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    Hi all
    I just leased a brand new 2.2 I-DTEC (ES) accord. really happy with it.
    was just playing with the menus and have a quick question. i can't view the service reminder screen. i keep pressing the sel/reset button but it switches between all the menus except the SvRS. is this because the car is new and i should be able to view it once it is closer to the service time?
    note, i checked the owner's booklet and it doesnt appear that the SvRS has been switched off in this by the leasing company.
    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Hi and welcome to AOC,

    Depending on your lease company they would have instructed the dealers to disable it or its a simple case it not been enabled.

    Speak to to your local dealer and ask them to confirm the status.Check the other SvRS threads on here for more info.
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    Thanks. From what I have read, when Honda disable the SvRS, the owner's manual is signed and stamped by the dealer to say that this is the case. My manual doesnt appear to have this certification and therefore I am guessing that it is enabled as per default, but I cannot see it in the menus. Does the SvRS show all the time? Could it be that as it is a new car it takes it while before it starts show? The car has only done 150 miles so far.
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    If anyone is interested, please see my conversation below with Honda Live Chat.

    08:02:56 GMT+00:00
    Hello Hamza, my name is Stephen, how may I help you?

    08:03:07 GMT+00:00
    I have a question about the SvRS system in my new accord
    i have just leased a new 2.2 I-DTEC
    this has only done 150 miles so far
    i have been getting used to finding my way around the menus
    i noticed that I cannot see the SvRS when I press the sel/reset button
    it moves through the other menus but the SvRS never shows up
    is this normal? does it start showing closer to the service time or should it be showing right now?

    08:06:18 GMT+00:00
    Hi Hamza, yes you are correct. Typically the service reminder indicator will be displayed closer to the time when the vehicle requires servicing, so there isn't a constant countdown display on the dash.
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    Well Stephen from HUK is wrong,mine is enabled and the minute it was enabled the day countdown was at 364 days. if don't see it its not enabled it got nothing to do with the 150 miles you have done. See point 6 in the FAQ's.

    Have a look at this thread.

    SvRS FAQ
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    Thanks mate. Turns out he was wrong indeed!
    I rang the dealers (Chiswick) that sold the car to the leasing company and they said the SvRS wasnt switched on in my car. He said that they now switch it off by default on most cars as the system has caused issues in the past.
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    Glad you found out it was not enabled , I just love dealers slating SvRS it doing it job ,the old age issue of ignorance of it working and educating its strengths. BTW leasing companies don't like SvRS because they end up paying more for the car servicing that's why he disable it, but it easier for them to slate it. Honda should take action against dealers and leas companies bad mouthing the system.
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    Ime not sure if all dealers are the same but at HH we have a list of lease company's that we sell to and which want SvRS enabled or not. It is the lease companies that state whether they want SvRS or not. Not dealers shying away from it. Biggest problem is customers are used to the 12,500 schedule and don't like change. They then choose to ignor the SvRS or get confused when the warnings come up. If they just understood the idea of it ime sure more people would take it on board
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    Mine's turned off (private sale, ex demonstrator) and the book isn't stamped to that effect :Unknown:

    Asked the dealer about it and was told they switch them off "because of problems". According (sorry :Smile:) to them, " will ask for a service and then two weeks later pop up another code wanting something else doing, meaning another trip back in...". I was also told they could switch it back on if I wanted, my choice. Pretty sure I've read, here and elsewhere, that once it's off, it can't be switched back on?

    Don't know whether to be annoyed or not really. I'm used to 12.5k intervals, don't know what difference my usage would make to that. Just seems a shame there's a toy I can't use...
  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I would say with a high level of confidence it never been enabled. Ex demo are dealer staff cars sold when Honda allows them to sell them.

    Its not turned on that does not mean turned off. In SvRS there are three modes.

    A) Not Turned on (This is how the car is set when the car leaves the factory)
    B) Enabled ( This is done at the dealer using the MVCI at PDI and close to the actual date of delivery)
    C) Disabled ( This can happen in two scenarios when option B is selected then the owner decides wants it off . Or the customer or leases company want it off from day one.)

    Option A is non destructive you can turn it on.
    Option B can be set to destructive mode if option C is selected and there is no way of reversing that in software mode. Only by changing the entire speedo cluster. The dealer has to mention this to customer and stress it can't be re-enabled in software mode.

    Again SvRS stands for variable at varouis point of time varouis items need replacing for example the air filter doesn't get replaced till 25000 miles on the petrol accord. So the system at set point will alert of these upcoming events and reminder you.

    Every time the reminder come up it doesn't mean a FULL service.

    There is enough info here to explain how it works in detail.
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    That's the exact case with mine. no stamp. and the same response from the dealer when i checked.
    as you say, not bothered too much, but would have been nice to have another gadget.
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    They disabled mine after it was calling for a service several times a year. They told me that drivers who only do a few thousand miles a year confuse the system so they disabled it...
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    I'd personally like it. I quite like the idea of being reminded rather than digging out the service book once a year.