Electrical & Lights Need a fog light, looks round but is it oval?

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    I have a broken front foglight on the nearside, lens is cracked and the bulb is blown... Possibly water has gotten in and messed everything up so I figured replace it with a used one... I've been searching ebay for spares both FL and PFL and all I can find are oval ones.

    I've seen plenty of pics of Accords with both types... but every search comes up empty so far.

    Am I missing something, or am I just unlucky at the moment and if I keep checking one will eventually come up?

    Or is this a common part across other ranges, and if so... what other models should I check out?


  2. Zebster Guest

    Pre-facelift (at least) diesel models have round fog lights and petrol models have (presumably superior) larger oval types... I believe that this is because there being less space available on diesel models due to the location of the turbo intercooler.

    There was recently a guy on the forum breaking a PFL diesel.
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    Cheers @SpeedyGee have now posted in that thread asking about it.