have a before and after comparison soon!