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    Good Morning Guys,

    Few months ago I swapped my super slammed EP3 for an Accord Type-S (Family Life Now) which I have started to do suitable mods to.

    03' Accord Type-S - 85K on the clock Started life in Milano red and now Milano 50 shades of flame pink.

    So fair the accord has had.

    Corbeau rs1 Front Seats.
    CT Short shift
    Broadway Mirror
    Kode Black Gear :tut:
    BMC Induction Kit
    Carbon rear lip spoiler ( Was running DC5 Mugen Spoiler )
    A-Spec Rear Lip With front bumper smoothed
    BC Coil-overs
    Ultra Front Strut Brace
    De-cat with Full custom exhaust system with 3" tips
    18" Blitz BRW 08 Profiles - Staggered 9J Rear / 8J Front

    and Currently in the stages of getting full wrap in Nardo Grey and de-chrome with gloss black details, this is a working progress as i'm learning to wrap myself as its a new interest that I want to break into. (Doesn't help that someone smashed into the side drivers door while parked up!)

    Other plans our:

    Exhaust Header
    Rbc Inlet
    Possible - Cams
    ECU Reflash
    Possible - Air suspension
    Avenue Performance Gloss Black Steering wheel and Mono Boss
    Wrap some interior bits in Gloss Black
    Re-tirm Front seats
    Black Roof Material (Suede)
    Rear over fenders (MandM Hyper Wide Body)
    Rear Lip spoiler to be smoothed and shaped into boot (More DuckBill Style)
    Rx7 Carbon Style Rear deffuser
    Seat Leon Style front plastic lip added to the Aspec lip
    Gear Stick Extender
    10MM Spacers front
    25MM Spacers Rear
    TSX/JDM Rear light (Remove Fog Light)
    Face lift front Lights

    Pictures to follow :Smile:
    - - - Updated - - -
    - - - Updated - - -
    More :Smile:

    10400742_10153377557561981_766019697148288938_n. 12049157_10153116305581981_2502135030961617582_n. 12615262_10153314114811981_8870817049416100035_o. 12920344_10153474950031981_8547382625776071004_n. 13010710_10153484216966981_4178758966720666633_n. 12966507_10153481883221981_889943108_n. 13045447_10153505333666981_986682795_n. 13078127_10153505332261981_1732932722_o.
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    Hello @dirtymagic and welcome to HondaKarma. Fantastic looking Type-S. If I am not mistaken the first picture is from a Hondas.In.South meet?
    Shame about the door.. that was a big dent!
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    Yes Buddy, that is correct - I am part of the Hondas in south screw... Yeah annoyingly that dent set me back a weekend and missed out on japfest!
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @dirtymagic :Hey:

    I see you like your Red Honda's :Smile:

    That is fine looking Type-S and good to see that you have some tasteful mods already done and plenty more planned.

    Look forward to following along in your Project Log.
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    Welcome to HK @dirtymagic :Hey:
    Great looking CL9 you've got there :Niceone: