ICE & HFT need bit of info ref the audio system please

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    Could anyone clarify for me.....behind the stereo/Santa front there is a slot which says PC card on it. I get All sorts of results when l search for one on amazon....could you advise me on what actual sort of card to purchase, to download music? Thanks!
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    Thanks for that, only 1gb is a bit of a blow....looks like I need to investigate a lead to connect my iPod to the socket in the centre box...!!
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    I bought a lead from ebay to connnect my ipod touch to the jack socket in the centre locker, it was advertised as a CR-V suitable lead... it works but it's a major pain as there is no control of the ipod from the stereo, no fast forward, no track control etc... and I can't fiddle with the ipod in the centre box when I am driving, I wonder if I have bought the wrong lead , or do I really have to settle for the plug in card? Any comments (nice ones as I am a bit of a technophobe!)?