Daily Driver NANCY

2nd Generation (2002-2006) vehicle added by MickyB, Tuesday 30th Aug, 2016

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    :Wink:. Coming soon to a screen near you.
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    Well it actually took me longer to take the photographs than it did to fit them.
    Those that have seen the Team Heko wind deflectors will know that they are held in place by metal clips and double sided tape they look something like this
    If you look at the right side of the picture the rear of the deflector is shaped(quite like that)
    So open the windows IMG_2426.JPG then I fitted the rear deflector in place without removing the tape backing,
    IMG_2428.JPG this way I could establish if there were going to be any problems once fitted. None were apparent.
    The deflector has to be put in at an angle until the ends fit into the window guides, once this is done, slide it into position.
    Then take the metal clips (sorry forgot to photograph them) they have a tooth on one side this faces inwards and connects with the rubber window seal, I put 1 just in front of the Team Heko at the rear and the 2nd about the same distance from the front.
    They can be squeezed slightly to get them into position then I used a flat blade screwdriver to push them fully home.
    Then it's just a matter of slowly raising the window to ensure there is no problems
    IMG_2429.JPG As you can see there were none.
    The deflector was firmly in position.
    The front one was a little harder to fit because of the shape, but simply remove the backing tape, fit the front section in place near the mirror, then it gets a bit tricky.
    You have to move the rear end down about 3-4 inches (you think oh my goodness this is going to break, but it doesn't). Slot the rear end into the window guide then you have to twist the remainder in towards and under the rubber seal, once it's all in place it slides up into position, check for any problems, close and open the window, then as with the rear fit the metal clips one again just in front of the Team Heko badge and the 2 just in the middle of the upper bend in the deflector.
    IMG_2430.JPG Once the clips are in place close the window and look for any problems, again it fitted perfectly and there were no problems. IMG_2435.JPG I like these because they have a very low profile against the car, as you can see from these shots
    Then it's just a matter of doing the same on the other windows and the results are very pleasing indeed.
    IMG_2437.JPG IMG_2439.JPG
    One final thing I will add is that there was a you tube video that was posted on another thread stating that these deflectors did not carry any safety recommendations with them (which in Germany they have to by law)
    Well this is the packaging and as you can see they carry an ISO number which is a good enough standard in my books
    All in all the complete fitting took around 10 minutes but as I said it took a little longer taking the photographic evidence for all to see and enjoy.
    To date I have not had the car out on the road since fitting these but as soon as I do tomorrow I will give some feedback on what they are like.
    Just so folks know as I finished this I got a message from my younger brother in Spain who informed me that my older brother was out of his coma, he was awake, talking and his vitals were stable.
    He's being kept in ICU till Monday fingers crossed he's getting better.

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    looking very nice sometimes is the way it takes longer to remove and unpack than fitting, same is for lighting chandelairs it takes longer to remove, assemble than fitting. :Wink:

    Glad to hear about your brother :Smile:
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    @MickyB wind deflectors look good on Nancy, also mate glad to hear your brother out of his coma fingers crossed we will get better:Hey:..
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    The deflectors are good, but the last thing you wrote is the best part. :Wink:
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    - - - Updated - - -
    - - - Updated - - -
    It was good to read his message(phone reception is not the best so anything does).
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    Like these so much have just ordered them for my accord
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    Headlight restoration done today???

    The jury is still out on the product
    You can see the deterioration on the top of the lense.
    And this one to
    And this was after about 4 hours rubbing and scrubbing
    Even managed to do the fog light lenses as well
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    looks very good mate:Hey::Thumbup:..
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    @MickyB lovely car and colour nice big pictures also which is a bonus
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    Thanks always try to get as much useful information and photographs as I can
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    can you offer any simple tips to take some photos? do you use a camera or your phone?
  13. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    You can use either, but I would advise turning down the resolution. Most modern phones can take high res pictures, but the file size is enormous. They clog up the site and take ages to upload and download when viewing.

    There is a FAQ for uploading pictures/images/files - https://hondakarma.com/faq/how-do-i-add-an-image-directly-from-my-device.13/
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    thanks ill have a look
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    I used to use a camera but then along came the I phone 7+ and I would use nothing else now.
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    I have 6S agree it's so convenient on the phone