Neighbour doesn't like my exhaust.

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    Everytime I start my car up which is always parked in my driveway, my next door neighbour comes out screaming his head off such as I'm watching TV, my mom is sick, my dog won't stop barking etc. I just ignore them and look at my phone because I don't want to get into argument as they are those gypsy/chavvy type of people who make matters worse. 3 people live in that house and one of them comes out with different excuses. I drive between 12pm till 8pm so it's not like I'm waking everyone up at 4am. No other neighbours have complained. I don't race around the streets or rev crap out of engine so I see no reason why anyone would be p*ssed off. My exhaust isn't even that loud, I'd say it's like half quieter than Skunk2 system as I had it once. We moved in 10 years ago and all was good except we never seen the old bloke talk or smile. Few years later we built house extension and they got jealous so complained to council, although we were legal so went ahead with extension and out of their humiliation they put a longer fence separating between our gardens. Ever seen we don't exchange the friend neighbour hello every morning. Now I feel they are targeting me because I'm a quiet lad who looks young. Since no other neighbours have complained, I believe they are just pathetic losers. Just want to ask for advice, what would you do if you were in my situation? 
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    My advice is get launch control
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    You could tell the neighbour that...

    - he can't be watching TV surely as he is outside the house whining like a bi**h..?!

    - his mother won't get better if he is outside and clearly not tending to her

    - he should invest in a dog with volume control

    - you are not permitted to talk to strangers as per your parents' advice

    Oh and then do a burnout on your property before departing.
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    I think this is the winning answer
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    I get up at 4am for work most days of the week.

    So if I was regularly woken up at midnight by my neighbours exhaust, I'd be pissed off too.

    However, there is better ways to deal with it, than going out shouting.
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    He said he drives between mid day and 8pm so isnt waking anyone up during the night. Id do as Kadir says.
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    Ah, my bad- I read that as 12 midnight.

    In that case, let's arrange a meet outside our mans house and have a competition of who has the loudest exhaust
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    Have you ever tried a simple chat asking why they're so aggressive towards you ?

    If you think that wouldn't be fruitful, have you ever tried offering a neighbourly friendly gesture of maybe a small bowl of whatever it is that has been cooked at home... 

    We usually send dates or samosas over to neighbours in Ramadan, and maybe a bit of a sweet dish on the two Eid's. Sometimes its just a respectful gesture to other Auntie's on the street who have sent over stuff to us in the past.. 

    I only suggest you try this because a) having BAD neighbours can make things miserable because realistically they won't be moving house any time soon.. You may aswel try and get on..  and b ) its a good neighborly thing to do

    (Chavs can be horrid to live next to, but if you get on they are actually alright.. )

    If however trying the above fails.. pretty much what else has been echoed in the thread... 
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    If your exhaust is noisy, which your neighbour obviously thinks it is, then it could be classed as a statutory nuisance. He could report to the council and an abatement notice could be issued. If the council do issue a notice, then you could be fined up to £5k if you continue to make the noise.

    Just because you don't think it is that noisy doesn't mean your neighbour does. It obviously pisses him off enough to come out the house shouting at you.
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    Then the OP could complain about the dog barking.. So OP will have to lose his exhaust and the neighbour will lose his dog. Meanwhile the neighbour's Mother is getting even more unwell as the Son is tending to less important, trivial issues.
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    Drill holes in your neighbours exhaust so it evens up the noise battle
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    To be fair OP's rant comes accross as the thoughts and rant of someone who needs to do some growing up. Stuff like your saying they where jealous of your house extension ? maybe they just didn't want you encroaching more on there land , i know as a home owner id be pretty pissed off if my neighbour built a extension bringing them closer to my house with out  prior informing me i wouldn't be happy and would complain too. People have a lot of money tied up in houses that can be detracted from by stuff there neighbours do so don't just think its jealousy. Maybe he built the fence so he doesn't have to look at the ugly :thumbdown: extension of wich 90% of them are and if your walking about thinking he is jealous maybe he is pissed off at your superiority complex ? 

    Maybe you's could all get together and have a little talk like Men do and try to iron things out see what everyones problem is ? Maybe you's will be able to come to a amicable agreement where everyone can be happy. If not atleast you have tried to sort it instead of :tut: on a forum about how your young and been picked on by your older nieghbours because at the end of the day im sorry to say he holds the upper hand in this one , If he complains to the council about the noise you can bet your last pound who they will side with.

    Just some things to think about :thumbs:
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    my neighbours are prob worse. Shes a old hag that moans and gives dirty looks if I'm working on my car. For example I'm changing my pads she comes out and says I need to go to a pub and get pissed ! I don't drink she knows that as I'm Muslim.

    It's like telling a jew to go and eat a pig.

    Asking why I have removed my wheels and :thumbdown:. Years ago she told me to go back to my own country. I nearly punched her sons lights out. Racist pricks think they are supreme beings over everyone else.
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    Looks like I'm a lucky person having sound neighbours, I'd personally get a quieter exhaust.
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    Mate that's nothing my neighbour called the police on me for playing one touch up against my own wall when I was 12 yrs old,

    Then at age 18 called the police and said I was driving without insurance.

    The police actually laughed at her and told us there's always one on every street and that I should ignor her or I can make a complaint of harassment against her.

    Eventually she gave up, you just carry on ignoring them and eventually they will give up as well their just trying to provoke you as if they where genuine they would have spoken to you nicely.

  16. Hayes Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I had a letter put through my door before because of this, they put their address on it so I went to ask them politely how I could resolve it but the old bitch was having none of it so I said well if you want loud then tomorrow I'll show you. Left it to warm up for 20 mins, bit of launch control and the same on the way home and never heard anything agiain
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    De-cat it.
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    Lol Kadir funny hahaha, would love to burnout in front of them and see how p*ssed they get.

    Zoaib, they are not Asian lot, we used to exchange some food when we first moved in but soon it stopped. I remember it was Ramadan one day when the EDL came to our town and they threw a party having those drunken faggots moaning in their garden all day. 

    LewyG, your comment doesn't show any positive side to it. What do you know how my house looks like? It's a semi detached house and the extension we built was on side of our house to replace the garage so it's no where near the neighbours house and they can't even spot it out of their windows. We also added a small conservatory in front of the kitchen which they can see. I remember the first day we started building the conservatory and the old hag came out screaming her tits off. It's our house and we had permission to build extension so zero f*cks were given about the neighbour. The neighbour next to them also have a conservatory and they had also told us they had a problem with them complaining too when we started building ours. For your kind of information, I'm not :tut: on here. I'm pretty sure nearly everyone here has a loud exhaust and probably some of them even drive late at night, they too must have atleast had a problem with neighbours. I'm just generally asking for advice how to deal with them.

    Well anyways, today I started my car up at like 1pm and the mother came out over to windows telling me that she got distracted watching her favourite TV show and that her floor is vibrating. If her TV was that important then should've kept her ass there and just turn up the volume? So I told her when her son and husband rev their bikes, our whole house vibrates and she just replies with yeah so I also asked her why did her son shout at me, why couldn't he tell me politely what's his problem, again she says yeah and completely ignores everything and goes back to what she said before. So I told I'm sorry I can't do sh*t about it, I'm only warming my car up for 2 minutes just like your bikes and she walks off back inside. I doubt they call council over me for 2 minutes of nuisance. Would it be safe to start up and immediately reverse a little further back then let it idle for a minute or two? I always thought you should never move off as soon you start up. Oh and good news is that in summer the neighbours are f*cking off to a new place, yeeeeeeeeee lol. Please brothers pray this happens. I've been waiting for 10 years haha
  19. 1964 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    So, realistically it's a short term problem. 

    Again, before we get into any racial or cultural debacle, let me just say to keep it in check. I'm not gonna wait for any unjust insults to be thrown about. 

    Equally, having read to this point, it's fair to note that OP didn't divulge all details immediately, but I do sense some jumping to conclusions. 

    My personal advice, having had to deal with this problem before is to do the following: 

    - Firstly, contact your council and find out when the noise curfew (if you have one) starts. In my area, I can be as loud as I like up to 10pm I believe and up to 11pm, as long as it's considered reasonable, which a loudish car qualifies for, then you're still good. If they come at you about it again, you have that for backup. 

    - Secondly, commendations on not aggravating the situation as best as possible. I wouldn't question them as evidently they're not playing ball, so just carry on about your business and try not to engage them. If they do begin to approach you, I'd just sit in your car and carry on as though nothing's happening. I used to do this regularly at the odd times I'd be warming my car up for a minute or two and it was loud til it had warmed up, soon stopped anyone trying to give me any lip about it. They'll approach you if you're outside the car more often than if you're already in the car.

    - Thirdly, ignore the other issues. If they're anything like my neighbours, they're likely the nosy types/have nothing better to do. I have had problems with my neighbours a few years back when I was younger, but they soon realised that I wasn't going away any time soon and eventually stopped poking their nose into what I was doing. End of the day, way I see it, they'll eventually find something better to do with their time and you've stated you work fairly sociable hours. 

    Bad neighbours suck but they're just a small hassle compared to some of the stuff we all go through day to day. Just keep an eye on your car and make sure they don't go too far. 
  20. titch Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Slightly off topic, but it might work in your favour anyway...

    Drive it straight away. It warms up quicker, which means the oil thins quicker and less damage is done, just don't use the revs (as an idea I shift at about 2.5/3k until my coolant temp is up, then to 4k till oil temp is up). There's certainly nothing to say you shouldn't move off as soon as you start up, if anything leaving it to warm up while idling is worse, because, as I said, the oil takes longer to warm up.

    Although, in all honesty, given how good modern oils are, I don't think it'd matter if you started it up and 10 seconds later were driving well into where VTEC should be (obv coolant temp wouldn't be up, so VTEC wouldn't engage). Not that i'd encourage such behaviour.