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    Honda have launched a few new accessories for the 4th Generation in Europe but now they are officially launched.

    CR-V Front and Rear Parking Sensor Kit

    A Front and Rear Parking Sensor kit is now available for 2013 CR-V. Featuring the same functionality as factory fitted parking sensors it including full i-MID integration this kit is designed for S and S-T grades.
    2013 CRV sensors1. 2013 CRV sensors2.

    CR-V Retractable Tow Bar

    From the 1st of September, an all-new Retractable Tow Bar will be available to order. Designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use, the Retractable Tow Bar simply folds under the bumper when not in use.

    CRV Retractable trailer hitch.

    Pricing and part numbers to be announced at a later date.

    CR-V Cargo Garnish

    On the previous generation CR-V, a cargo garnish was a standard feature on most grades. These handy garnishes not only provided robust protection for the boot lip plastics, they were an important visual feature, adding a more premium feel to the CR-V’s boot area. Whilst they are no longer a standard feature on the new CR-V, but now they are now available as a Genuine Accessory.:Unknown: They should be standard Honda like Honda Tourers.

    Part number: 08P96-T1G-600

    3rd Generation Civic
    CRV boot garnish 3rd gen.

    4th Generation CR-V

    Without Garnish
    CRV 4th gen without.
    With Garnish fitted
    CRV 4th gen with boot garnish.

    AutoDAB – for CR-V

    AutoDAB is now compatible with new CR-V for S and SE grades. The kit is identical to the one fitted to Civic and even uses the same part number.

    Part Number: 08D02-TV0-KIT

    Other Accessories not CR-V specific

    Honda Safety Vest
    Yellow High Visibility Vest in a Honda-branded pouch for easy storage.

    Part Number: 08YAA-9R6-600

    Honda First Aid Kit
    first aid.
    Includes Bandages, Adhesive Bandages, Dressing, Scissors, Gloves, First Aid Instructions & Honda-branded pouch. 5 year shelf life.

    Part Number: 08Z25-9R6-600

    Honda Warning Triangle
    Honda Warning Triangle.
    All-new design allowing easier assembly and more convenient storage (includes nylon pouch)

    Part Number: 08YAA-9R6-600
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    Re: 4th Generation CR-V New Accessories

    That cargo garnish is just what I need!

    Excellent, I shall enquire with HH!