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    Evening all. I'm Sam and from Cardiff, South Wales. I bought a 58 plate (2009) 2.0 petrol CR-V last week and really pleased with it. Sold our 3rd Generation Mondeo to buy this as me and the family wanted a newer car and I wanted another Honda. I used to own a 4th Generation Prelude which turned into a track toy before I had to grow up due to having children.
    Couple of issues with the CR-V. Front nearside parking sensor was knackered but car dealer I bought from sent me a new Honda part and easily fitted this evening in 10mins on my drive. Other is I've found some rust under the chrome on the boot which local Honda are sorting paperwork to see if Honda UK will do anything to help.

    Already bought and fitted genuine Honda rear seat covers, as anyone with kids will know is a must from the offset! Few plans which mostly revolve around servicing including doing a diff and gearbox oil change as no record of either. Discs will need doing by the end of summer. Other than that it's a family wagon so just keep it tidy.

    Will get some pics up shortly!
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Sam :Hey:

    Good to hear that you're enjoying the CR-V and that the Honda dealer is sorting you out with the two issues you've had so far.

    Pop both your cars in the Club Garage mate. The Prelude can go in as previous car :Smile:
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    Congratulation and welcome to HK @nellers2001 :welcome:

    Looking forward to seeing more of your Prelude and CR-V. :Hey:
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    Hey Sam, I'm also Sam... And from (New) South Wales originally lol :welcome:
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    Hello Sam Welcome to HK. :welcome:

    Look forward to seeing and hearing more about your CR-V and Prelude.
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda:Karma