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    I`ve just got my new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, the 4G version, but I`ve found that the wi-FI range is pretty poor at home. My router is upstairs but if I leave the room its in my signal vanishes whereas everything else, laptop, tablet, other phones all work fine.

    What I have found though is if I switch my Linksys/Cisco wag320N router over to the 5Ghz band then the wi-FI on the phone is very fast, unfortunately the laptop, a Sony Vaio just doesn`t work. And seeing as the laptop is mostly used downstairs this is a problem.

    So I`m looking for a modem/router that does 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz simultaneously. I almost bought an Asus RT-N56U from AV Forums. Even though this is a cable router I was told I could use my existing Linksys as a modem and connect it to the Asus for the routing. I don`t know if thats true or not or whether its an ideal solution.

    So, does anybody have any advice or recommendations for a modem/router that would serve my purposes.

    In the meantime I`m having murder with Orange trying to get this phone replaced under warranty but all they want to do is repair it, which they`ve already tried once and told me theres nothing wrong with it. But thats another story.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    I am no expert in this field but I was reading on the net the other week about a system which utilises the domestic sockets in your house to transfer the available broadband throughout the whole house. The system utilises two plug in units which , after matching them to each other , enable on to be taken into other rooms throughout the house and allowing a laptop or other device to be hard wired directly into the loop giving fast broadband anywhere in the house. Although this does not better your wifi on your phone, by using a hard wired connection to your laptop or other device may permit you to site the wifi to a more advantageous area within the house .
    Internet & PC networking via the household power circuit
    HomePlug technology is now firmly established as a home-networking alternative for interconnecting computers and gaming consoles via the existing household power circuit.
    See below

    The HomePlug standard turns ordinary power wiring into a data and multimedia network! Surf the Internet and share data up to 500Mbps transfer rates and distances of up to 200 metres over existing electrical wiring in the home, office, or factory.

    The easiest broadband extension into any room and onto any floor in the building, simply by getting a pair of Homeplugs, often referred to as 'starter kits'. Connect one HomePlug Ethernet adapter to an Internet enabled ADSL / Cable Broadband Router and plug that it into a power socket, then plug the other adapter into another socket in the building! If you find you then want internet access in multiple rooms without moving the adapters from one socket to another, simply add additional ones where you need them! Homplugs can be bought in pairs or as a single adapter.
    Perfect for connecting games consoles to the Internet
    No new cables, no drilling, no mess! Just use any power socket to access the Internet or home network throughout the whole house.
    Installation? Childs play! Simply plug the HomePlug into the power socket and connect it the PC's Ethernet Interface; install the supplied software and go!
    Hope this is of use.
    Mike c
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    Thanks Mike, I am aware of Homeplugs but I know that everyone who uses the laptop will get fed up having to plug it into the wall when they are so used to using it wirelessly without any problems. Having said that I don`t really need homeplugs as I have a networking socket close to where the laptop is mostly used but I can`t stand wires trailing everywhere, even if it is only temporary
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    Seems to be a problem with the Samsung Galaxy s3.

    How to Fix Samsung Galaxy SIII Wi-Fi Problems

    I'd ask Orange to sort it or give you a new phone. Why should you buy extra equipment and make your wifi config at home more complex and unreliable?
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    I`ve seen that site mate and none of those fixes work for me.

    I`ve spoken to Orange several times and each time had heated discussions with the numpties on the other end of the phone and all they will offer is a repair. I went with that and it came back and according to the job sheet the phone was examined and tested and no problem found. If they are sitting next to the router when they do their tests then no problem will be found as it works fine if I am 3 feet away from it, but can I get this simple instruction across to them.

    There is an envelope on its way from them for me to send it off for, you guessed it, repair. I might go with that again and see what happens. If nothing is done I think I will have good grounds for a strongly worded letter threatening legal action
  6. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    I've never had any issues with my S3, always had good wireless reception thorough out the house.
    Unlike my MacBook Pro ... always having to disable and reenable the wireless connection on that.

    I run in mixed mode too, so yours must be a hardware or software issue.

    You can get applications which show you how good the WiFi signal strength is around your house.

    If you had access to another S3 running the app on both phones may help prove that there is an issue with yours.
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    Greg Manchester
    when I was looking for some good router after reading many reviews I choosed TP-LINK WR2543ND which I connect to my virgin superhub which is now working in modem mode, I found that TP Link has great signal strength and you can use either band 2Ghz or 5Ghz.
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    Dave, I'd give Samsung a call and cut out the middleman (idiots at Orange). They should help you out
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    Netherlands Rob Heerhugowaard
    If you're looking for a new router I can definately recommend the AVM Fritzbox 7390. I'm an IT security consultant and I know some reputable full service IT-providers who use this device to connect businesses because it's reliable, fast and highly configurable.

    It will do 2.4/5 Ghz automatically and allows you to change the channel if a particular channel in your neighbourhood is crowded.

    The cool thing about the Fritzbox, is there are upgrades available. It has a built in DECT station, so you can connect phones thoughout the house. There's also a wifi repeater available, which may be a good option for you, too.

    FRITZ!Box 7390 | AVM - Everything?s networked with FRITZ!

    You can use another Wifi router and keep you original modem. The new wifi router would become part of the LAN. Depending on the router used, you can also set it up as a firewall. (the Fritzbox does this automatically).
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    Thanks guys

    Speedy, I`ve tried a few apps such as wifi analyser and wifi manager and they all show a good signal strength downstairs away from the router but the 4G S3 doesn`t work. It shows it has connected but instantly disconnects and just keeps going around and around like this. I`ve tried it in a couple of friends homes and its pretty much the same. It even did it in the Orange shop and they still won`t accept its not fit for purpose
    I have tried another S3 and it was fine but it wasn`t the i9305 4G version

    Rob, that will be my next port of call, I`ve located a Samsung phone service center in Warrington so I`ll be off there as soon as I get the chance

    Brodziu, I`ll have a look at that router but it needs to do 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz simultaneously

    Bobby,thanks for that. The Fritzbox looks interesting. Its a bit pricey on Amazon at about £200 but I suppose you get what you pay for. Ideally though Richsprint is right I should really be looking at getting the phone fixed without having to spend out on other equipment, mainly because it might sort out my problem at home but it doesn`t help if I`m out and about and need to use wifi
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    I don't know if this is what you need but I just saw it on a recorded episode of the gadget show
    YAGI TurboTenna £80