Neighbour doesn't like my exhaust.

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    If a neighbour had a bonfire night 365 days of the year, then they'd have every right to be pissed off. B)
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    Slight Expense in your part. Go down a good exhaust place, and get an electronic butterfly valve fitted, or some trick :thumbdown: that means you can "turn on loud".

    That, or go for a spoon street / mugen twinloop.

    Technically if your cars louder than the way it left the factory, a traffic cop will get shitty, so you would never win an argument on "its not that loud".  But if you had a V8 M3 that sounds like a bag on nails idiling away for 5 minutes,they couldn't say a lot.

    Personally id just crack on untill something official happened, then switch out to a quieter back box.
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    Shiny, the man with all the answers haha :Tongue:  

    Oh well, we get on here and there with our neighbours. Amusingly, most of the elderly folk who used to live in the immediate vicinity never cared BUT i did have a moment where a new couple with two young kids had moved in without my knowledge (away at uni) and when I came back the dad came over and had a bit of a go, only when the penny dropped he had young un's did I realise and back down myself. 

    I want more updates on this situation from OP 
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    I actually made a video of the old slag next door to me moaning at me. I think i might upload it on here lmaooo
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    Try living in a place where you actually do need to warm your car up in the morning...its virtually impossible to drive when its been -50 outside all night and you need to leave for work at 6am
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    Yeh, he basically swapped one (what I imagine to be cold) place for this: 

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    It really does suck to be in your situation.

    My neighbourhood is generally lovely.

    I have a really good relationship with my next door neighbour and the person who lives opposite me.

    We do, however, have a really awful neighbour that lives 4 doors down. She, along with her 4 teenage daughters, is a lazy bitch.

    They have a dog that they can't be bothered to take for a walk. So what they do is just let it off it's leash to walk around the street and :thumbdown: on peoples gardens. That way, if she doesn't see it, she doesn't have to clean it up. That's her ideology behind it. My neighbour across the street has little kids that like to play out in the summer months so having dog :thumbdown: on their front garden is dangerous and unacceptable. Last summer, my neighbour called the council 4 or 5 times about this and they didn't seem to care. One day, he spotted the dog out on a Saturday morning and he told his Mrs to get her phone out to take pictures. But my neighbour just couldn't sit still and watch the dog do its business. So he went out to shoo the dog away and it turned on him and bit him on his right hand.

    The police didn't do anything. The council didn't do anything either. In turn, the neighbours kids started putting his tyres down on the car almost every night. 

    My neighbour must've been calling the police almost every morning before work to log a complaint because it was getting ridiculous. After some 11 or 12 complaints, the police finally came out. They got his side of the story and then went over to the woman's house to get her side of the story.

    After about an hour, the police came out and said to my neighbour "Deal with it amongst yourselves." and left it at that. Eventually, the bitch from down the street and her children got bored and it all died down. This went on for a good month or so.

    Personally, I wouldn't be worried about council or police threats...
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    My area was lovely until the yuppies moved in. Party all Friday and Saturday night making as much noise as they want but when I work on my car in daylight hours they have issues.

    Preferred when my area was a :thumbdown: hole with the drug dealers, addicts and gangs.
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    Good old CL... 
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    My neighbour had the same complaint, I then borrowed my friend's car with a buddyclub spec II and the complaint stopped soon after.
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    My old neighbours used to give grief because of my eg9 (skunk2) catback.. White guy in his 30's came and screwed at me at like 11pm. Dented my door in and smashed my windscreen. He got beaten the :tut: out of including a broken eye socket and 2 broken fingers :Smile:
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    Clever stuff, well done.
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    A round of applause for this clever gentleman.
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    Can I just ask what race has to do with it? 
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    Absolutely nothing.
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    Such a biased  way of thinking 
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    Saw this


    And thought of this topic lol.
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    Saw your name and thought of this lol:

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    Saw your name and thought of this...


    Bald, and :tut: glow in the dark for an Asian
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