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    I have just joined the forum and have introduced myself in the other section under the same heading having just purchased a spotless unmarked second hand 1.2 Jaz 2006 and for six years old I think a low mileage of 44900.
    I did say I had upgraded from a Mercedes 1.8 Sports Coupe automatic which may have raised the odd eyebrow, but now aged 81 and the car seating only 18 inches from the ground and a Wife who sadly has rather bad arthritis getting in and out was a problem, even I struggled a bit

    I am no car snob ( I hope ) having run many old bangers in the past but as the years past I came to prefer the larger car mainly for road holding and smoother ride and it has been some years since I rode in anything smaller than a 1.8.

    I had tried my getting in and out test on quite a lot of cars recently in an attempt to find something high enough for both of us without going in for a 4 X 4 which I think are a total waste unless you need to really go 'off road', and it was only when talking to a dealer after trying several of his cars he casually suggested I look at the Jaz he had parked in a corner.

    As soon as I slipped behind the wheel it felt right, I took it home and the wife had no difficulties with it, problem solved, at that stage I wasn't concerned about the name on the front or the specifications. A quick spin round the block surprised me even further, very 'nippy' very maneuverable and the driving position and overall vision was good so the sale was done.

    It would be very unfair to compare the two cars but I have to say the Jaz has several very good points which Mercedes somehow seem to have overlooked when they built the C200K, rear and side vision is not the best and no rear hatch wiper makes things worse, there is a rather strange narrow slot below the main window which I am told keeps rain free but you have to crouch down to see through it !
    Lighting switches on the jaz are all on stalks, very handy, the other car has a rotating switch on the dash partially hidden by the steering wheel, in fact the wheel HID a lot of things.

    Sad to lose the Merc? well in some ways , standing starts at traffic lights are very different and getting out of trouble by increasing speed is not to be considered lightly now, but the Honda is a joy to drive and will compensate in many other ways. westmoors
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    Hondas are cracking cars, I'm glad I came back to Hondas back in 2007 :Smile: after a long gap trying other cars.
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    Hey and welcome to AOC

    Good to hear your happy with your Honda.