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    I purchased a 2000 Accord a few weeks ago. It has a blaupunkt travelpilot E1 installed. Works great on radio and CD but the Nav section does not work.

    Today I removed the unit, and as I thought, there is no GPS antenna installed. There is a blank in the middle of the dashboard to accept one and they are available on Ebay.

    However, it also requires an input from the speedo (pulses, I guess to indicate velocity, integrated to give distance ?) and a signal to indicate reverse has been selected. I have tried to get a wiring diagram/Haynes manuel without successs so far.

    Can anyone help ? Has anybody had experience of this and know where these signals can be located ? Any help greatfully recieved. :Thumbup:

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    Really having problems trying to find this signal at a convenient place.

    The speed sensor seems to be on the transmission at the back of the engine in a very awkward place.

    The signal also goes to the cruise control unit located under the dash somewhere - which would be more convenient - if I could find it.

    It seems that Haynes don't do a manuel for the european model only the american model, and information is difficult to come by.

    Has anyone any information on where the criuise control unit is located under the dash board ??

    I can get round the reversing signal by just grounding it - effects accuracy but not vital.
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    Re: System cannot define vehicle position

    I have just bought an old accord with a travelpilot E1 which was not installed properly. This unit needs a speed sensor input as well as a GPS signal. Otherwise the initial position is wrong
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    Usually somewhere in the centre console area. Have a look on ebay to get an idea of what your looking for.

    Alternatively ask the ebay seller of one where you can find yours.
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    Latest news

    Went to my friendly Honda Dealership in Chesterfield today. The service manager took me through to the workshop and looked on his computer at trouble shooting VSS signal - success it is available on a connector that hooks up to the speedo. A blue/white wire - so all I have to do now is find the said connector behind instrument panel !