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    Hi all, heart top have found this site, new to Honda's and want to do my own maintenance, so will be looking for all the advice I can get.

    Already found, lings Honda site, great for prices and part numbers, but where is the best place to buy?
    Also what about maintenance guides?

    So many questions like is there a rat jack point to raise both wheels together for Axel stands?
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    Welcome to the club:Smile: Good choice of Accord, Not sure where the jacking point for axel stands are, I'm sure there is a section in the owners manual about this? maybe worth posting your questions in the 6th Generation section as I may be able to help you with any other questions you have
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Regarding parts and where to buy them I would say Holdcroft Honda,we get a parts discount and free delivery.
    Maintenance guides I can't help you with as I never owned 6th Generation but aske the questions and I am sure someone will assist you.
    As for jacking points have a look here. 7th Generation Accord Jacking Points
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    Hi and thanks. I saw the link on jacking points, but it refered to the use of the rear towering eye to 7th Generation cars, not sure if it is suitable to use on the 6th Generation.
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