General Needing pointers to find location of MAF Sensor

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    being doing some DIY cleaning of the throttle body , MAP sensor and air filter change today but am finding a problem in finding the MAF sensor on the Legend . I have looked on youtube to get some kind of ideas of location but im sure many are aware finding information on this car is a nightmare.
    Would appreciate anyone who can help me , on youtube other honda have it after the airbox between the air box and the throttle body but not one present on the legend.

    diagrams or pic would be nice on the exact location
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    Why do yours to touch it bud, they are delicate piece of equipment if you clean them too much you will render them useless. Do you have a DTC code you troubleshooting or you just mucking around ?
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    Hi , thanks for reply a few reasons really my MPG has dropped down a lot so trying to pin point what could be the issue being on a 56 plate it has not been cleaned . I do like to do a little of my car maintance myself as I enjoy knowing as much information as I can and I love learning about the car. I have looked and reading about cleaning MAF sensors and got all the proper cleaning sprays for the job but cannot locate it on the car so needing to find out so far I have cleaned the throttle body done the filters and oil and seems to helped a little but wanting to give the MAF a go whilst I'm under the hood I do realize its a very delicate part and know the risks involved but would still like to have a go in having a little clean
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    Never mind after days of digging around and research found out that the Legend does not come with MAF sensor but a MAP sensor instead