Pre-Facelift Model New accord i-dtec 8th Generation issues! Help needed

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by HonViri, Friday 21st Sep, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, i recently bought a 2009 Honda Accord I-DTEC with 100000kmiles on the clock. I really like the car but there are some issues i really want to fix. I would really appretiate some help.

    1- Problems with the sound like all others, can anyone tell me the size and the power of the front speakers so i can install some aftermarket ones?
    2- My car does a very strange noise when the turbo kicks in, its a high pitch ticking sound like a cricket:lol: only when the turbo is in full boost and the car is moving. If i rev the car stationary it does nothing (weird):Blink:. Sounds like a leak somewhere, took it to my mechanic and he told me there isn´t any leak anywhere. Manifolds ok, EGR ok, exhaust ok. He told me to go to a turbo garage to see if the turbo had any problem. The turbo guy told me the sound is normal in cars with piezoinjectors with high mileage, they become very noisy.
    Anyone experience this problem?? Do the piezzo really become that noisy? What can it be?? I saw there is a recall for EGR flex pipes, how can i see if mine is damaged??

    3- My car vibrates and shakes like hell on the highway, the vibration increases with speed starting from 100 mph. Today i balanced all wheels, got a set of new tyres and it got a little better but still vibrates pretty bad. I think there is something wrong with the transmission or steering. Anyone having this problem??

    Really need some help here.
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    Hi bud I am away from my PC so will give you a detailed response on my return. In the meantime Please do a search for some of your question are already answered.

    Welcome to AOC
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    I already searched a lot and only could find answers to the sound problem, all others i can't find any advice.
    Maybe i still don't know yet how to "move" around the forum, maybe you can help me find the right threads.