Introductions New 7th Generation Accord owner.

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    Rob Cheshire
    Hi Guys/Gals/Others,

    I picked up my first Accord 8 months ago, it was only ever a temporary measure while my Insurance Claim went through. It was a 51 1.8s VTEC petrol, the lowest of the low in terms of spec, steel wheels, cloth velour interior, a few war wounds on the exterior. The plan was to keep it for a couple of months then move it on...

    A couple of months, became a couple more... Here I stand.. a Honda Convert.

    I traded up a couple of weeks ago to a 2004 2.2 Diesel Accord Executive Sat Nav + 17in.. with 103k on the clock she's definitely been around a bit, but with FSH, she should be good for another 40k easily.

    I've noticed the difference in economy already, after driving diesels for 10 years prior to the VTEC, it came as a bit of a shock seemingly being at the pump every 5 minutes.. The added comfort of heated front screen, heated seats and heated wing mirrors is a luxurious touch..

    Its not without quirks, twice its dropped power between 2nd and 3rd, (4 adults, pulling out from stand still onto dual carriageway).. So I've filled it with Redex and Shell V-Power, and booked it in for a Service tomorrow.. Hopefully a combination of the 3 will resolve the intermittant issue..

    So far I've been more than impressed with the level of knowledge and support available in the forums.

    I'm definitely glad I found my way over here..

  2. Hi Rob and welcome, glad you've caught the Honda bug, was the power drop a clutch slip or an engine hiccup?
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    Rob Cheshire

    I'm not overly mechanical... but I'd likely put it down to an engine hiccup, first time it did it I just assumed I'd changed up to 5th instead of 3rd.. I knocked it out of gear and back into 3rd and it kicked on fine.

    I picked up a OBDII machine off ebay, and post 2nd incident when the engine management light stayed on, I hooked it up when I got home..

    It reported 2 errors, P0087 and P1065, both of which point to Low Pressure in the fuel system.
  4. Could just need a new fuel filter. They need changing regularly and non-genuine ones sometimes cause problems. Is yours a Bosch one?
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    Rob Cheshire
    Not sure on that one either, just dug out the paperwork for the previous "Home Service" and the description reads "Fuel Filter Honda Diesel" and that was May 2012.

    The last book service was mid 2011 at 87k its now done 103k.

    Its off for a full service tomorrow, and I'll request a proper Honda Fuel Filter, and replacing the 5w30 with 0w30 as recommended on here. I don't mind paying a bit extra as I'm intending on keeping hold of it for a good few years.
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    mine fide similar
    easy fuel filter only fitted in December by Honda but mistake was using tesco diesel

    change the filter and keep putting decent non supermarket fuel in her and sure she will be ok :Smile:
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    Rob Cheshire
    Yeah, Redex + VPower Diesel and Full Service..

    She's running like a dream now.. :Happy: