Body, Paint & Styling Need help to make a decision on rear arch rust job

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    United Kingdom Dan Oldbury
    Hi all,

    I'm struggling to decide what to do for the best.

    In December I bought a 2003 estate. It had some minor (what I thought was minor) rust bubbles on the rear arches both sides. The car was £1400, mechanically in very good nick and bodywork otherwise very good, so I bought it. I had not had much experience with rust, and admit I was a bit naive. However, what is done is done, and so I now have to make a decision on whether to try for repair or just leave it.

    I have looked at the thread on here about the full rear panel replacement (circa £1800 if I remember correctly). That option is not on the table.

    I have today been to see a small indy bodyshop. I was impressed by the guy and his knowledge. He is very confident that he can cut out the damaged metal and replace with new sheet metal that he will form to the right shape himself. He will also cut away some of the inner arch if it needs it. He will weld in new metal and reweld the seam between the inner and outer skins, and seal the gap. Then respray and blend in with the rest of the car. £200 per side.

    It seems a good price, I've seen photos of the guys other work too. I just don't know if I should just let it be. It will get worse and look horrible, but its a £1400 car. I could put the £400 to another car in 3 years time (if it will last that long).

    How do I make a choice on this?

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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    cannot help with your decision unfortunately but 200 per corner sounds like a decent enough price to me... although I could be way off..

    it's royally a personal thing,,,, if you can justify spending the money on the car then go for it,, if you can't then don't.
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    £200 a side sounds a good price to me especially if you've seen the quality of his other work.

    As @chris2982 says though it really is a personal decision.

    If it was me I'd start off by thinking how long I would be keeping the car for. If it's fairly long term then yes it's possibly worth doing but if you're thinking of moving it on in say a year then maybe it's not so worth it, having said that you're then selling a non-rusty car if you've done the work which, whilst it might not add much value, it adds saleability so it shoud be easier to sell on.
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    United Kingdom Dan Oldbury
    I think I need to think economically as you suggest John.

    I paid £1400 for the car, a 2003 Type-S tourer 2.4 petrol, with 132000 miles on it and a full service history and tonnes of receipts. I think the fact it had some rust was factored in to the price. There are no cheaper type-s's on AT at the moment.

    So if I was to resell it now, what could I expect to get knowing the rust issue. If I have it done then what? In 3 years with rusty arches? In 3 years without rusty arches?

    It would help me make a decision I think if I knew what I could expect back for it.
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    If the rest of the car is in good condition is mechanically sound and you like the car then get the repairs done it doesn't seem a bad price as there is a lot of work to go into it. At the end of the day it's a petrol Honda it will go forever!
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    tough call, myself I would get it done as its just what I factor in as a maintenance cost to the car, you could get one side done one month and then the other the next month to spread the cost?

    However if you opt for the leave it option, then a good dose of grease all over the rusty part will prevent it getting worse (well will stop the spread significantly)

    I've just had the clutch done and some other repairs on my car of a similar age, economically it probably wasn't worth it, but these cars are quite reliable and do tend to do big mileages (mines a 2.4 petrol) and I like the car so much, I justified it to myself that it was worth it. And I am happy I did.
  7. Heckler Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    If you're just looking to drive the car until it grinds to a halt... or rusts to far to be economically repairable... then leave it, you'll probably get a year or so out of it before the rust starts to cause MOT issues. If you are looking to keep the car for 2yrs or more, then it's a no brainer for me... get it sorted.
  8. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    A good scenario to consider and it is something that has puzzled me before.

    You hear of people scrapping cars when they fail MOT for say a few hundred quid's worth of work to replace them with a car of the same age or just a couple of years newer. I've never understood the logic behind this as potentially they could just be buying the same repairs (or possibly worse) for two years down the line.

    Not sure if I'm making sense here but what I'm trying to say is "Better the devil you know..."

    What I'm trying to say is unless you are wanting to move to a significantly newer Accord (or whatever) I'd get the work done as your car is mechanically sound and not wanting to tempt fate here this should hopefully be your only large job for the foreseeable future. Well maintained Accords are bomb-proof (especially petrols) save for this rust issue which is appearing on some of the early 7th Gens. Again though if it's caught early it is repairable.

    Hope I'm helping here :Smile:
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    I do agree with John Dicksons post.

    I recently drove my 2004 accord to the far side of Paris and back, and what a nice drive it was to! I wouldn't have wanted to be in anything else. I would do it again in a heart beat, in fact I probably will this year.
    Two adults two kids and a boot full to the brim and she didn't miss a beat.

    It is better the devil you know but as said when these cars are looked after they just keep on going... and compared to some other Euro box junk.. are far more reliable than newer cars.
    Its a personal thing but many people on here would opt to get the rust sorted and keep her going.
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    United Kingdom John LN5
    Any car not only Honda, get's to the point that enough is enough and you have to cut your looses and get rid. As you have only just purchased the car and have as yet not spent any money I would have the work done as hopefuly it will be mechanicaly sound.

    john S