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    Hello everyone.
    Picked up my 58 plate Tourer last week and have nearly covered 1.5k already in it.

    I have an issue whereby the plastic outer protective screen on the Nav system has cracked, on its own with no "help" from me. It started on Tue morning as a small crack (0.5 cm) in the botton centre of the screen, and developed to a 3-4 cm crack by the end of the day. This must be a manufactring fault as there are no impact marks or signs of damage other than this crack.

    Questions are;

    1. Is this a common fault
    2. How easy is the screen to replace
    3. Do you think Honda would fix for free (car is 3yrs and 8 months old)

    Also, do you know if tha Nav can be upgraded to include the current road speed limit on the display?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome to AOC Roy ,

    Sorry to hear your issues on your new car, I have to say this is never cropped up on any of the 8th Generation accord before... this is for sure the first instance I have heard. Did you purchase this car from a Honda dealership, if you did then you have one year of warranty bundled into the car already and should take it back to the supplying dealer.

    1) No this is not a common fault.
    2) Never changed it but could look into it for you. I will have a closer look at mine tomorrow :Whistle: Item 7 Part number 39812-TL0-A01 cost a mere £615.52 :Aghast:

    3) Doubt it but stranger things have been approved before.

    The sat nav can't be modded for speed alerts of yet, let me know if you need the process in how to change the lens.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Has your car ever had any screen repairs .. It very clearly stated in the workshop manual not to pry the lens when removing. There is a special dashboard tool for this, the removal is straight forward with this tool and then removal of the two harness connectors before its completely out.

    Someone in the past has removed it without using this tool applied undue force and fractured the lens. Honda will inspect the witness marks and if seen then its damage down to negligence.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I am not sure if the screen has been repaired in the past, I have only had the car for a week or so and have no history with it. Would Honda have a record of this, if so who would I contact?

    Do you know what the tool looks like by any chance?

    I am also looking for a build sheet detailling the spec of the car from new, including any optional extras fitted. My insurance company asked if there were any extras fitted, and I am not sure if items such as Nav and premium sound were standard on the ES GT 2.0 Auto. I emailed Honda, and they said to ask my local dealer, who was not very helpful and gave me a 2012 brochure. When I used to run Jaguars, they would provide a spec sheet highlighting the exact spec of the car as it left the factory and indicated any optional extras fitted, do Honda provide this service?


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    Hmmm, That's the first time I've heard of an insurance company asking for what extras are fitted ! Modifications yes but never "extras"
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    I had an insurance company ask me to list the extras on my car when I was renewing it this year. I thought if they're going to be that picky about insuring it I'm sure they'd be even more picky trying to avoid paying out. I went elsewhere!
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    Thanks Ichiban, I have contacted the vendor but he will not split it.
    I am waiting on a decision from Honda as to whether they will replace for me, or at least contribute to it.

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    Does anyone have any idea what the special tool looks like to take the screen out?

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    Sounds silly, but what is the sound system like? I just got a new Accord and it has mental amounds of bass if you crank it up, makes the whole dash look like it's vibrating. Could something like that have been the cause? :Unknown:

    Or am I just being silly? :Blushing: Go on, be honest, I can take it! :lol:


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    have a look at this thread bud

    have you got a response from Honda about this?
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    Cheers ichiban.
    Honda have washed their hands of it, not interested. Very disappointed indeed.
    They are saying it must have been accidental damage.
    It isn't. I have not knocked it at all.