Accord/7th Gen My Tourer and my weekend bad boy

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    As requested lads. My Accord and Lude.

    The Tourer is fully loaded, all leather. Only addition is 17" wheels and rear parking sensors.

    The Prelude.... Well, you can't improve on what they did to it coming out the factory. I've always just maintained it as it should be.

    It's got some rust spots on rear arches and a small spot on the sunroof. They will be getting fixed in the next couple months.

    Can't see how to add pics directly from my phone so will send to my pc and upload from there......


    Can't get pictures to upload from my PC. They are in JPEG format so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
    Any suggestions for the more technically gifted/astute/aware...

    Thanks in advance

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    After much fakking about it appears it was a Flash Player error. Updated it now and there they are. :Happy:
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