Tyres & Wheels Nasty wheels on 05 Accord, suggestions?

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    I have just bought an Accord 2.0 VTEC for very little so have no cause to complain about the wheels which are destroyed (although I heard that there were a few problems with these), lose pressure as well as their horrific look) and the tyres, which must have been run on low pressures quite frequently.

    So to that end, I need some new alloys and tyres. These alloys are 17" and the tyres are 225/45/17. My wife has a Type-R with 17" alloys so was thinking of finding some of those on ebay maybe but I know they run a 205 profile tyre so presume they are not as wide? Does anyone have any suggestions as to which wheels I can buy (sorry, I'm being cheap but even second hand wheels and shoddy tyres will probably run me about the same as what the car cost me!).

    Thanks in advance!
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    For 17" 225/45 is a perfect fit to maintain speedo accuracy, the cheapest option is probably to buy a set from an Accord being broken with a higher trim. There's an awful lot available for £175-250 on eBay by the looks of it, varying amounts of tread left. That said, any 5x114.3 wheels will fit.

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    You could also consider going for a refurb of the wheels that you have. Or are they just not to your taste altogether ?

    Please do post some pictures of your car if you can.
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    Thanks for the advice. Cool, I'll get round to the pics. I could refurb and it's a sport so they were pretty sexy but they were pretty annihilated after only a few months (I know the car as a friend had it from new). The tyres also lose pressure so I'm concerned that I would spend the best part of £200 on refurbing these when I could just move on.

    Thanks for that information too - I'll do some searching for 5x114.3 and see what I can find in that case!

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    I found these!:

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    They don't look in bad condition whatsoever, I think the price is good too. They are 215s mind, which means your speedo will be wrong by all of -1.42%. So it reads 60mph, you'll actually be doing 59mph - nothing big.

    Best make a fast decision though, 6 minutes remaining on the auction :Whistle:
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    No worries, thanks for the help. He's just seeing if he can deliver them as it's a lot of a trek just for some wheels! I'll keep looking - there's quite a few wheels about that would do the trick.
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    I always wanted to see what ATR wheels would look like on a CL shaped accord. I don't think this is very popular but they look like decent wheels to me! Anyone got any pics they might have seen?