Tyres & Wheels New Alloys!!

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    Hi Guys

    Getting a bit excited now. On Monday getting a new set of Team Dynamics Alloys and Yokohama c drives fitted to my Ex Gt.

    Previous owner hit a few curbs and has always been a eyesore for me. Then on wednesday getting a bit of tinting done.

    Has anyone had theirs done? Any advice??

    Will post pics next week!:Smile:

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    Seal your new alloys with some poor boys wheel sealant or gtechniq g4
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    Any pics of the wheels you're getting?
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    Any hard wax is good to seal wheels. I read that the colinite 476 or 845 stuff is good to use too.
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    What will i notice?

    Hey all!

    Just got my new Team Dynamics Rims on today( too dark to take pics)!!
    Original tyres were yokohama Advans 225 50 17 98y.

    New tyres are Yokohama c drive 2, 225 45! 17 94w(168mph).

    i know that the 45 is the percentage of the width. But how will it drive?? Just in from work so won't drive it until tomorrow.

    I do a 20mile stretch of winding country road twice a day( at a fair lick)

    Will it be a more positive drive etc etc etc??

    Cheers in advance oh wisened ones:Thumbup:
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    Re: What will i notice?

    If those are for an 8th Generation I would send them back immediately. Youve been given tyres for a 7th Generation. They should be 225/50/17 with a 98 load rating. If you've deliberately bought that size tyre then thats up to you BUT if you asked the company for some tyes for your car then theyve supplied the wrong ones I'm afraid.

    I had some tyres replaced just for having the wrong load rating last week so they should swap them.
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    20130430_150416. 20130430_150352. 20130430_082657.

    New wheels looking good! Washed, polished and detailed inside. Windows being tinted tomorrow. Happy Honda Days:Smile:!!
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    Belgium Aalst
    Hi Chockhead, as Racy Jace says: are you aware you have the wrong tyres mounted on your car? As well for dimensions as for load index.
    You play with your own and others road safety and you put unnecessary stress on your car's suspension and chassis. Hope you did not bought them intentionally and can bring them back.
    Imagine you're involved in an accident... and the insurance of the other party notices these on your car. Your car's designed for certain (limited) tyre dimensions and those tyres need to have the appropriate load index for obvious reasons.
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    Those wheels look nice:Thumbup: Definitely a good colour choice.
  12. G12 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    The smaller diameter of the 45's will mean the speedo is less accurate (will over read a bit) and the car will be revving a little harder than before at any speed because effectively the gear ratio had been shortened a little. You're probably looking around 2.5mph difference if my brain serves me correctly but there's a great online wheel/tyre calculator that will tell you more exactly.
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    Belgium Aalst
    You're right, but that's the last thing to worry about if you're driving on the highway with 4 tyres that are not developped for the weight and forces your car generates, no?
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    Those are the wheels fitted to the Civic Ti, the BTCC special edition, nice looking wheels, but I'd get the right 50 section tyres put on.