Electrical & Lights N/S/R Door lock actuator

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    Hi peeps. My N/S/R door actuator has packed up. Was wondering 2 things...first will a N/S/F lock actuator fit the rear one as well? Also whats the best way to get the 3 screws undone that are holding it in as tgey are solid? Thanks
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    I doubt it will fit mate.but there is only one of finding out . keep us posted.
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    Same actuators on front and rear doors, difference only in right and left (but they can also be modified).
    I've undone these bolts with an impact gun. A good tool is an impact screwdriver, but be careful because you might bend the metal of the door while hammering.
    Another workaround is a quality screwdriver and turn it with vice grips.
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    Ok great. Thanks for the advice. Will go for the one i was looking at then. Thanks buddy